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My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores...


I may be in a world that if far from home on my own with concepts that I have not entirely grasped yet for 200 years, But there is a new threat in this world, the elements won't stop it, the powers of the sun and moon won't stop it, heck, not even Discord can stop it.

But I know I can beat him, But I have to get the Chaos Emeralds first before I know I'm ready.

I may not be beloved by all of Equestria, but I can't deny I have a duty to defend those who can not defend themselves. Even If I have to give it my all.

So for the love of Equestria, I won't give up, no matter what you throw at me! Even if I have run from the rulers of this world themselves, I will never be brought down.

So let's get this show on the road!

Emerl Displaced.

Not gonna be ready for crossovers for a few chapters.

Also takes place between Season 4 and 5.

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FUCK YES! I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS! Listen, I was gonna do this but I scratched it for other displace stories. THANK YOU! Can’t wait to see this OP machine wreck stuff!

You're welcome, I had this in the works for a few months now, but I left for Fanfiction.net (Link in my blog if you're curious) and I'm only recently deciding to post again. I have chapter 2 almost done and it should be up in the next hour or two when I finish it. So Enjoy.

YES, one of those stories with interessting characters that aren't dead yet.
I try to read it first thing tomorrow.

If this is a displaced story, I hope there are not to many crossovers, sometimes I think the other characters apear like smart-ass/assholes. One even raped the main char....well kind of, which was kind of out of character for her but everyone was okay with it.

Then my only other fear is, that he learns attacks he actually can't use like something from Dragon ball (well okay he is an adapting robot), but at least I hope the crossover guys aren't coming everytime to help the main char to defeat an army he would have trouble with normally.

One, The main character is a she. But since Emerl is a male(?) in canon, I understand.

Also there may be a crossover here and there, but I'm not gonna go overkill with them. Like, every once in a while.

Though as tempting as it can be when you're character is an ever evolving force like Emerl to give them some pretty cool attacks from DBZ like the Kamehameha or the Big Bang Attack. The only moves from other series will be if she can copy them from other displaced. Like if she met a sword wielding warrior displaced like Cloud Strife or Link, she'd learn sword techniques and different moves like the Blade Beam or Cross Slash.

Also don't worry about summoning Displaced, that's not gonna happen in big battles that are going to be coming up.

They walked about 10 minutes until they heard 3 familiar ponies speak from behind them. Much to their dismay and horror.

They? it is something in english that I haven'T understood yet or did you meant to say she or something?

Sometimes I'M going to question why we always need the bad guys so soon starting to killing good guys and all that shit.

I give it a fair chance since I kind of liked the characte or what you could do with him in his game.

I'm not sure if I understand it right, but is he/she just assuming she is going to be feared for no reason?

I'm a bit dissapointed it goes the traditional Celestia is irrational and hates me or is obsessed with me route.

I just hope that maybe Celestia is more mature now, I try to image why or how she acted back then.

Even when I'm usally like "I prefer this or want that", I try not to forget that is a displaced story, but sometimes even after not reading them for a while, I wish for something else.

Long story short, I still like it so far, if I took it more seriously I would maybe even questions Emerls thinking a bit but nothing wrong with the story so far.

Actually this one has a bit of backstory that I'll go into in a later chapter which explains why Ponies feared her.

For Celestia, you'll see what I do with her here.

Also thanks for keeping an open mind, I'll try to expand upon the fic when I can, but the startup is gonna be kind of slow in order to get all the information out.

I’m starting to wonder something, can Emerl copy Infinite’s abilities? He can absorb the Chaos Emeralds but the Phantom Ruby is far more powerful than them and the Master Emerald. Emerl was able to copy data from a blaster that could destroy solar systems in a single blast but can he copy comething like Discord’s and Infinite’s reality warping powers? He also was unstable with the same amount of power in the first place, so wouldn’t that mean he couldn’t handle the power of the Phantom Ruby? The Phantom Ruby was copied and prototypes were made, surely Emerl can copy the Phantom Ruby’s Powers right?

I would think so, I do have a plan for the Infinite and the Phantom Ruby, but that's for a later chapter. But I do think the overload would happen with the Original Emerl.

I’m guessing you’ve watched Pony.MOV?

I prayed to Discord, Chaos, Iblis, Mephilis, Celestia, Luna, Solaris, Dark Gaia, Nightmare Moom, Light Gaia, Infinite, and every other god or godlike character in the Sonic Universe and MLP Universe that I wouldn't be seen.

I find it ironic that Celesita and Luna are among the gods that Emerl’s praying to, but is not in good terms with. It’s like Sora swearing by Sephiroth or Kingdom Hearts, so this isn’t too out of place. Also, Moom is spelled wrong.

