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Just a fic writer, looking at things from a bit of a different perspective sometimes .


A night shift guard at Canterlot has his own dreams and desires. What does one Pegasus think while standing guard over Princess Luna? It's a look at the thoughts, and hopes of one of the characters out of the limelight, and the things they may think about.

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Luna can see into ponies' dreams, can't she? :trollestia:

Comment posted by NFire deleted Nov 22nd, 2014

5284578 My apologies, didn't realize a reply button was there, I just posted a comment. So for the late answer, yes, I took a bit of artistic license, figuring she can't be in everyone's dreams can she? :pinkiehappy:

Poor dude, so close, but so far.
(and you said halberd in hand *hoof*)

5607440 Whoops! Fixing it now!

The world only moves for those who dare.

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