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Group started by a fanfic collab 'The Weeping Angel'.
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1. Your fics must be HiE in which the main character is turned into something from Doctor Who.

2. Be nice to each other.

3. Collabs are allowed.

4. Do not add folders of your own, PM one of the admins and we'll create it for you.

5. Idea threads are allowed.

(More rules to be added later)


The Pegasi have the Phone Box (Weeping Angels/Pegasi)

Exterminate! (Daleks)

Survivors (Time Lords)

Cracked Hourglass (Discord Whooves/OC)

Fallen (Silence)

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Should be up in a bit

Well then, time for a silent to come into play

I'm really glad to join a group with such a wonderful base!:yay:

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