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Announcement Video · 4:06pm Aug 23rd, 2017

I want YOU to tell me about your OC's

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Need Some Opinion On My OC · 1:34am Jul 23rd, 2015

Gender: Colt
Age: 18
Race: Earth Pony
Alignment: Neutral Good
Origin: Maneapolis
Orientation: Asexual
Cutie Mark:

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Those Kids In The Corner Drew My OC! · 9:07pm Nov 19th, 2015

Isn't it beautiful? Big thanks to Those Kids In The Corner for this lovely channel, check out her stuff, it's amazing :derpytongue2:

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So...yeah- OC's! · 2:48am Aug 9th, 2015

Some OC's gifted to me by a friend. I need to flesh out their personalities, so at least it'll give me something to do 0uO

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OCs plus descriptions · 5:58pm Jun 29th, 2015

Listing my OCs again, but listing their personalities and colour schemes as well. This'll be fun.

Night Rain
Colour scheme; coat is black with a cyan and purple mane BY DEFAULT. A small, thin red streak in the right side of her bangs after her parents' murder and brother's disappearance. Red eyes.

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List of OC's · 12:46am Aug 4th, 2015

LyraAlluse- Red Moonlight
Monotone Magic- Monotone
TheFanficFanPony- Lightning Dusk
Rubyfire377- Wildfire
Elusith- Flamiris
VitalSpark- VitalSpark
Spirit Shift- Spirit Shift
Glace Pen and Family- Taika Pen
Follow Focus- Trilby (Leader)
Keam- Daffodil (Leader)
MLPLover852- Melody
Darth Redbeard- Crimson Crown (Leader)
TrainMan671- Berkshire Peer

We still have room for more OC's.

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Ravenous Barfolamew Von Blake the III · 3:46pm Nov 14th, 2016

Name: Ravenous Barfolamew Von Blake the III (aka Raven Blake, DJ-Blu)

Species: Alicorn (Was a Unicorn before the accident)

Description: Blue fur, a light gray mane and tail with a streak of darker gray, emerald-green eyes, smile usually contains a sharpened tooth

Cutie Mark: A black six-sided star with white points in between each point

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OC Update: Nightmare (Midnight Von Blake) · 2:43pm Nov 22nd, 2016

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now with a OC! · 12:31am Apr 8th, 2016

i now have an oc!! anyone who wants an OC for there stories can PM me, and use mine!

my OCs bio:
Username:the authority knight
Name: thunder knight
Coat: red
Gender: male
Cutiemark meaning: authority like pony
Hair design and color(s): average style and brown mane
Eye color: brown
my OC can be shipped

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Another new oc · 1:28pm Mar 12th, 2018

Hello everyone, this is my new oc who's design is based on the Mythical Pokemon Mew.

Her name is Jubilant Heart and she is about as hyper and random as Pinkie Pie, but is older than both Princess Celestia and Luna combined, she can use all kinds of magic from Elemental to even Dark Magic, she's often mistaken for a filly due to her small frame.

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I have an OC Planed. · 2:06pm Jan 17th, 2017

I'll give you the details once I have the backstory finished.

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Mystic Flare Originals · 12:50pm Sep 23rd, 2016

1.) Mystic Flare Original Internet Rule: The First Viewer is ALWAYS The Publisher.
2.) Mystic Flare Original catchphrase: "BOLTY" = Best Of Luck To You

(will add more originals as I come up with them)
((let's try and make these a thing :pinkiehappy:))

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Merry Christmas · 1:20pm Dec 25th, 2018

Skills the Spider and Game Life we’re decorating the tree with decorations and a black star topper.

Skills: “This is a great day, Game Life.”

Game Life: “Yeah Mr. Skills.”

They looked behind them as their friends and family were joining in with meals and drinks.

Fancy Looks: “We got the food and drinks.”

Dark Speed: “Dark Speed is showing... his kind side. For today.” Dark Speed looked relax.

Tough Exo: “The one time a day where I cannot be a jerk.”

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2nd OC on the site! · 12:36am Sep 3rd, 2017

Hello everyone, and welcome to my 2nd OC here on the site.

Name: Terra Solid
Gender: Male
Race: Earth Pony
Age: 20 years
Height: 4 ft 10 in
Cutie Mark: A mountain, with a blue crystal over it
Skin: Dark Green, with brown spots over
Hair color: Dark Red
Hair style: Short, unkempt.
Other features: Has a satchel with a blue small crystal in it.

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If you hadn't noticed, I have a new story out. · 1:19am Dec 27th, 2017

It's about a gay horseOC being totally in love with another OC, and the CMC helps the first dude get the second dude.

And then shenanigans. woo

check it out


there's already two chapters.


OC List · 2:15am Mar 16th, 2016

Things have been quiet lately from me, and I'm sorry. I'm having computer problems and posting this on my phone. I'm afraid all story progress will be halted until I get my PC fixed.

But on the bright side, I fixed up a list of OC names for RP purposes and because there could be a chance some of these OCs will appear in some stories. Although I can't promise anything :rainbowwild:

For more information about any of them, just message below or PM me, whichever you like!

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Bad OCs I Have Created in the Past · 12:43am Mar 4th, 2016

About two years ago, when I first got into the fandom, I created two OCs that, if I posted their stories onto this site, would be ripped to shreds and flooded with dislikes.

I want to share them with you, and give you a laugh and (most likely) a few cringes. Also, take this as a lesson: don't make OCs like these. I even cringe thinking back to them.

Head below the break to hear the overly-done backstories of two ponies I once claimed as my own.

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HapHazred's Notes: the Origin of Bullit · 12:16pm Jun 23rd, 2015

Well, now that a few chapters are over and Bullit's intentions and rather vicious, unfair skill-set is revealed, I thought it'd be nice to go over what I was thinking of when I made him, especially since the matter came up in the comments earlier. Bullit is, at his core, a bully. He doesn't play fair, he gets off on other people's pain and misery, and is also smart and cunning.

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OC POST 1 · 2:35am Aug 15th, 2016

Name: Midnight Moonshine
Gender: Female
Side: Nlr
Class/Rank: Forth Frontal Commander
Unit: NLR intelligence unit

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An OC of mine I've had for awhile · 5:40pm Dec 19th, 2016

Hi. I've decided to ponify one of my OC's that I've had for awhile named Tori. Here's everything I have so far

Coat: light purple (#E5D8F1)
Mane: dark brown (#2C1A09), kind of short cut, tail is about medium length
Eyes: Left is covered by an eyepatch, Right is light blue (#85C1E9)
Mane/Tail Type: Straight, somewhat wavy but not much
Cutie Mark: undetermined at the moment
Name: undetermined at the moment
Age: 18-21ish
Sexuality: Pansexual

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