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The Hive of White Tail Woods.

Haven't heard of it? Then I'm pleased that we've been doing our jobs.

Let us explain; We are in no way, shape (shifted or not) or form related to Chrysalis' plans or actions. We do not siphon love from ponies or creatures otherwise.

We 'harvest' Harmony.

Not the Elements of Harmony themselves, mind you. Simply put, we garner Cooperation, Friendship, Kindness and Altruism.

We don't replace your friends and loved ones, so don't get your 'Mob Supplies'.

However good our intentions, Chrysalis has painted every changeling as a hostile agent to Equestria, and the fate of my struggling Hive and adopted children is in jeopardy.

Does diplomatic immunity apply to foreign agents? I'm new to this 'Politics' thing.

I'm only a Proto-Queen after all.


The first chapter of the Sequel is out!

Cover art by Honey-Juicy!
Search them on Tumblr!

There are a few beginning chapters that are a little crazy to read, but I promise that It will make sense, and fit the story overall. I'm still new to writing, and everypony makes mistakes!

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You're off to a good start. :pinkiehappy:

If you really think about it, I doubt Equestria would ever be on good relations with any species.

Did you get Aze's nickname for Twilight from "Twilight Manages to Screw Up More Than Usual", or is that just a coincidence?

I can actually see something like this happening in the show.


I have no idea what that references, so its a coincidence :3

So Shining managed to egg Aze into finally producing offspring, well, he just ended up with yolk on his face, but hey could have been worse his reaction could have netted him a big fat goose egg!

*goes to hide in a bunker*

7341295 Well, I was talking about: this story
But I was remembering things from that story wrong, in that the nickname Twilight received from one of the other characters was "Smart Mare" not "Purple Smart".
I guess that one word they share was enough to create a sense of familiarity.

"Dear Proto-Queen Aze,

Thank you for the warning. The Banana was delicious. Do you like bananas? I have sent the duck you requested as well. I look forward to receiving your next letter.

Princess Celestia
Solar Diarch of Equestria

P.S. Princess Luna would like to meet you.
P.P.S. I would like to meet you as well."

:rainbowlaugh::trollestia:I am officially in hysterics.

Ahh, so Cadence thinks Aze is Chrysalis is disguise yes?

7342480 So I scrambled your brains? Sorry, omelet you go now!

*Ducks back into bunker*

the skill required to turn the tide of a negotiation was far more cerebral than mashing enemies with a hammer until they ran away.

The latter is strangely satisfying, though... and sometimes you find a healing potion or gems! :pinkiecrazy:

So changeling queens lay thousands of eggs a year...

What is the lifespan of an average changeling in this story?

A hive would grow to over 100,000 in about 14 years or so.

What preys upon them? Something must keep their numbers in check.


Changelings before the invasion would rely largely on stealth, and to limit detection would avoid large numbers.

The WTW changelings have relied on stealth more than the other hives, and their position in WTW lended heavily to security through secrecy.

Chrysalis attacked with about 3000 changelings, which woukd give enough time for desperate egg laying in an attack, due to the scarcity of their food.

WTW didnt have the same issue, but their Queen was turned into a moth, and Aze had just reached a stage of maturity in development to produce her own eggs.

Normally the PQ would have to seek their own hive to settle, and would lose many changelings in the attempt.

7343091 Not giant magical spider demons?

I am disappoint.

7343149 I cannot help but wonder if Moth-Ra is somewhere out there, plotting revenge upon Discord. Maybe she'll hire the tatzlwurm thing in exchange for tasty alicorns, since it seems to like eating them.

The Banana was delicious. Do you like bananas?


Comment posted by Queen Sanguine Dreams deleted Jun 28th, 2016

So, if I'm reading this right, the collective monetary wealth of all the represented nations is a fair bit less than half-a-billion bits? Making Proto-Queen Aze's hive the wealthiest nation-state in that world, by an absolutely absurd margin? And Celestia's "plan" is to keep Aze in the dark about both the extent of her riches and the implications of what that amount of money entails? While the situation is pretty funny, Celestia's solution leaves much to be desired, mainly because it will most likely fail within two chapters. Also, this new-made male Alicorn will be problematic and/or uproariously hilarious, methinks.

Suddenly, a wild alicorn appears!

His coat was dark as night with a mane and tail a pure crimson. His eyes glowed a deep red as well.

Oh my god...


Also, Donald Trump has wayyyy more bits than that.

*And so, Donald Trump bought the Equestria-verse and renamed it "Trumpquestria"... which totally needs to be the title of a crackfic where all the ponies are Donald Trump.* :pinkiecrazy:

If you want to learn Alchemy you should go find the Elric brothers...

Oh and Celestia from a history major and political science minor... Lying to a country you are trying to make a treaty with about its financial assets, however well intentioned will eventually backfire, maybe not immediately but someday, (we're still smarting from the backlash of Operation Ajax it may have taken two and a half decades after the fact to emerge as a problem but boy has it become a problem). Be frank with Aze about the situation... Her sending the globe into a financial crisis doesn't help her either otherwise when Aze finds out her hive has been screwed over it will be the equivalent of stealing all her thousands of kids lunch money, literally pretty much, that will unleash a mama bearling that will pay you back in kind.

