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Night Wing Star

love my daughter and all my friends. Nothing makes me more happy than to see I make an effect on people in a positive way. I am an animal rescuer and loving mother and wife. I love writing and MLP.


(X)-Write and publish a short story.
()-Write and publish and finish a really long story.
(X)-Make my first close friend
()-be asked to make art for a story or OC
()-get payed for my art (i know this wonr happen for a while but you know i can dream -_-)
()-Reseve Fan art of my storys.

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So life update · 3:18pm Apr 16th, 2017

I've been gone for awhile if you can tell. Here is why. I had signed up for relationship therapy (it worked) as well as I was given the honor of being the "leader"/ organizer of an animal rescue operation in Russia were my husband is from so I was in Russia for about 4 months. And also some other stuff that's to personal totally about.

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Music and videos i like


About me

-In a relationship: yes, Married actually
-fav color: GOLD!!!
-fav movie: Ted 2
-Fav book: Willow by julia hoban i think
-family?: two sisters, one bother, two brother inlaws, 3 sister inlaws, a husband and a daughter
-pet peves: WHEN PEOPLE DON'T KNOCK!!!!!
-Pets?: hehe 3 dogs, a cat, a rabit and a rescue fox.
-Job: I am a animal rescue operation organiser, i also rescue strays and hurt animals.
-fav show: Duh MLP
-fav person in the world: my baby girl
-were do you live?: im not going o say exactly were but im going to say i live very up north in america.
-fav season: WINTER
-Fav dog: Dochsipoos
-fav childhood show: didnt have one
-choice of makeup: dependos on what im using.
-fav car: SUV's
-hight: HA 4'11
-weight: 154
-college: university of Minnesota (no i dont live there i lived ther)
-crazyest thing youve ever done: When i was 16 i went to a bar with my friends got drunk and we all went to a hot springs and skiny diped (little eyes should not look that up)
-How did you meet the love of your life: i was in a bar on my 21st bitrday and he grabed my a** and said i was hot XD

Soul Eater

Your Lie in April

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