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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .


Dinky wakes from a terrible nightmare, fearful to fall asleep. It breaks a mother's heart. But Equestria is a land of magic, given to help those who live there. Sometimes in the most unpredictable ways.

Inspired by "Tears of an Angel" by RyanDan.

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Cuteness like this shoud come with a warning label :pinkiehappy:

5297513 But I looked I swear! No cute tag dangit :twilightsmile:

This is not cute. This is so far beyond cute that it is not even in the same universe. This is at a level that it represents another element.

5439908 Thank you very much for that comment, I'm glad you enjoyed it, honestly :twilightsmile:

5512940 You are very welcome! :pinkiehappy:

5604987 Thank you for the kind compliment :pinkiehappy:

I only wish I had the resources and skill to animate this, it would be the best.:derpytongue2:

5663586 Maybe one day!:twilightsmile:

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