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Announcement Video · 4:06pm Aug 23rd, 2017

I want YOU to tell me about your OC's

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Do you just want vocal clips?

Nope, I need a picture of your OC as well so the public can see what your OC looks like while you describe why you picked it, and why you love it

I have the picture made. I wrote up a script for the vocal clip. For your version of the picture I designed a "My Little Pony: Friendship is Terror" logo in the corner. Did you just want the O.C.'s backstory or the story behind his design. I've included both in the script for the vocal clip.

The more details about your OC the better

Did you get my submission for the video?

I have, and I'm thinking about extending the deadline because you are the only one I got so far XD


Huh, well it's either that or we could do a discussion video on OC's. Just a thought.


I really think this project has potential, for now though it's on hold because of October coming up and I want to work on Friendship is Terror


Okay, just throwing that out there.

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