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Each day, three authors each propose a song of their own recommendation from their specific category:

Real Sound Wave: Dubstep
BradyBunch: Instrumental
FanficReader920: Lyrics

Whichever author gets the most "Thumbs Up" votes at the end the day is the winner!

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hi sorry I have had a lot of school

Hey guys! Long time no see!



Well this is random, I just 'replied' to you guys so that you'd get a notification lol

Ya my guys!

Comment posted by Ni-kun deleted Nov 22nd, 2018

I didn’t know u were 11...but I still can’t tell u. Parents, ‘ya know?

yeah that sounds nice i like that.

Hey sound wave, Brady and I came up with an idea. What do you say we do away with the categories tomorrow and just submit a song that was inspired by the 9/11 attacks?

Hey, sound wave, Brady, I feel like we need to do something special in this forum tomorrow, since, you know.

hmm fine, but you do know I'm like 11 right. I'm not going to go hunt you down that is called stalking and a stakre i am not

Can’t tell you that, silly!

Where I live, only my school has Senior School and Junior School.
Junior School-KG1 to Grade 4
Senior School-Grade 5 to Grade 12

Our school has a name, though



so we have the high schoolers and the middle schoolers, hmm seems legit


( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

If you’re wondering how I did that, just type emoticons text on google or whatever, and copy paste.

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