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(Was rewritten under orders from a moderator due to the infamous Dropbear incident, said it was a carbon-copy of his work but honestly how many times can you describe something and not have people say you copied them?)

Greetings...outsiders...my name is Skolas, Kell of Kells, the Rabid, the Wolf Kell. But to those that actually know who I am then my name is Ian, scrub lord in the department of game creation and sadly the newest resident to this new land called Equestria...sounds like a strange European band.

And so there I was with my friends from college, we decided after much debating, coin flipping and two rounds of roshambo to go dress up as the characters of the game Destiny. I decided to go as Skolas because one I like the color blue, two cause I like the way he looks and three because I think he is a total badass as my friends either dressed up as their guardians, Omnigul and for some reason that creepy guy that only appears on Fridays that takes your crappy strange coins.

It was during this convention that all five of us went to that something strange happened, with my wallet full of cash from my job I went out to look for a souvenir to bring home, what I was not expecting to see was a small booth with a strange looking merchant. Of course I just had to buy something and seeing how my large cape had a clasp I might as well take the one that looks just like it, strange thing about my new clasp is that it looks like a unicorn's head with wings coming out of it...must be a strange sigil of some kind, eh at least it matches the colors.

Now this would have made my day a whole lot better if it wasn't for the fact that once I put on my new cape clasp and pocketed my wallet did my head started to feel light and everything began to turn blurry before everything went bright and then black. I wake up to find myself in the middle of nowhere with snow going for miles in every single direction.

I hate my life so much sometimes...

Destiny Characters belong to the owners of Destiny.

Rated T-M for Strong Language, Violence, References, Crude Humor and if I feel like making it Rated M, Naughty Times.

Looking for any alternative cover-art if you are interested of hunting for one for me. IF you do find me one that can work then you will get your name placed into each chapter as the man/woman for finding me a new cover.

Crossovers with: None so far

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A new story already, and a displaced one to boot :rainbowlaugh: I'll be putting this in my Read It Later for now.

Its a little bit like nigel m chalmers emperor but diferent

6062957 Ya, I sorta wanted to do my on type of spin to it but without a lot of things that I thought was wrong or strange, namely the whole '2 over powered humans + 1 short dragon', changelings roaming free, getting sent to hell, lots of things being killed in a mindless manner and also the whole ruling with a gentle manner with hints of unstable mind. Where Nigel allowed changelings to be a part he is just going to keep it a bit of an isolationist nation under a new banner while trying to figure out how to recreate Fallen technology, Human technology, and also a way to get home cause being a master of playing 4X games does not equal to being a leader.

yha!:pinkiecrazy: time to take over the world.

Love it can't wait for the next chapter

I want MORE! Can't wait his Interaction with the Princessess^^

Comment posted by AdamAperture deleted Jun 7th, 2015

Can't really tell if his memories are being over written by Kell's or if they're 'fused' for lack of a better word... :trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

I'll keep an eye on this
(also killing Skolas in Prison of Elders is a pain in my ass)

He is going to turn the crystal ponys into a war race all honer and glory can't wait

This story impressed me so far. Can't wait to see what happens next. :rainbowdetermined2:

Wow, I was REALLY looking forward to this.

And then the chapter ends.

By GOD man! How do you live by knowing that those around you may perish if they are not sustained by your story!


6063020 i thought that the age of aruic fulcrum and the merchant whir over.

You should shorten the description. All of that information, or most of it, is something that should be put in (and expanded on (greatly)) an introduction chapter.

Sweet! A Destiny crossover! I've been waiting for one to hit the front. I can't wait for the next chapter now as well.

Was it intentional to give him a shrapnel launcher? As far as I remember him Skolas has always had a scorch cannon.

6066933 I was flipping a coin to see to either give him the shrapnel launcher or the scorch cannon, I went with campaign weapon but later on he will get the scorch cannon, but I am going to imply heavily on the 'CANNON' part.

6066602 I don't know about that, I am just putting this in cause I didn't pay any attention to that in the Displaced section.

6066526 I can live with it cause I can write new chapters.

Displaced story goes in Displaced folder.

If you want to add it to other folders, you can.

Also, any ranking folders you'll have to PM an admin, such as myself, for more information.

