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OCs plus descriptions · 5:58pm Jun 29th, 2015

Listing my OCs again, but listing their personalities and colour schemes as well. This'll be fun.

Night Rain
Colour scheme; coat is black with a cyan and purple mane BY DEFAULT. A small, thin red streak in the right side of her bangs after her parents' murder and brother's disappearance. Red eyes.

She's smart, quick to action, and easily bothered by any mention of her past. Mentally and emotionally scarred by having to watch her parents' brutal murder left her with a very bad case of PTSD, along with nightmares about the incident that stayed with her for years and years to this day. She's more than willing to stand up for her friends and defend them no matter the cost. Even if it meant her life. (She is my depression.)

Sometime during her life she was turned into a vampire, and thus lived isolated for a while. (I've actually done some modifications to her backstory which I'll post in some time).

Sharp Shooter
Colour scheme: red coat with a blond mane and tail and blue eyes (originally my ponysona so hence the aryan nature)

He's somewhat hotheaded but knows the time and place for certain actions. He is dedicated to his wife and would gladly give his life to save her. He's strong willed and cool under pressure. He'll put up a fight if necessary in order to protect his friends and family. (He's my loyalty and the fact that I'm an excellent shot)

Night Spirit
Colour scheme: black coat with dark purple mane, tail and eyes.

He's strong, silent, and very deadly. After his parents' murder he fled his home with the assumption that his sister was dead as well, leaving him isolated and living in the Everfree. He cares about little aside from finding his parents' killer, and so he trained himself to handle a scythe while in the Everfree. He's a prime example of what can happen to someone when they have nothing to lose, or so he thinks. (A mix of the above and my anger.)

Colour scheme: light yellow coat with a light blue mane, tail and eyes.

She's extremely friendly and loves helping others and spending time with her friends. Next to Fluttershy, she's the nicest mare anyone would meet. The only difference is that she isn't as shy. (She's my friendly, outgoing side.)

Colour scheme: black coat with a black and red mane and tail and red eyes.

He's the complete opposite of his sister (Wither). He's angry, rude, and thinks everyone is below him, going so far as to attempt to murder several ponies unlucky enough to insult him, even if they didn't mean it. He cares about one thing and one thing only, his sister. Take her away, and he'll break. Nothing else will phase him. (Don't think I need to explain him.)

Ink Heart (totally not named after a book)
Colour scheme: grey coat with a blond mane and tail and blue eyes (now my ponysona)

He's very creative and somewhat energetic, but quiet when he needs to be. His mind is full of ideas and he always carries a notebook with him when he finds a new one. (He is extremely based off of my writing side if you can't tell...)

Colour scheme: yellowish-green coat with a light blue mane and orange eyes.

He's logical and smart, often the voice of reason when Sharp loses his cool, but also willing to punish others should they try to hurt him or his friends. He's as protective over Night as Sharp is, mainly for his friend's sake than his own, however. (My loyalty to a more extreme extent.)

Blade Cutter
Colours: blue coat with a black and purple mane and purple eyes.

She's a hotheaded tomboy with something of an attitude, but peel that away and she's got a real sweet spot. She tends to be a loner and wants nothing more than to find someone who will be by her side no matter what.

Unknown vampire king (to be named Alucard until I find something better.)
Colours: deep red coat with a long, flowing black mane and piercing red eyes.

He's condescending but also kindhearted, defending his kin when he can and being a proper king when he needs to be. After Night's family was killed he found her and became the only family she had. He protected her until he found she was ready, and after asking permission, turned her into a vampire.

I think that's everyone. Yeah. Life. I'm totally gonna throw them all into one big OC-centred story at some point. For now, I have things to do. See yall later!


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