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A dragon prince, awakened...
A Princess, in love...
A plot to overthrow the Equestrian diarchy and break the very foundations of equine society...
And an embittered Sorcerer willing to go to any lengths to realize his vision for the future...

Ranma Saotome doesn't care about ANY of that. He's on the wrong world, in the wrong body, and fate seems as determined as ever to drive the world's mightiest martial artist to an early grave. As schemes come unraveled and dark magic tears Equestria apart, all he really wants is to figure out what happened to Japan and keep himself fed.
But, alas, he always seems to be in the wrong place at the right time...

(Ranma 0.5/MLP crossover; not an Age of Iron Story)
(Cover art by EZTP)

Chapters (13)
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Romance Tag with Comedy Tag nooooooooo! why? my mortal enemies are back as always but why here!? :raritycry:
well I do like your Comedy Tags so I stick around good job! :derpytongue2:

Well, Ranma 1/2 is a romantic comedy, soooo...

Read the story so far.

When will Discord meet his favorite human-turned-pony aka Ranma Saotome and confirm to him that yes, Gos and co. had managed to destroy the world like they had said they wanted to do?

Vote: 10+++

I'll be reading this story in earnest later, but it already gets a follow just for the novelty of combining these two series.

If you can't tell by my avatar, kinda of a fan. :raritywink:

Way after Ranma's entirely logical presumptions of being on alien planet trying to find a way back to humanity gets him into deep trouble.

Oh, God, that's great XD
Trixie is best warhorse!

I used to read Ranma 1/2 fanfiction ravenously for near on fifteen years. This really brought back memories.

Loved the exchanges between the cult and Ranma. Gotta love nincompoops like that, even if they are bent on destroying the world.

So, it was unassuming Gosunkugi that managed to do Ranma in. It's always the quiet ones.

Aha, so this is how Equestria was made! :pinkiegasp:

Kinda of a bummer that we probably won't be seeing any of the other Ranma characters given the setup, but seeing as how my main mare is going to be spotlighting, I think I can live with it.


Very cool. I'm enjoying this a lot.

You have a really good sense of Ranma's character. That's good since we will be following him and seeing bad characterization is one of the few things that really tick me off. He's clever and lighthearted, but push him too much and he'll lose his temper.

I was biting my lip about what pony Ranma became, due to aggressive headcanon bias, but then his curse activated and I was thrilled. This will make things much more interesting!

Kinda convenient that Ranma speaks their language. Though, as I understand, English is taught to most Japanese schoolers, so I'm just assuming Hinako-sensei finally drilled her lessons into Ranma's thick skull.

Chaos now LITERALLY follows Ranma around. On his butt. Can't shake that stuff off.

Looking forward to more!

I spent over a decade writing Ranma 1/2 fanfiction. It is pretty much my sole source of creative writing experience.
Then I was grasped by the tendrils of the pony fandom and I've been here every since.
... I wonder how my old ff.net page is doing...

I debated a few different ways to handle the language barrier, from a complete hand-wave (everything's in English but they're actually speaking Japanese, for some reason) to extremely convenient translating spells.
I eventually settled on him being surprisingly good at speaking English, due to his travels during his childhood training trip. That creates a few key problems and has the most potential for shenanigans.
Shenanigans are important.


Alright, it's official. I will never NOT read whatever you write. Never change SF, you da best :pinkiehappy:


No, Ryoga somehow survived, he couldn't find his way out of a gazebo without getting lost. Death and time would be no challenge for him!

You know I feel sorry for the two bumbling fools... Naw they are going to get a royal but kicking from a non royal while everyone else is enjoying popcorn! Great story and so following!

Clearly, all the downvotes so far are coming from jealous authors who wrote Ranma crossovers themselves.

Yay Ranma! It's been years since I've even looked at a Ranma Fic. This is already going to be a favorite I just know it. Poor guy still gets blamed for everything.

So will this be a Twi/Trix/Ran triangle?

Oh, I don't know about that.
I did literally kill off the entire Ranma cast - except for the titular main character - in a decidedly cheap and undramatic manner. I could easily see fans not liking that.

"I SWEAR, all this stuff made perfect sense when it was happening to me!" Ranma insisted.

This line has been stolen for future use. There have been a few times when this is something I should have said.

This story actually got downvotes? So sad, they must be Naruto fans.

Keep up the excellent writing, this has the potential to be epic. If only Nabiki was there too then it would be awesomely epic... :pinkiehappy:

6307231 yeah I know I used to see it before I was about to ask if he was another Ranma
but the more I read just confirmed to me it was him :pinkiehappy:

6311965 Nabiki? is she the greedy sister?


Yeah, I used to write Ranma/Nabiki stories back in the early 2000's. She was my favorite but only when given a decent backstory for why she was so greedy. Usually most writers went with the idea that she was the only person actually bringing in money to support the family since their father never worked.

6313963 wow that sound like totally baseless for me sure she is not Mikami the exorcist lady but
Nabiki don't sound like a charity case for me she is more like saving for her future or to afford things she like
at the very least, so was that Idea popular?


