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Yo! Down with Chrysalis, or DWC for short here! I'm here to read great stories and write out my stories. DOWN WITH THE HIVE QUEEN! DOWN WITH CHRYSALIS!


{Displaced Story}

His name was Eli Minute, a normal teenager who dressed as a Dalek for a group costume contest at Comic-Con with his friends. He just wanted the contest to finish up so he could get out of the stuffy Dalek costume. But when his friend Matt brought over the rewards, he also brought over a Dalek laser that he bough from a man known only as "The Merchant".

Jeremy, one of his other friends, goes ahead and attaches the laser to Eli's costume, and in a flash of light Eli is taken to Equestria with a splitting headache and no sensation in his feet...or his hands...or anything for that matter.

What will befall him as he's trapped in the mechanical body of the most dangerous being in the universe?

This is a collab story written by me, Down with Chrysalis and my good friend Erised the Ink-Moth. Go check him out, he's awesome.

Character tags added as time goes on

Featured May 31st 2015
You guys are awesome!

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A Dalek displaced... I fear for all who find him.

me like and let me say very intersesting concept. Exterminate. Exterminate.! EXTERMINATE the Doctor!:pinkiecrazy:

Nice. Love the references.

Ponies to Meet: Derpy, Cheese Sandwich, Bugze (if a version of him is here), Octavia Melody, and Iron Will.

Things to EXTERMINATE (Or at least terrify out of their minds): Hydras, Dragons, Tirek, Prince Blueblood, Jet Set & Upper Crust, Flim Flam brothers, Suri Polomare, Diamond Tiara & Silver Spoon, and Angel Bunny

Know what?



A moment passes and I hear the wind whipping around me. When I open my eye, I find that I’m still here. But nothing remains of the crystal city, save for a buttload of scattered mining equipment and displaced earth.
"The...the whole city. It's...it' gone. They… they’re all gone." I say sadly as the snow outside begins to fall, covering the ground in a white powder.
Celestia and Luna glare at me as Celestia says,

I agree. It almost seems like Celestia and Luna just telported in out of nowhere

Want to... crossover...

Must... resist... asking...

Comment posted by Dodo Of Chaos deleted May 30th, 2015

Wait, why does this remind me of the Turrets from portal?
Critical error!

Other then a few errors, Awesome~ :yay:
Daleks always reminded me of Goggs for some reason.... well he does have nanites maybe he can upgrade? :rainbowderp:

A few spots where you use third person instead of first. combat scenes are a little clunky, but otherwise not bad.


Sorry about that, must have gotten cut out from when we we're editing it. I've put it back in so it now describes Celestia and Luna.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience

He was answering their question and then they attack him? Ass holes.

Seriously! According to them he threatened them, but he wasn't doing anything like that!

*sips tea*

...Don't look at me, I'm not getting rid of a Dalek for you
YOU made this mess, YOU fix it

Also...Eli Minute

6038306 When he have his name "Eli Minute" it probably sounded like "ELI-MI-NATE" in Dalek speak

Simple misunderstanding

An excellent premiere! And It even got featured, so congrats to both of you! Now, we just have to hope the awesomeness continues...

While reading this Fic..


Oh, look. LoHAV changed its name to Displaced.


Why are these stories still being made again?

Gotta say I am LOVING where you are going with this. I love the daleks and the episode where Capaldi cures a dalek of a reactor leak was one of my favroite episodes.

6038739 no shit. At first, it was ok but now, after 999999999 stories that start exactly the same way....it's like a annoying glitch that keeps repeating and repeating itself, like a stuck record that plays the same part over and over and over again....

Has anyone been counting? Because I do believe this is story number 9001 of the LoHAV/Displaced stories.

6039200 Bro while I share your sentiments... when you have the same avatar and call yourself doctor/timelord as thousands of more other users... I can't say you're original either.

I haven't watched Doctor Who in a couple years, crazy enough. The name is more a label than an identity now. I've stuck with it because that's how people came to know me, and I enjoy my avatar still. Like, I really love that damn picture. :heart: But my originality is neither here nor there, my friend. Stories and usernames are two very different things that don't and never will interact.

6039276 All I'm saying is that... "Calm your tits". And "First look at yourself" you know? The measure you judge people with is going to be used to judge you.

I recently had an idea about a reverse displaced story of sorts.
You are free to post feedback.



Recycling the same idea over and over for multiple stories and creating a username that a lot of people also like to have as their username have very little to do with each other.

I'm one to talk I know, but given the vast majority of displaced fics out there...

I'd say his reaction is pretty justified.

Also the idea is done tirelessly but the fic wasn't half bad.