Well I would say decent I guess.
I might give a reason why Celestia would do this, which I know this isn't canon due to it relating to comics. Um she was a bitchy sister.

Besides that, so creative that this Emerl kinda adapt to her skills by using simulators from memories of the games she played.

8801750 Emerl is a Gizoid and from what I remember, they can copy a fighting style just by watching someone. I was a little surprised she didn’t use the X-Buster, though, but I can guess that Clara’s currently limited to moves in the Sonic series.

Yes she is, but I plan on expanding it later on in the fic.

They can copy fighting styles, but mostly by sight and touch(I recall Tails explaining that in the first story) from the games. Now if sight, then recall the simulators from Tails lab weren't exactly copied from each match only a certain number of battles earn him a decent battle card. Plus he has a limited amount of memory space to handle certain amount. Unless this version is different and Clara can mimic the simulator data, then again if looking to expand skill set... blaming Phantom Ruby, Discord, or some unknown factor. Note this character would still have trouble with yetis from sonic lost world.

8804168 So, learning someone’s fighting style is like installing a mod?

Depends on the fighting style, but yeah for the most part and robots(I mean Emerl learned to fly, despite lacking the appendages, since his body can move at the pace needed to copy it). Strange that fighting styles can be demoted to that...then again singularity beings will be difficult to replicate.

Note that I can understand practice is needed to perfect something instead of simply learning the basics and coping it.

Makes me curious on why Celestia didn't have a more cunning approach to this whole thing... since 1000 years is alot of bloody time.....then again Recalling each main villain that she has encounter or 'plan' after 1000 years. Okay I can understand.

8804435 At least Celestia stopped calling Carla George and forcing her to wear frilly dresses and do tea parties. Now that I think about it, this Celestia used to be a spoiled brat.

This is the greatest story in the universe times four.

Not sure why, but Clara the Gizoid was channeling Bayonetta for this whole chapter.

I rushed at the princess and prepared to battle her as I attacked her with a quick Shadow Chop before following with a quick combo and pink tornado with Amy's Piko Piko Hammer.

okay she is stupid, having those arguments and probably getting to see the princes what she did was wrong, but still attacking herself and kind of proving a point.

I didn't got the note for the update.

Who's attack herself? Clara/Emerl or Celestia? I don't remember writing the chapter that way?

Oh, well to be fair, Celestia, DID just show up, ungracefully in a teleport rather than the usual cartage, clad in battle armor, with multiple weapons, and full intent on defeating Clara.

yes, but what I'm mean is to attack first was a bad decision if she wants the others to believe she is not so bad and all that stuff.

Well considering all the hell Celestia made her suffer, I'm sure her first Impression is the last thing on her mind.

(I started reading this) bet his lost love is Clara

Update: Took a year for me to remember this and finally fix it and another small error.

I’ve noticed that self-defense counts as a major crime in displaced fics.

I did not know about that, but then again, they are being threatened by a power creature that they just heard is (or at least is about to become) invincible, and both Celestia and Clara aren't i the right here, but I'm sure that part is or could be settled later on when the bigger threat is gone.

9821569 4 out of five displaced fics start with the displacee being petrified or imprisoned for trying to defend themselves. Most of the time, it’s because Celly was too immature or racist at the time to stop herself from petrifying the displacee just because the displacee is not a pony. Now that I think about it, it doesn’t seem all that different from trying to kill a spider but then again not everyone likes spiders.

when will the next chapter come out?

...But nopony came...

Who invited Flowey the flower?
I'm kidding. :rainbowlaugh:

She began to levitate a cake out of it and snapped it in half above Celestia, causing her to wake up as she devoured the cake faster than a fanbase demeaning the franchise with fanart.

Really? Celestia, you need less cake.

Honestly still consider sonic beating ultimate emerl due to a condition or basically hit the robot hard enough to make him blow up. Just rewatched it and its due to Ultimate Emerl's unsuitability that sonic beat him with great amount of damage, though anyway Super Metallix is still tough, so might as well have extra alicorns anyway.

Would've been nice to see this story continue

hay do more chapters we all want too see more:heart:

I prayed to Chaos, Iblis, Mephilis, Solaris, Dark Gaia, Light Gaia, Infinite, and every other god or godlike character in the Sonic Universe that I wouldn't be seen.


"Shame on you, deciding to eat 3 little ponies? That's not cool, not Papyrus cool, not Shadow the Hedgehog cool, hell not even Chuck Norris cool." The voice said with a disapproving tone. They didn't know who Papyrus, Shadow, or Chuck Norris were. But Papyrus sounded like he and Pinkie would get along fine, Shadow wouldn't like it here, and Chuck Norris sounded like a unstoppable god.

Ahhh, they are cultured

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