I hope you enjoy the Displaced life!! :twilightsmile:

Never played Destiny... But I do like this fic. Keep on keeping on!

Still enjoying this... Please, continue.

Walking into the city I saw that the road is made of cobblestone but of the crystalline nature, it wasn't see-through like regular crystals but it has its hardness and durability so it is clearly capable of handling my weight without cracking or shattering. With each step I take down the center of the road I can see from the sides of my eyes the partially concealed gazes of the citizens that live here and I can smell their fear, without even needing to look in their direction I can hear the residents slam their windows and doors closed, seems like these people are skittish and afraid, I wonder if it is because of my appearance or some other foreign reason?

this paragraph was just two sentences.

I just read the first two chapters of your stories and I highly enjoyed it different take the normal please keep up the great writing

6067784 I play Xbox One, Maybe to keep your hopes up.

6067921 Nice! :pinkiehappy:
And also: wanna play sometime? My Xbone name is the same as my FimFic one.

I saw a booth that was about Half-life 3 and sorry to the people that love Half-life's 1 and 2 but its never coming out, you have a better chance of Fallout 5 and on of coming out then that damn game. Hell even XCOM 2 has a better chance of coming out then Half-life 3!

ps i know its 4 and not 5 but:pinkiehappy:

Pretty good story for Skolas bro. If you have Xbox 1 & Destiny my name is Hydraslayer1000 34 Warlock trained for swordbearing/relic holding. I have all the Exotics except a Monte Carlo replica but i got a Hawkmoon replica. I need to run some Skolas kills (no not you Displaced Skolas) next week.

6068026 Nah man, I am just saying that by the time they even bother to make a Fallout 5 Half-Life 3 will still not be out :P Half-Life 3 is like that dream where you get only once and you pray that you will get again.

6068086 uh there was new from vavle about half life 3 ill send you the link http://www.kpopstarz.com/articles/208230/20150605/half-life-3-release-date-news-valve-executives-detail-left.htm half life 3 gameplay should be out at e3 this year

Kewl chapy bro can't wait for the next one.:pinkiehappy:

6068191 I refuse to believe it, after so many years of waiting for that game to come out, I refuse to believe that HL 3 will be at E3

6068293 I doubt valve will lie about it for now we just have to wait and see

6068308 i don't care if the game is going to suck or not. iv been waiting for way to long i will play it

This bring me great joy. Great job. :)

It would be quite hilarious if Shining or Cadence came to the Empire to 'claim their destiny', only to be arrested by crystal guards. It would be funny any way you put it for the 'good guys' to be arrested by the other 'goo guys' or lawful neutral.

Shining Armor and Cadence*entering the premises of the the castle*: "Stand down guard, we have come to defeat Sombra and claim the throne, as it was foretold to be our destiny!"

Guard: It is your destiny to shut the buck up. You are trespassing onto private property and will be detained if you continue with your actions.

Yeah, quite hilarious . . .

Duuuuude how can you say that?! There is the logo of hl3 on steam!!!!
Besides the gap between the hl1 with the hl2 were about 10 years so is going to happen just exactly like stracraft 2

6068086 Honestly, HL3 is like Duke Nukem Forever at this point. They could put out the Mona Lisa of games, and we would still be disappointed because the hype. Then again, DNF shouldn't have been made because it took 14 years, three bankrupted formerly successful developer companies, and twelve different teams to be so very disappointing.

huh no more chapters try's to flip a table but it remains upright jeramay did you glue the table to the ground "yes boss I was tired of cleaning up every time" god damnit jeramay

6069110 or if this happened Cadence and Shining: Fear not crystal ponies we are here to end King Sombra Random Pony: yea that happened two years ago or some such thing

This. You really need to add punctuation. Break up these run-on sentences. I also noticed a lot of jumping from present tense to past and back again, often times within the same sentence. Mechanical mistakes like these can make a fic unreadable.

6070079 or straight up stroll into town with an army, walk up the 5 flights of stairs, bust down the door and fight "the evil tyrant".

(as far as they know Tia probably just said, "hes an evil tyrant named Sombra go defeat him.")

so theyll bust open the door, accuse him of being the tyrant, try to fight him, use 'lovey dovey' magic, fail miserably, then be arrested.

they get realesed months later

Tia has a fit, main six has a greater fight, Luna comes to visit now and then.

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