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I have no idea what I am doing, I write, I read and I play games, what more can a guy want while he waits for college to start again?


Erinn, a world that was paradise to many people, even to those that did not know of others that lay across the ocean or even on the same continent. But when threatened by an old enemy that came back with an unrelenting force and overwhelming strength the people called onto the gods for help, one answered their prayers.

The Milletians, children of the stars, were called to save and protect Erinn, but at the cost of their lives instead of those that were born there. One such soul who has been slain many times, only to be tossed back into the fight for the survival of hundreds.

This soul, twisted broken and lost, is all that remains of his kind, the children of the stars, as the betrayl of the gods fills his mind with pain and sorrow. This betrayl only fueled his anger as he was casted off, away from Avon or the world of the uninvited.

His only goal now: To survive.

I am experimenting with this one so light critizim and since my computer is a bit old it has no spell check so bear with me.
All species from the show are anthro-ized, so if you do not like it than do not read it. Plain and Simple.
Humans and Non-Alicorn Ponies=6 feet tall, Gryphons=6.5-7.5 feet tall, Diamond Dogs=5-7 feet tall, Dragons=Depends on Age
I do not own Mabinogi, or any of it's details except for my character.
The Cover Art is not mine, it belongs to Gacrux-Underground from deviantArt.

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What do the anthro ponies in this story look like? Do they look something like this picture, http://browse.deviantart.com/?order=5&q=hattonslayden#/d35k7or ? Or do they have feet instaed of hooves?

Oh okay then.
You are not the only one having issues with pictures. That is why I just put the url that you have to copy, and past. In case there is confusion the question mark is not part of it.
Anyway, I hink you might like that artist's anthro ponies.

That's a picture of a woman right?

Technically. It is a picture of an anthro Rarity with 40k's dark eldar Hesperax armor. The artist of that picture is called hattonslayden, and he is an anthro artis that also does male human/fe,ale anthro pairings.


Copy, and past that.

I did copy and paste.
I saw a woman standing in a garden and wearing a red sweater.
Something must have gone wrong

Try now. There was an issue, and I think I fixed it.

Comment posted by Seraph973 deleted Dec 31st, 2012

I had trouble understanding this story. I couldn't figure out what was going on...AT ALL.

Your grammar was sloppy, your character is rather similar to a mary-sue, you had a lot of spelling errors,
and as stated above- WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON!?

...Nice picture though.

1883531 When you are using a piece of junk for a computer that has no spell check than errors will happen unless I can get this thing fixed, and the reason why you are having problems following it is because not many people understand the cross over of where this came from, the game itself is a bit odd and sometimes confusing and time consuming. So unless you have time to read the game storyline than you might as well not try to follow it or complain about it.

I don't know much about the game but I will like and fav it for now just so I can read it later. What I believe Mary or Gary Stu represents humans that gain unimaginable power but this character isn't really human or possibly even mortal so that kinda blows it out of the water. The length of ones existence means that the character will learn and evolve so not to be weak over passing of time. I saw the last part and doesn't getting along with everything, having no fears, blah blah blah go with the Mary/Gary Stu thing if so this is but one chapter and the character fully set up takes at least several especially more since he isn't the only character in the story.

1884373 If you had played the game than you will know that your character if you spend tons of time actually grinding or throwing money at other players for exp potions than you can have the highest rank of every skill currently available, my dude, he is not much for magic or ranged things, up close he is amonster, conversation he is so so, charms, that went out the window after what he did to Naudha and receieved in turn, that and the cliffhanger at the end of prolouge just spells he is in for a ruined day. He keeps developing because when your constantly changing because of what you are, you pretty much bored half the time and doesn't really care aka heartless turd, just give it a chance, I am not used to some things let alone a computer that auto correct to save its own life.

i really want this to come back. screw whatever other stories you have going THERE NEEDS TO BE MOAR

Hot damn! Did this actually update, or did my 'last updated' glitch?

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