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A gamer who likes to write stories. My mind is like a mouse who... Whoa! That would be an interesting idea for a story!

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Busy Few Months · 8:34pm Aug 24th, 2017

Sorry again for not updating any of my stories for a while. It's been a busy few months. I had to graduate High school, prepare for going to college (Maybe I should have taken a gap year), getting everything ready to go to college, and then finally moving into college. I only just finished moving in earlier today and it's going to be busy for a while. It might be a while before I feel ready to continue writing. I have had some good ideas for Cosmic King, so that's something.

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sorry to say, but this account seems to be dead

Rip, I love your story’s I wish you would come back

Sorry, might take a while. Lost about all inspiration for that story. And I'm a little busy with real life stuff.

Can we get new chapters for plague master

awww :fluttershysad: okay ...just to let you know,i really liked it :eeyup:

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