Nights And His Group Of Tenkais!!! 21 members · 3 stories

Prepare for war, war has come. Prepare for big responsabilities. As group leader of, I demand glory and honor to our hero, Ender Knight, more known as Nights.

Nights is my best friend, he is my pal and a great friend. Go follow him today, or else great pain awaits you dear friend.

He is an inspiration, my inspiration, and we are Tenkai united, and we won't rest until justice is served, and our town has restored peace.

If ya find any cute Octavia pics give em to me, or put them in a thread for him to see, that's his waifu btw.

No admin for you!!!

(prove your worth it)

Incest, lesbians, and foalcon clop is NOT allowed under any circumstances.

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