From what I remember from several stories back when it was uber popular, there were two versions of Nabiki depending on who was writing. The tragic girl caring for her family behind an ice queen facade, or the money hungry bitch who was only out for herself.

A lot of us writers for the nicer Nabiki would usually reference volume 17 of the manga where Ranma became her fiance for a short time. It was pretty much wishful thinking on our part simply because Rumiko Takahashi never gave the other Tendo girls very much characterization beyond the basics.

Honestly, I'm just glad someone is still writing Ranma stories after so many years.

The "secretly altruistic" Nabiki idea was shot out of the water for me when I read that one chapter where she went out with a guy in some kind of bizarre duel to spend the least amount of money possible.
At the beginning, it carries us through a date with one of her classmates where she took complete advantage of him and then broke up with him as soon as the date was over. Pretty much expected, and even the guy decided that it was worth it just to spend an evening with her.
Then she turned around and blackmailed him over the love letter he had sent her. Cripes, she may as well have just started cutting out his organs for sale then and there.
I couldn't really see her as her family's breadwinner after that point. I could totally believe that Nabiki would let her family starve while she hoarded money for herself out of their reach.


Yup, I totally agree with you there. It was a funny story though with her using the equivalent of Tendo Anything Goes Miser Martial Arts. The nice thing about fanfictions is that we can conveniently ignore things from canon we don't like. Truthfully, the main selling point for me when it came to Nabiki was her haircut and the voice actress for the English dub.

So hurry up with that next chapter! The living avatar of chaos meets the Elements of Harmony! Ranma find out his father somehow sold him to the Lulamoon family for a box of rice crackers because of a wormhole, a box of tic tacs, and a stapler. Twilight decides to marry him to purge the chaos and bring him the harmony of 'friendship'. Lyra finds out about humans and doesn't care!

Anyhow... looking forward to more. :twilightsheepish:

finally someone else realizes that Ranma is responsible for the alicorn amulet.

I honestly can't say that I know anything at all about Ranma besides the very general concept, but since you're the one writing it (and the intro was funny as hell), I'll give it a shot.

Well, it helps that I pretty much burned down the entire Ranma 1/2 world and then dropped exactly one character into Equestria. I try to make my crossovers accessible.

And I appreciate that consideration. With the exception of Warhammer, nobody ever seems to want to do crossovers with series that I actually know.

This is Amazing! I really hope you commit some serious time to this. You story could be the best Ranma/Pony fic yet. Great job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

6321214 Nope. Three. Ryoga got lost down the rabbit hole minutes before the Apocalypse started, and is now just waiting for the chance to make his way back home with his new girlfriend Alice. Eventually.

I love how completely nonchalant some of the cultists are about causing the end of the world, with their whole 'Meh, it had to be done' attitude. I can imagine at least a few of them going 'Oh well, someone was going to cause the Apocalypse anyways. May as well be us.' MacGuffin Stone is just brilliant for a name, and for once Gosunkugi actually pulls off a plan completely, only for him to realise in the end maybe he overreacted just a tad.

Discord's egotism once he gets into the last few scenes of narrative is just amazing, and Twilight will regret missing it no doubt :twilightoops:. Can't believe Angel Bunny actually sat still to listen to a story by Discord, though. I can kind of sort of see one of the Jusenkyo ponds ending up being the pond that sprouts the Changelings (at least, according to IDW comics canon)

Because being Ranma Saotome is suffering, you should stick him up at Rarity's place or anywhere else that has a cat

"Where the hell AM I?!" Ranma shouted.

That's Ryoga's line, Ranma. :pinkiehappy:

Ranma slammed his hoof into the ground again. "ALIENS!!" He jumped to his hooves. "It all makes sense! They called me that because I look like a pony from Earth, since alien ponies are unicorns! Apparently! I'm on another planet!" Then his eyes bulged even further. "Then... THAT means..."

The martial artist gasped, hardly able to imagine that he was about to utter the next words that were coming out of his mouth. "... All aliens really DO speak English! Stargate: SG-1 was RIGHT!"

Obviously the first conclusion to come to once you realise you've encountered aliens :derpytongue2:

Swan Song seems like your prototypical ditz girl, and between her and Rite they could just as easily slide into the Ranma cast from their personalities as they could the pony cast. At least Zecora gets easy access to ingredients for a day out of the deal. Poor Twilight, though. Her neurosis is going to be working overtime at this rate :twilightoops:

"... It does not surprise me that you are at a loss. For your cutie mark... is the symbol for chaos."

...You know what? I demand you drop your original plot for this story, and turn it into a Ranma-and-Discord buddy cop bro-flick instead. Between the two of them they'll probably get into enough shenanigans they'll inadvertently summon at least one Elder God.

But then I'll have to change the cover art! It's supposed to be a Ranma-and-Trixie buddy cop romcom! :raritydespair:

6349401 Nothing wrong with having both together in the same story, honestly :pinkiehappy:

Hikaru Gosunkugi

Loved it when he showed up in episodes. He reminded me of myself.

