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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .


A machine made for war awakes in a new world. Stuck in surroundings which puzzle it; can it, or will it be able to become something more than what it is?

Crossover with Keith Laumers Bolo-verse
Other tags include : Slice of Life, Possible Romance believe it or not! And a bit of humor.
Please beware of any spoilers in comments as well :pinkiehappy:

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Do these old eyes deceive me? Do I detect a crossover from Keith Laumers Bolos. Perhaps even a member of the famous Dinochrome brigade?

Hmmm, I'll keep an eye out for this one. :twilightsmile:

5440316 I shall do my very best to make sure it lives up to expectations, thank you :twilightsmile:

5439861 May I be permitted to use the tired old cliche'? Wait and see? :pinkiehappy:

5442423 Thank you kindly sir :twilightsmile:

What exactly is the machine from?

5448114 As in who made it? Or where it's from?:twilightsmile:

5448451 As in what is the universe it is from? What is the crossover with?

5448492 Ahhh now that will be forthcoming soon :twilightsmile:

Oh man, Crusader and Twilight... this will be interesting. I can't wait to to learn more about Crusader.

5448833 I sincerely hope I can live up to the expectation then :twilightsmile: Thank you for the comment!

A Bolo.... awesome!!!! Of course this means CUTIE MARK CRUSADERS TANK CREW YAY! Oh wait, what if somepony mentions the Diamond Dogs, could they be mistaken for Melconian forces????

5450356 You know what, that never occurred to me, about the Diamond Dogs, now that could be interesting to say the least. And you are WAY too excited to put the CMC in a Bolo :pinkiehappy:

This is going to get bad fast I think...

"Diamond Tiara made fun of us fer being blanks flanks--shoot 'er Crusader!" :applecry:

"We got her! Cutie Mark Crusaders Bully blasters!..." :scootangel:

"Um, what happened to Ponyville?..." :unsuresweetie:

5451453 Because honestly I want to see Diamond Tiara insult them in front of the Bolo and have it aim all its guns at her... even if it won't fire, SHE doesn't know that.

5452469 Wow, that's just.. okay I laughed :twilightsmile:
5452296 CMC Bully Blasters.... alright I laughed way too much at both the comments.:rainbowlaugh:

You guys are awful :pinkiehappy:

5452547 We're not awful... just...misunderstood ... :scootangel:

5453772 Gooooot it! :derpyderp2:

Makes me wonder what the villain will be, Tirek, changlings, parasprites? The possibilities are intriguing.

5458499 It is intriguing if I could say that too. Just in case, the timeline is set after Tirek was defeated, so not sure how I could bring him into the picture. Always open for ideas :twilightsmile:

5459707 Short of bringing in Melconians or other outside enemies, the changlings seem to present the only real threat we've seen, because Chrysalis is the only one that has shown the capability of neutralizing both Discord and Celestia, though she would need a power up to mind control him, perhaps the crystal heart would work?

5460615 That is something to think upon. Wow, this may be more words than I had planned on, so much to consider. Thank you!:twilightsmile:

Until then, I shall do my up most to find a solution to the Diamond Tiara problem...

Dear lord, what have we wrought?!?... :trollestia:

I almost feel sorry for the first monsters to mess with Crusader, especially if they chase the CMC to the BOLO.
5460745 Something awesome!!!!! And hopefully humiliating for DT and SS.


I take no responsibility for what happens to DT and SS, it was you guys' fault, you'll know, I'll even dedicate the chapter to you guys :pinkiehappy:

5461223 <sigh> I don't want to be responsible for the death of Silver Spoon...yeah, you heard me right, just Silver Spoon... :applecry: :unsuresweetie:

...No prob' 'bout Tiara though... :scootangel:

5461223 Just don't kill them off, and SS should get a chance at redemption. DT on the other hand can end up mentally traumatized for the rest of her life, especially if she didn't listen to the Cutie Mark Crusaders' warnings.

5462505 Done and done. I believe everyone should get a chance at redemption. But, how they get their chance is a whole 'nother story :twilightsmile:

Your treatment of Bolos is excellent. Take time out for a well deserved pat on the back.

