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Arcane Catalyst, ageless royal alchemist, has had hundreds of adventures over the years. This is a collection of his field research studying various creatures and enviornments in the thousand years he was alive before the events of MLP.

An anthology of research notes, done in comedy style.

Fantastic cover art by Amalgamzaku aka Mix-Up

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 47 )

Believe it or not, orange does actually rhyme with something, an obscure word though, it’s sporange.

o_0 may the mother of celestia & luna help us all wale we read this.

That cover art is absolutely perfect.

The journal entries will undoubtedly be entertaining because arca is writing them

Maybe we'll see the founding of Rainbow Falls. Though for some reason I feel sorry for the critters in the Everfree Forest

And I am admittedly very happy with it! Mix-up works fast... he had it done in like 3 days, when the best I can pull off is a stick figure pone.

*gasps excitedly, then squees*

Welcome to the newest anthology of Arcane Cstalyst's adventures outside of Rainbow Falls in the main story, The potion shop.

I wonder what that horses talent is?

Having thumbs too big for the phone keypad, apparently.

That was fast
I thought it might have been inducing Cysts in people

Not perfectly though, sporange is one of the only 2 perfect rhymes.

Nice I wonder if he is house trained and how long he lasted being a plant/tree?

*Soft gasp*
I want a Miss Sprout...
Great concept, great chapter, I bid you Adieu.

Turns out it wasn’t updating because I wasn’t tracking it.

I still love the chapter though.

He also hasn't howled at the moon, which is nice, and that reminds me that it's nearly been 16 years since she got banished as Nightmare Moon, so Cwstia might need some cheerful words.


More Arcane antics? Sign me up!

So Derpy has true-sight, but only in the eye she can't aim? I'm not sure how to respond to this.

Comment posted by Fetch deleted April 25th

That makes a lot of sense now.

Derpy sees EVERYTHING. Just ask FanOfMostEverything.

This explains his panic of losing his lab coat in the other story. I mean the reason for the panic is pretty obviouse, but the clarification is still nice.
Also, it still weirds me out, that there a wizards out there, we honsetly think, there are things that magic can't do. It's magic, per definition it doesn't work on logic. Otherwise it would be science, not magic, ya doofus.

huh.................. that makes a lot of sense about derpy then. I feel sorry for her.

Hey, starswirl thought stygian couldn't be reformed, sombra thinks froendship can't win, etc, and this is centuries before that. So skepticism is in full swing.

And yeah, I had to explain why he feels so strongly about nopony seeing his rather important secret. He's afraid he'll get his flank killed by his friends for 'heresy'!

Wouldn't his fate be worse, because they can't actually kill him? 'Cause of the philosopher stone.
Something like chaining him to the bottom of the sea, throwing him into magma or burying him into cement, would be the nearest thing. Which would be so much worse.

Derpy sees things that no one else can. She can see true things and things best left alone, and she can see true beauty and doesnt know why. And its all Arcas fault.

That cover image is both hilarious and terrifying at the same time.

A perfect description of Arcane Catalyst if there ever has been one. Well done.

February 16, 33 ANM

Celestia has booked me my first therapy appointment

Thes bill is just going to get bigger over the centuries.

She hid herself away for heat week, but I can always try my new super hearing potion! I'll be able to hear everything that's happening in the whole city with perfect clarity! I can't wait to try it!

Well done Arca, once again you've redefined the meaning of a bad idea.

Bills nothing I bet there is a section in the equestrian budget devoted solely to Arca based shenanigans, Its likely right before the Twilight Sparkle/Ponyville relief fund.

there is now but it can still be considered "The Bill"

:applejackunsure: so....................... there's a heat week??? ....................... I can only guess on why poor arca needs therapy.........

Super hearing spell. During heat week. During which Celestia hides herself.

Yeah, I'd need therapy too.

A thousand years later, Dr. Wolf is crying in his paws

Oh my gosh. Arcane, you really need to think more carefully.

Ah, Archa you little rascal, never change, and you never did, sense he has the mental maturity of a preteen and the attention span of one too in his millennial existence. I wonder what fiendish acts Cadence would to to try to ship him with someone, I am sure she could outfox him in someway. I wonder what he and Celestia have cooked up together over they years with their insane ideas?

In my mind, if you need a research grant from the crown, there's dozens of forms, background checks, cross referencing to see if it's been done/worth doing... except for Arca. His form has 2 questions:

-Is it unethical?
-Does it relate to The Duck/Mane Growth?

If both answers are no, approved.

That ending! Great chapter.

Hey, by triangle dude refer to pyramid head?

"Nope! Here's some more hints, in order, so you can solve it yourself!" -Arca

"Remember, these are eldrich horrors I'm dealing with. He's not from the same reality as you or I, and can alter reality if certain conditions are met."

"When I said he's a 'triangle dude', I meant that literally!"

"He always insisted that I invest in gold when he left, after telling me reality is an illusion."

"I think you humans would refer to him as either a flying dorito, or the illuminati sybol!"

"He said he was looking for a town called Gravity Falls for some scheme, and was upset to learn he was in Rainbow Falls instead! Then he left, and I haven't seen him since."

Who needs therapy more? Arca or the Therapist after Arca's therapy session?

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