I felt much more of a connection with Mousse. Terribly nearsighted, and clearly not making the best use of his talents. I mean, come on; the guy could probably store a pickup truck in his robe, and all he does with it is cram more and more weapons in there.
Plus I spent the greater part of my adolescence crushing on Shampoo.


Ukyo was another character I loved to see.


Ukyo was my favorite of the trio

None of them quite beat out Lum, though

Not nearly psychotic enough for me. A nice enough girl, but too content to stay in the background most of the time.
Shampoo made **** HAPPEN. Sometimes it was good ****, sometimes it was funny ****, and sometimes it was pretty much straight-up magic rape, but she never even gave it a second thought. She was villain and love interest and goofy sidekick all rolled into one.

Awesome. Discord restored the planet. Why? Boredom and the desire to see if the new races would destroy everything again. :pinkiecrazy:

but that hardly got much attention; the odd flood hardly seemed very dramatic when entire cities are consumed by flame from the sky.

Poor Luna... even during the apocalypse she still gets no respect... :rainbowlaugh:

"At last, it is mine! The MacGuffin Stone!"
Swan Song pursed her lips as Rite held up the gem. "They, uh... they really called it that?"

:derpytongue2: This is going to be a recurring gag isn't it?

"Oh, wow. This guy has to be an ape KING or something," Swan Song gushed, clearly impressed with their opponent.
"Either shut up or help me!" Rite shouted as sweat started rolling down his head and neck.

Loved Swan Song by the way! Half expected her to simply go quiet an watch her teacher be beaten on that part. :rainbowlaugh:

"... All aliens really DO speak English! Stargate: SG-1 was RIGHT!"
After a brief pause, he added, "Oh, also, Earth probably was destroyed and everyone I know is probably dead. That really sucks." His ears flipped down as he slumped. "Man... I really liked the Earth. I mean, it sure didn't seem to like ME, but still.

:pinkiecrazy: And Ranma at it's finest! Great work! :pinkiehappy:

Obviously the new races needed some help in hurrying along Armageddon 2, since they seemed to be so invested in this "peace" and "harmony" thing.
Ranma should hurry things along.

Well, that's what happens when you let amateur sorcerers buy ancient magic artifacts over the internet. They're going to name them using the internet, too.

You sure love destroying AJ farm eh? :ajbemused:

I don't blame you. Who is AJ going to blame this time?

If there are any support groups that deal with this sort of thing, please, I'd appreciate a recommendation.

Also, I just noticed that the formatting was bad. Fixed.

"Oh. Well... Mission accomplished?" Rainbow offered a half-smile, trying her best to inject some levity into this unmitigated disaster. "I'm pretty sure he's not sick anymore."
"AAAAAUGH!" the lavender Princess collapsed onto the ground, covering her eyes with her hooves. "This is horrible! I killed him! I actually killed a pony who was asking me for help! I'm a murderer!"
"Nah, that's not murder," Rainbow Dash scoffed, "if you didn't mean to do it, then it's 'ponyslaughter'. Totally different. Hardly any jail time." She paused, and her eyes darted back and forth. "Don't ask how I know that."
"This isn't about going to prison, Rainbow!" Twilight growled, glaring up at her friend. "I just ended an innocent pony's life!"
"Besides, there's no way she'd do time," Spike reasoned, "she's a Princess, remember? Pretty sure she could get away with ACTUAL murder."

I died. I died and this is literary heaven. Awesome! :rainbowlaugh:

So, is Sweet Apple Acres going to be the new Tendo home? Because the Apples may want to look into investing into "Overpowered Martial Artist Damage" insurance soon.

Gah, so much here to comment on but I'd write a comment that's just as long as this chapter.

Ranma not being able to fly right away is cool, since that gives him something to work on throughout the story. Don't want him to be good at everything now, do we?

Ponies and Nerimites don't seem to mix too well, do they? Ranma's just too used to solving all his problems with a fight and can't stand apologizing. I see all sorts of delightful misunderstandings coming down the road. :pinkiehappy:

Also, kinda glad that you didn't go through the whole parade of, "new character meets all the main characters". Spacing it out leads to all sorts of awkward moments!

Keep at it!

Somehow, I think she will still find a way to blame the Tau...

"Well, the hell with you, nature! You never stopped me before, and I'm not going to let you mess this up for me now!"

:pinkiecrazy: Why do I get the feeling Ranma will get along swimmingly with Pinkie? :pinkiecrazy:

"Sorry that it took a while. Zecora had to borrow a rhyming dictionary to give me your diagnosis,"


"Oh, right, that might be important too: the unicorns that did this to me also have this gem called the 'MacGuffin Stone'. It can destroy a planet. Maybe. And teleport guys to other planets. Probably. The kid I knew said it needed some kind of power source to work, though, and the mare was complaining about how it had no power left. So it might not be important. Or your planet could be on the verge of total destruction. Not sure."

And Ranma remains his very eloquent self. :pinkiehappy:
Great work, keep it up.

Where is Discord during all of this, besides in Fluttershy's hut? He is missing Grade A chaos going on and he does not need to do anything at all!

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