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A nerd, system administrator and gamer. In for TR and Skyrim... ahh... yes, almost forgot - team Fluttershy... umm... if that's OK with you.


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Top Stories

  • TThe Guardian
    A common human Alex gets transferred to Equestria. Desperate to return home at first, he starts noticing himself changing. Time comes for him to decide for Equestria destiny. Will he conform? Which path will he choose? Are Celestia's fears justified?
    Alexshy · 415k words  ·  109  30 · 3.8k views
  • TTuning the melody
    Melody Breeze signs up to the Penpal program of Equestrian Connection Project. A mare in despair hopes for a reply. She deadly needs one. From somepony, who cares... It happens that Dawn gets Melody's letter. She dares to write a reply...
    Alexshy · 1.2k words  ·  23  2 · 335 views
  • TBittersweet
    One night from the life of an average mare - Dawn. She has come through major trouble, to seemingly find her love. Will the past leave her. Sometimes it has a really sadistic touch.
    Alexshy · 1.9k words · 226 views
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  • EPonies, prejudices... and Discord
    Hearth's Warming is an amazing time of the year. But it may become also magically weird, when certain ponies (and not only) gather in one place. Add Discord and the boredom will flee. Mix! Shake! Repeat!!!
    Alexshy · 5.8k words  ·  11  4 · 365 views
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