6039382 It has a lot to do with originality. The subject of which we were discussing.

Comment posted by rail885478544 deleted May 31st, 2015

Now, a little advice, don't get involved in crossovers. That's how stories like this start going off the rails.

Also, great story!


That much is evident, but I still don't understand why. I can get sick of a meal just from eating it every day for a week, but this concept hasn't just been done already, it's been done over six hundred times before. Literally, over six hundred times. That's insane. Even vanilla HiE is a very limited genre that constantly struggles with originality, so how much mileage can we possibly get out of this cosplay thing? The only thing that ever changes is who the protagonist is cosplaying as, and if the appeal is the cosplayed character, then why not just read an actual crossover rather than this sham?

I mean, I'm not crazy, am I? Would a story about a real dalek in Equestria not be infinitely better than a story about a guy pretending to be a dalek? I read a story about an actual dalek in Equestria, and it was quite good. What does the cosplaying add to this idea? Besides a juvenile power fantasy, I mean?

Yay a doctor who story this gets a fav and a like

6039551 Just putting this out there. FPS games have been doing this for quite a bit of time as well. But yet people still play them. Why? Because either they find enjoyment out of playing it, it's funny or some other reason that exists. (The Hypes though.)

Whooo-oo-ooo fear me.

This made me smile a bit. Good times. Good times......


Apples and oranges.

The only thing that all first-person shooters have in common is an aiming and firing combat mechanic, and at least the option of a first-person perspective. Fallout 3 is an FPS. Grand Theft Auto V is optionally an FPS. Even in the more traditional FPS models like I'm assuming you're talking about, people would think you were insane if you said that Half Life 2 is just the same as Call of Duty, or that Gears of War is exactly like Goldeneye. They have different engines, different second gameplay mechanics, different design philosophies, and entirely different stories, characters, settings, and themes. That's what an actual genre looks like.

LoHAV/Displaced is nowhere near that varied. It's not a genre. It's one story that's been ripped off six hundred times, just with slightly different protagonists.

You ever heard of the movie Kangaroo Jack? It's about two Americans who go to Australia, accidentally have a shitload of money stolen from them by a kangaroo, and then have to hunt down that kangaroo through a series of wacky hijinks to avoid being killed by the American mob boss who asked them to deliver the money. You know what LoHAV is like? It's like if Hollywood made sixteen new films every year about Americans chasing kangaroos to get back stolen money to avoid being killed by the mob, just with different actors every time, but instead of the general public writing them off as sixteen yearly rip-offs of Kangaroo Jack, it becomes known as the Kangarooverse, and every single one of them is a commercial blockbuster success.

Wait... You're doing series of ALL these guys? HOLY FUCK YES!

I found a fault in your scenario.

Replacing Christopher Walken would remove any and all possibilities of the rehashed films getting popular.


Ah, but it is not a fault! For you see, Christopher Walken is an integral part of this analogy. He represents the novelty factor of the cosplay concept. It's easy to forget, but once upon a time, LoHAV was just one fic by a guy who came up with an interesting idea. But just as no Kangarooverse film after Kangaroo Jack had Christopher Walken, no LoHAV/Displaced fic since the first few has been particularly original. These 600+ stories are all both figuratively and literally Walken-less, and that is precisely why their success is so baffling.

Still, all this Kangaroo Jack talk is inspiring me. I think there might be a crackfic idea in this somewhere. A tale of an Equestria overrun by hundreds of adventuring humans, each of them chasing after different kangaroos who stole money from them somehow, all sent into this world by a malevolent yet childish trickster god known only as the Boss, who just so happens to look and sound exactly like Christopher Walken.


And thus began the millenia-long curse of the Cabbage Clan. From that day forward, any and all pop culture references made in connection with Equestria would bring destruction and doom to their nearest stand, haunting them and their descendants for all time.



It was a joke, man. It was all a joke. I've never read a displaced Fic and probably never will because they don't interest me. I made my comment purely for fun, not to actually bash against the Fic.

6040534 Well this is the internet. I am really sorry I didn't understand your joke. I tend to do that sometimes. Heh...

Luna and Celestia are idiots. "He killed the evil tyrant Sombra, unknowingly causing Sombra (who is still alive) to make the Crystal Empire dissapear! This being must be a stupid but evil monster! Turn it to stone!" Like seriously what the heck.

P.S. Gimme more.

Truly. Would it kill someone if they just change the introduction a bit? I would rather see a Displaced fic start with something random like slipping on a banana peel and fell face first into a [Insert character] toy and die rather than having Anon 239956924th going to another fickin convention.

On another note,

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