My reaction to the last line:

And I have an idea for how to deal with DT and SS that could be hilarious. When they inevitably place an order for their own jewelery, have Crusader put in a special comm set only he can access so he can become a spooky voice that haunts them whenever they mistreat the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Or plays creepy sounds when they're alone so they can never relax. Or just mess with them, like record voice clips and them mash them together to make one think the other said something to them and cause arguments.

5463024 Thank you very much, I've been a big fan of them for a long time. I've always wondered how one would affect a society.

5462937 It does make you wonder :twilightsmile:

5464451 Well hopefully it wasn't TOO dramatic, but it was a nice way to end a chapter. :pinkiehappy:

I promise though, this will not be some off the cuff justification for this, I have thought it out and can give a reason why, so be prepared! :derpyderp1:

Will crusader be leaving the hill for the announcement?

5468516 No, I'm afraid not, though there is something very special planned for later :twilightsmile: Sorry if I'm vague, but don't want to give everything away. Working on new chapters as fast as I can. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome chapter, especially the paint war between Crusader and Rainbow. I can't wait to see how Crusader might have to defend Ponyville. I do suggest Luna and Celestia get their own communicators soon. Oh, and Shining Armor would probably love to talk to Crusader about tactics and strategies if he comes for a visit while Cadence spends time with Twilight.

5468797 Keith Laumer's Bolo Universe. :twilightsmile: Apologies for the deleted comment on your profile, thought you had given it a fav, my apologies :pinkiehappy:

Well Diamond Tiara is safe...for now...I hope that I didn't do anything to get her killed--I could live with maimed though. :scootangel:

Heavy armed drone roaming around, an extremely armed tank, and Applebloom commanding all of that, what could go wrong? :derpytongue2:

Poor boulder!

How much time before the ponies acknowledged that he will SHOT TO KILL anything that threaten them?
Any monster that pass a little bit to close to town => *SPLOTCH*
Gilda => *SPLOTCH*
Discord => *SPLOTCH* (not sure he die...)

5473092 I am working on that through the story. The knowledge is there, and as you'll see I hope, things do change. Sometimes for the better, sometimes not. :twilightsmile:

Was that rock by chance Tom????

“If any harm would have come to Apple Bloom, I guarantee you I would flatten this town, I would raze this continent to cinders, this planet would burn in my quest to avenge her. There is nothing you, nor anypony else could do to stop me.

I am content here, I have been made a citizen of Equestria and choose to obey it’s laws. But I am also a machine of war, I have fought battles across the galaxy, I have wiped planets clean of life itself.

The only reason Filthy Rich’s daughter is still alive happens to be because I knew that it would devastate those who have befriended me, so I gave a warning shot. My normal procedure would have been shoot to kill immediately. You would do well to thank them for their teaching me forbearance, and not let greed get the best of you.”


5473092 I think Gilda and other griffins would have to make threatening gestures before lethal force was used. Discord on the other hand... well I can't see him dying, but it would be interesting to see how he deals with bullets. I would love to see him shrink Crusader to filly size so Crusader can come into Ponyville with Applebloom, Sweetie Bell, and Scootaloo.

5473299 Oh Celestia I forgot about Tom! Nooooo! Maybe a cousin? :pinkiehappy: And thanks for the comment on that part, took me a while to get it just right :twilightsmile:

5473299 That's the same thought I had.

5473341 Maud walks up and looks at the dust on the ground. "No. What did they do to you. So young. So very young." Total blank expression on her face.

5473745 So a miniaturized Crusader getting to come into Ponyville sounds fun???? Because honestly I would love to see a remote unit or something, especially if he gives it a paint gun and has it tell a villain to stand down, only for the real Crusader to fire a very precise shot at the villain and make it seem the remote did it.

5473745 Oh man that's funny, I could see Maud doing that :pinkiehappy:

5473856 Actually, YES! That does sound like fun. :pinkiehappy:

5473871 Heh, yeah... :pinkiesmile:

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