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Nine humans turned Eevee arrive in Equis near Ponyville, and things haven't been the same since. But were they the only ones?

This is a collection of stories set within the Eeveeverse, based around the events of Equestrian Eeveelution. If you have a story, or wish to add one, please submit it to the "New Summon's" Folder. It will be moved to it's home folder once it has been approved.

If you wish to start writing a story, please note that there are a few guidelines:

1: Equis doesn't follow the same calendar as Earth does. Hours, days, and weeks are the same, but then it is four weeks to a Moon, twelve moons to a Month, and four months to a Year.

2: Pokemon do exist in Equis, but they are not native to it. Pokemon are summoned in by magic rituals, and are sometime bound to their summoner. The rules for summoning will be down below.

3: As tempting as it is, NO LEGENDARIES ARE SUMMONABLE. There are too many constraints for a proper ritual to be performed. Eevees, Dittos, and Castforms are also restricted, but said restrictions may be lifted down the road. This only applies to summons, humans-turned-Pokemon may be of any pokemon desired.

And that's really it. If you have any questions, feel free to fire me a PM! And, as always, Read, Review, and Enjoy!

The rules for summoning:

1: Summons use the Japanese version of Pokemon names and speak Japanese themselves. As such, the Eevee Pack are not able to understand an Eievui.

2: Summoning is not limited to Unicorns

3: A group of summons is called a family, families are named after the lowest tier.

4: Professional Summoners need to have proper licenses. Illegal Summoners, not so much...
5: A summoning circle can be made of any material i.e. String, a line in dirt, silver.

6: Summoning reagents must be kept outside of the circle once the circle is placed. This is so that the circle isn't accidentally broken.

7: A summon lasts as long as the summoner wills, or, if the circle is broken, as long as the body of the summon is intact.

7: Reagent quantity determines the tier and quality determines the strength of a summon. For example, thirty pounds of raw iron gets a higher tier but weaker than three pounds of pure iron.

8: Each family has a “recipe” that is used to summon it. Each recipe is obviously unique to that family.

9: Some families require powdered gems to reach the highest tiers.

and 10: Although not strictly necessary, every recipe includes a reagent that is super effective against the summon. A candle or source of flame in an ice or grass type recipe, for example. This reagent helps the summoner gain control of the summon.

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I have discovered the google doc! And made an addition.

I'd love to see the community come back to this story, I love the universe that has been set up here.

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Oh snap am I happy I found this.

Great to see we’ve got a group! I’ve added a link to here to the doc. Thanks for the invite Symph, I didn’t even know about Red, Green, Yellow!
It’s on the doc now too.

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