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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .


Hiking on a summer day, a little mare finds an interesting place to explore, and what she discovers is beyond her, and maybe the readers, imagination

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Ok, so I'm fairly sure the mare is pinkie, but.. Did Marcus become pinkie? Or somepony else?

........amazing. An absolute masterpiece. You should be proud.

Comment posted by NFire deleted Nov 22nd, 2014

5275362 Thank you so very much, I apologize for the late comment, didn't realize about the reply button so you'd get notified.

5275329 My apologies for the late comment, as noted, I didn't realize about the reply button. But to answer your questions. Well not sure if it's Pinky, or someone else really, kept kinda under wraps for effect :) As for Marcus, remember, he was going to sleep, exiled from home and family, and away from the races of Equestria.

5298530 Ok! I was just curious. :pinkiesmile:

5298537 Never a problem, always please feel free to ask! It's what makes stories better !:pinkiesmile:

5313405 Thank you so very much, hopefully you'll enjoy the rest of the stories, more to come I promise!:pinkiehappy:

5317117 All I can say is hope they enjoyed it? And no, I don't mind at all :pinkiehappy:

wow, I'm not sure what to think. great job though, a story well told
edit: yep, my brony detector went off a few times, poor dude...

5605315 For my first story, I thank you very much :pinkiehappy:

5605358 I definitely enjoyed it, also, I've never heard of such a theory (on how the universe works)

5820927 Thanks Kindly! Glad you enjoyed it. I originally named the pony, but thought it best after some advice to leave her a bit mysterious:twilightsmile:

5317228 I think that comment you're replying to there is... gone. Like doesn't exist gone.

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