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This really was nothing more than a bad idea...

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Ravenous Barfolamew Von Blake the III · 3:46pm Nov 14th, 2016

Name: Ravenous Barfolamew Von Blake the III (aka Raven Blake, DJ-Blu)

Species: Alicorn (Was a Unicorn before the accident)

Description: Blue fur, a light gray mane and tail with a streak of darker gray, emerald-green eyes, smile usually contains a sharpened tooth

Cutie Mark: A black six-sided star with white points in between each point

Common Appearance: usually seen wearing a blue hoodie that is intended to hide his wings, sometimes seen wearing a set of personal gold-colored headphones with a black arc that support his emblem, tends to carry around his family's SpellCaster book

Personality: Friendly to most, unless given a reason to be mad, Curious, sometimes impulsive

Background: Childhood

Short Description: A friendly and fun loving pony who dedicates his life to protecting his friends. Being the last descendant of the legendary, yet mysterious, Black Mages of Equestria, Raven has a form of mastery in magic, including one that has been lost to Equestrian Magic for centuries. He’s also a part-time DJ, working at Pinkie’s parties whenever she asks, which is quite often. He’s friends with everypony in Ponyville and enjoys the company of all, good or evil, except for one monster. He has a tendency to be completely random at points in time, even to the point of a straight conversation with his author in the middle of a story. (He’s learned this abilities from hanging around Pinkie too much.)

Quote: "If you don't laugh at least once a day, you're not really living." - Raven Blake, 2012

Need-To-Know Info: Though he spends most of his time in the world he was born in, Raven has the ability to travel between universes and realities. He found out that he could do this after he, unintentionally, mis-casted one of his spells. He spends his time outside his world making new friends and having insane adventures in some of the most craziest places. (Which is why he is the main character for some of my crossovers.)
Though he has the status of an Alicorn, has the magical strength of an Alicorn and even the speed of an Alicorn, Blake has no physical strength.
Under most cases, Blake is usually a friendly, outgoing pony who is willing to befriend all sorts of creatures and monsters. However, everypony does have a bad day and for Blake, it's when he is sick. Though his immune system is extraordinarily strong, there is usually one day every year where Blake becomes sick and on this day, the worst side of him is revealed. He becomes uncaring and rude and, though his body is weak and his magic his fickle, he will fight anypony who gets in his way. Normally, during these times, Blake will lock himself inside his home, as to not cause trouble for his friends.
Doesn't like to be called an Alicorn... Not comfortable with it, that's all...

An Unpublished Story: The Wizard
Subjected to Editing

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Comments ( 19 )

He looks particularly displeased... :derpyderp2:

This was taken Post-Accident... He wasn't exactly too thrilled to get his new wings...


Post accident?

A magic spell gone wrong...


What was it supposed to do?

Simply put, it could turn a pony from one species to another by changing the magic within their body.


Interesting... so what was he trying to become? Or was it just an experiment to test the theory and the setup blew up?

He was wanting to test it out since it was the last spell entry in his family's SpellCaster book, an old book filled with spells that were long lost to Equestrian magic...


Hooray for magical mishaps. So, is he just a random OC of yours? Or is he your ponysona?

More of a ponysona... He's the inner me who loves to make people happy and enjoys the company of all creatures, big, small, good... bad...
He's HARDLY ever mad...
Except when someone threatens his friends...


Or when he gets transmogrified. :trollestia:

4305201 I'm not sure if they're nonplussed :ajbemused: or if it's supposed to be an "Eeyup." :eeyup:

I dun't knuw, but I has a plan!

I plan on reliving a number of my old OCs.... Bring new life to them as I build my little universe...
Are you prepared?

Thank you! I have other OCs that I'm preparing to showcase next week... If I can finish them in time...


Illidan has ruined preparedness all around the world and he he he, he can't find his baybee.

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