Looking pretty good, although given the direction I would suggest adding the comedy tag for all intents and purposes.
I would also like to add that I enjoy the comedy of Equestria and other cultures having misconceptions regarding each other, comedic undertones are the ones I enjoy most.

I have no idea what's going on yet I'm laughing my head off.:rainbowlaugh:

Queen Axe... just broke Celestia... Wow just wow.

How does this marvelous story NOT have the comedy tag? :rainbowhuh: Really, it's hysterical! :pinkiehappy:


Comedy tag added, in addition to the artist who drew the cover art!

I think this might need the random tag.

Two updates in one day?

I love you.

Couple of problems with the lie your ass off approach:
1) The moment they start buying things the cat'll be out of the bag
2) They live on frienship and harmony, they wont intentionally screw you over but...
3) The nobles also know how much money is there for the scheming and they know that the lings are a little naive
4) Your economy is already dependant on that money, banks don't just sit on the money in their books they use it
5) Harmony seekers... explain the situation and they'll be very keen to help

Easy answer is to surrender the money to the crown back down to pre interest numbers in exchange for certain services and agreements.

So, I ran the numbers given, 510,000 Bits, 1000 years, 20% per year interest, assuming monthly compounding... I can't quite get the exact number out of my symbolic calculator, other than 510000 * exp(198.36), which appears to have 91 zeroes. Err, yes, I DID have this formulae sitting around from when I was estimating Luna's wealth after returning from the moon.

This story's certainly living up to its comedy tag...but it's starting to look like it needs a random tag too, not that I'm complaining.

I just have one question.

Do I get a house?


I have to do all of this on my phone, so I cant properly highlight your question to see it ;~;

Yes, I have written all of this with just my thumb.

Yes, I cry at night because of it.

<Because I dont know what I would do if I found out that when I returned to the hive, that everything was on fire and there was changelings on fire and the nymphs were on fire because some crazy mare with a flamethrower decided to show up and->

You have been reading the soldierverse stories from Scorch215, right?:moustache:

This is familiar:pinkiecrazy::twilightsheepish:

Actually I was thinking of the scene from aliens where Ripley torches the entire alien hive :o

So, now that I have read what there is of this story, I have this to say: I enjoyed it. it was lighthearted and silly, but still somewhat serious and generally well made.
And then you took a sharp left turn and jumped the incredibly edgy, black-and-red shark, and things quickly spiraled into nonsense. I actually (somehow) didn't notice it for what it was until the Oprah reference, but now it is too late; the rails have been left far behind, and I can't seem to find the brakes.


Fear not! I have method to this seeming madness, as it sets up the continuation of the story perfectly, despite the absurdity.


Just read the 2nd most recent update. I mean... this is a fantastical story, and your ability to follow along with a quite clueless changeling queen has been great.

But then, the alicorn. Edgey. Really? It was just, disparaging to see you pull that hard turn, even if you have a reason for it. The entire chapter devolved into a mess from that, coupled with Pinkie's over the top antics, and I pretty much noped and walked away. I want to see if you've fixed this in the chapter you just released, but I cannot for the life of me understand why you would bury your story underneath the muck and mire of the whole emo alicorn thing.

Shame, too, cause it was wonderful until then.


He's only emo for about that one chapter. I had to turn him from a joke into a legitimate character because I couldnt really just spawn an alicorn and have him run free.



It's the entire spawning of the alicorn that is the problem here, Novel. You've done an extremely solid job until that chapter of establishing how things might go with a changeling hive within Equestria whose leader has been so wrapped up in guiding that she never bothered taking the time to study her meals (the ponies). Everything is rolling along as smoothly (chunkily) as one might expect from that, and it is a great read.

Then, you want to do the alchemy bit, which is another interesting notion of how there are various classes of changelings. But, instead of looking at it from an interesting angle, you turn the entire thing into a joke and go all 'hur hur, black and red emo alicorn.' Putting aside the logic for the moment, the stereotype itself has already been used and poked at many times in many stories, and you really didn't need to add to either category there. Now, logically, do you understand what this means? Alicorns are rare. Like, exceedingly so, given that the show only has four of them present. Now five, I suppose, because of Flurry. However, of the five, one was born during the show's time frame, two earned it, and two simply were. Now, you show that a mere proto-queen can create an alicorn? You see the angle I'm coming from here?


Yeah, I can understand that.

If im being entirely honest, I dont plan out my stories from beginning to end because I want to have as much fun writing them as people do enjoying them.

If I pre-write my entire story, even by bullet points, it saps all of the fun I get from writing.

Edgey was probably a mistake, brought on by my own fear of actually finishing a story (because endings make me sad).

I -do- have a plan that will deal with Edgey, however.

Alicorn of heavy metal(s)
And his hive(s) that now somehow feed on THE BEATS!
Bass and Wubs.
(because harmony + 'evil' = metal)


"Twilight you must now undergo your greatest challenge yet. You must travel beyond the portal, gather your alternate friends, and defeat Dethklok in a musical showdown! You will need both sets of your friends for this!"
"But how do you know about any of that--"
"Just do it."

7345999 THERE ARE NO BRAKES ON THE RAPE TRAIN!!:pinkiecrazy:

Okay sending the duck was just a foul attempt at humor Tia. :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Really liking the story so far great humor all through.

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