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  • Thursday
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    Hope you enjoyed it
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  • 1 week
    Who would you ship Crimson Crown with?

    For those that know, Crimson is an OC I made a few years ago and have been working on him for a while until I finally felt ready to include him in two stories so far.

    Terror in Equestria and A Ponyville Ghost Train.

    Now the question is, who do you ship him with and why? (use what you've seen of Crimson in my stories)

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  • 3 weeks
    Story Idea I'm working on

    Feel free to take a look at what I have so far
    Story as of now

    Ships will be
    Dislestia, Luna/OC, StoneRose, one sided LunaSombra, and many others that are being planned.

    However, ships will not make this story. I will be working hard on this one so hopefully you'll be able to enjoy.

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  • 3 weeks

    And I'll let you see the beginning if the next two stories I'm working on.

    Sequel to Ghost story
    beginning of a new one OC/Luna, Dislestia, implied SomLuna. Unknown on other pairings

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  • 6 weeks
    Got a new story planned

    Here is the picture that inspired me to do this

    Here is what I planned so far

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List of OC's · 12:46am Aug 4th, 2015

LyraAlluse- Red Moonlight
Monotone Magic- Monotone
TheFanficFanPony- Lightning Dusk
Rubyfire377- Wildfire
Elusith- Flamiris
VitalSpark- VitalSpark
Spirit Shift- Spirit Shift
Glace Pen and Family- Taika Pen
Follow Focus- Trilby (Leader)
Keam- Daffodil (Leader)
MLPLover852- Melody
Darth Redbeard- Crimson Crown (Leader)
TrainMan671- Berkshire Peer

We still have room for more OC's.

fill out the needed info on this blog and either comment on the blog or send me a PM with everything.

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