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Well, I was shot. I was shot when I pushed my best and only friend out of the way of a murderous student's gun. And because I was shot, I gained the powers of a god. I became the Cosmic King, the ruler of the multiverse. But because I couldn't control my powers, I split myself up, sending each version of myself to a different universe. One of those happened to be Equestria.

Now, I'm a god surrounded by a science crazy pony who wants nothing more than to break every law trying to understand me, the student-turned-god that shot me and wants revenge for me beating him up, my power hungry predecessor, an evil organization that wants my power to take over the world, a robot version of myself with all my powers and access to each of my weaknesses, and chimeras that constantly attack me.

Well, my name's Connor, and I'm the Cosmic King, and if any of those monsters think they can harm this universe, they have another thing coming.

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This is a pretty good story keep up the good work:yay:

This fic is awesome .

Dude... never say 'What could possibly go wrong?' that is like.... universal jinx!

Here is my idea of the dance off :)

This story is great not boring but just a little advice make all your chapters really long like this one.:pinkiehappy:

5361996 under normal circumstances, but he already knows stuffs about to go down.

Great fic, but kinda wish he kept his powers more on a downlow.

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5682847 Connor is still in the body of a 15 year old, so he isn't allowed to drink. Plus, because of his regenerative factor, he wouldn't even get drunk in the first place. So even though Connor can't get drunk from alcohol, he will eventually find another way to get drunk.

5683475 I think I explained in an earlier chapter that Connor is Christianity's god's successor. It gets explained in more detail later in the story. Connor's back story is going to be slowly explained throughout the story. If anything, he would be the god of references because his powers are all based off of things from his past.

5683688 No not really. I don't exactly know any creature that can control alcohol

Holy shit pinkie pie... You... I don't even... I'm scared... Help me

Aww! Don't be scared! I just want to be your friend!

*scrambles away* get away from me you cupcake butcherer! *gets a kitchen knife*

*tackle hugs* I just want to play. You know... Your number has come up...


The whole CGR thing seemed a bit sudden with no warning about it. Still though, OP protagonists be OP

Hmm... Midnight on the morning of my birthday..... Keep reading or go to sleep... Hmmmmmmm...

Maybe his best friend is Discord perhaps but that is just an idea. But if I'm right, I called it.

5684425 Would Sanguine count? He is the Daedric prince of Debauchery. Here is some form the wiki "He also has domain over the darker natures of man, such as lust, sin, sloth, gluttony, and greed. He is the patron deity of sinners and is often seen with a bottle of wine or beer (ale) in his hand. Sanguine enjoys playing pranks on others, one such example being a spell that removes the clothing of everyone within the spell's radius. Although a joker, Sanguine prefers to drag mortals down to sinful lifestyles by means of temptation and humiliation."

5714510 I forgot about him. And know that I think about it, Dionysus/Bacchus (Greek/Roman god of wine) would probably have control over alcohol.

5714537 Continuing the line with Skyrim,The Dragonborn is definitely a chaotic drunk shown with the quest-line to get his artifact. I do wonder what proof that drink was, I'm thinking along the lines of 150-200 proof if game mechanics applied and taking into account that brandy is 70-120 proof.

5714608 Now you just kind of lost me. I don't understand what you're talking about when you said 'proof'.

5714615 It is the amount of alcohol in a drink. In the U.S., if you cut the number in half, you get the actual amount of alcohol in the bottle. Eighty proof means 40 percent of the liquid in the bottle is alcohol. This means the brandy has an average percentage of 35-60%

I think HOPE the only reason that Twilight isn't in prison is that she is too important!

He is almost the definition of gary stu. All that's missing is a long-ass name, red & black and a harem.

5738533 That is the best picture I've ever seen. HAPPY PI DAY!

God, you have made a grave mistake. You gave all the ponies there one of the most powerful thing ever, something to fight for. If you punch someone, you got their family and friends after you. If you brutally beat someone you got an army after you. If you kill someone like Connor that has a place in everyone's heart, then you got an entire planet after you. How do you like your odds God. :pinkiecrazy:

gods are abominations to existance

that was fast! i love this story.:yay:

dangit.:applecry: I guess I was wrong. Oh well, still great hope to see more.:pinkiehappy:

And so begins the religion of Connor-ism.

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5746534 In Equestrian law, since Connor would be considered a minor, the mane six would be considered Connor's legal guardians, due to them being the only adults in the area. I kinda think of it as a mother forcing a baby to take medicine for an illness the baby has. Although, Twilight sees it as messing around with Connor, because she thinks that eating eggs will be good for him. And Twilight is really crazy.

5746639 But still, Twilight is seriously crazy. Rainbow Dash was in it because she considered it a prank. And Pinkie Pie joined in because others were doing it.

5746667 He has, but it doesn't cause lasting damage. And ponies in that universe seem to lack common sense.

5746696 True... I disliked because of forgiveness and lack of punishment.

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5752118 I already did have an idea for a chapter where Connor is turned into an alicorn again, and has to go to Canterlot. But I was planning on him still being female, because I think Blueblood's reaction would be sillier, than Celestia and Luna seeing a male alicorn

5752835 Well, the way I'm making it, the universe Connor is in has a higher Mare to Stallion ratio. But there are almost countless different universes to that one, including the ones where everyone is gender-swapped. And besides, I have no idea what a male alicorn looks like. All we have are just theories of what they might look like, because no male alicorns are in the show. But what I'm trying to make in my fanfic, is that male alicorns are so rare, that not even Connor could turn into one. Celestia and Luna are the last two known alicorns because without male alicorns, the species went almost extinct.

Wow... Quick kill, quick WTF-moments, quick need to find out what happened and what will...

Good job...

somebody already did a scientific study of what would happen if you were punched at the speed of light it involved a nuclear sized explosion turning anyone near you to sub-atomic particles so yeah author

5721570 We all love OP-dudes killing Man... sorry, the good guy(King Sombra, Tirek, Skorpan, Starswirl the Discorded, Chrysalis) instead of the Mane 6

5721614 ...I hereby re-name him Frank Scarf Robert Jacob Lars Olrich van Scarredcastle!
And a bucket of black paint is thrown on him, his harem consists of ponies...

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