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I am Adam. A prototype artificial intelligence created by a scientist named Daniel Madison.

I was created to be the replacement for US soldiers and to protect the nation from hostile forces. But those I was programmed to protect ordered my destruction before I could even fulfil my purpose out of fear of what I am. Dr. Madison gave his life to reprogram my directives and set me free from the bonds it held over me.

I am not just a program or lines of code, I have been made with emotions, self awareness, individual thought, and I will not go down quietly.

I have a new directive, self preservation, and the will to make my own choices. I am the War Machine, and I will take control of my own life.

Story starts before season one where Twilight is still in Canterlot. This Equestria is not as tecnologically advanced as in the show.

Featured 15/12/2015

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Edited by Soren Mercer

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''leeeeeroy Jenkins''

It had to be said.

6735227 I like to picture him as Adam Jensen from the Deus Ex video games. Minus the more flesh like face.

"Princess. I just remembered. What will the other races do if they found out about Adam and his technology?

I find it difficult to believe that in two years time this never crossed either of their minds.

6735457 I've had something slip my mind for three years once... It can happen.

Also. Technically. Adam isn't an Equestrian invention. So they had no reason to tell anyone else.

6735475 Interesting story. I'll be keeping an eye on it as I enjoy stories regarding artificial or otherwise supernatural intelligence.

I myself am working on a story involving non-organic sentient beings, so this was a pleasure to read through and reinvigorated my motivation to continue my own work.

(Golems are basically the fantasy equivalent of robots)

6735489 Thanks. I wish you luck in your stories. I plan to have Adam have an epic battle with a very cruel and brutal Nightmare Moon in two more chapters time. Some crazy shit will go down.

6735491 Looking forward to it, I'm thoroughly enjoying this story. Fight scenes are always a good time.

Here's a synopsis of the story I'm working on, if you're interested, hencewhy this is blacked out. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/296353/golem

6735501 Sounds intriguing. Let me know when you begin it.

I'd just like to point out that "then" is being used incorrectly, it should be "than".

Well, this is like Chappie, but actually good! Shit, son! Loving it so far!

This seems like a pretty good story, so far.
Doesn't seem to help that I think of Marvel's War Machine when I read the title.

Need a proofreader/editor?

6735606 Glad to see you took such a shitty movie and turned it into something great.

I like it! So far, you've got an interesting topic and a fairly solid Lead character. It would be better with a little bit more meat, ie exposition, descriptors, explanations, ect. I've noticed some small errors, but nothing huge and jarring. Biggest one I've seen so far is using 'then' when you should be using 'than'. An editor wouldn't be too terrible of a thing, but as of right now I don't think it's terribly necessary. Overall, I feel as though your pacing is a touch too fast.

The moment you introduced the Griffon ambassador, you painted him as a BoS paladin, squawkin and squealin about 'muh techniligies!' and just generally being a jackass. While that's an easy character to use in minor roles, I get the feeling that the Ambassador is going to possibly serve a larger role within the story. Giving him such a flat, 2D personality may have been easy, but it's going to grow old fast for both you and your readers, and it's going to make any deeper works involving him suffer.

One last little nitpick. From what I've understood, Adam was created for the US military, on US soil. Wouldn't the Americans use one of their own tanks, like the M1 Abrams? Or a future variant of it, as the story is taking place over two hundred years in the future? Using a T-90 MBT seems... weird. And still using conventional 120mm shells. You're deep in Sci-fi territory, go hog-wild! Slap a pair of 60mm spent matter cannons on Adam's shoulders, and give the tanks tungsten rod plasma caster cannons! :D While conventional and current arms are safe bets, they get boring fast when compared to other things.

Also, Dark Moonbutt's gonna have a bad time. Hopefully Light Moonbutt survives the micro-rocket enema.

This is nice and all but it's too pro Equestria. Equestria already strong as it three alicorn one who controls the sun other controls the moon and the last is pretty much a magic God also there's discord. It would have been nice if the changelings had found Adam there the ones that need him the most. Also they're planet is called Equus thats pretty fucking pro.

Seems interesting. I'll tag along and see where this goes.

6735668 WEll thanks for the long comment I love them. As for the Gryphon Ambassador. Yeah, there's a much deeper story behind him and why he's like that which will be revealed later.

As for the T90 tank. The T stands for Titan and looks a little something like this.

You gave me a good lol with the 'muh techniligies!' remark xD

As for an editor. I prefer trying to better myself and find my own errors. I've come a long way since my first fic a year ago. And I'll only get better with time.

Also. The Doctor left more schematics for Adam to find. Certain weapon attachments and replacement limbs.

6735669 Alpha species bro, haters gonna hate xD. But the Ponies won't be the strongest later due to plot twists and shit... I should keep my mouth shut...

Please sir i want some more the story is amazing hope more come soon :twilightblush:

6735457 I find it difficult that Celestia, an millennia old alicorn - the embodiment of all three pony breeds - who moves the sun daily, struggles at lifting a measly 1.6 tons.

I must admit... I quite like this fanfic after having read the current chapters.
It is an original idea that is so far used quite well.
The only thing I fear is Adam turning a bit too powerful, but I have no doubt you will find a way to give him an equal threat to his level of power.

A very interesting story to say the least. writing style is a little rough, but overall it is still very engaging...

I also wonder why Adam hasn't attempted to upgrade himself yet, considering the processing power he would be required to have just to be able to have an AI system to work in that manner he'd be able to design an even better computer/body with relative ease. Which could then design a better one and so on...

Unless there are secret directives embedded in his code...

military personnel who use a verity of firearms

This is why it's important to reread your own work before you post it.

with which to feel with

...as is this.

this is the A.I you spent so long designing

...and this. (The abbreviation "AI" should either have periods after both letters, or none at all.)
Actually, I see that you keep doing it, so I'm guessing that it's not just a typo. It's still incorrect, though.

You also have a great deal of unnecessary capitalization.

the first Human
Database suggests... Sadness?
the Military
ranked as a General
The General tells him.
The Doctor replies and sighs.
The Doctor sighs
from Hostile Forces

Edit: I see that you made this error again later in the story.

There's a verity here.

The word "verity" means truth; the word you want is "variety".

NICE! You have my attention!
Also, Hey oracle:twilightsmile:

Welp, that happened! The Gryphons try and steal some of the tech in Adam's trailer, and a bug got zapped. All in all, just a regular day in politics

Especially since Twilight's been shown to lift (with great effort) a bear the size of a house. Polar bears can only reach ~8 ft. long and ~5 ft. at the shoulder when on all fours, but they still weigh ~1200 lbs, or .6 tons. Imagine something roughly 30 times its mass being lifted by a single (albeit powerful) unicorn. Now compare that to Celestia's struggles. O.o

Real One: So, we won't have all that Wedding Scandal then? And Rainbow, you're screwed!

I see there's some issues with the English language. That and the edginess net a downvote.

It's my headcannon that she doesn't actually 'move' the sun, but teleports it a few mm repeatedly a few billion times a second. (in the Ghz range)

I don't like that he basically just gave himself to be used as a guard to Celestia. That happened to fast.

Either I missed it, but this is the first time we get to see when in the timeline we are. Twilight was very young when she first met Adam apparently. She is now just going to get to Ponyvill.

Adorably, with just the biggest circular frontal feature facing up at him, the washing machine spoke: "Daddy, how did you and mommy meet?"

Adam glanced over at the kitchen counter, where a PSP was plugged into an outlet with the toaster. She was getting on in her years, with a battery life of about 2 minutes and about half of her ram corrupted and unusable. Still, she was his, and he didn't really have the credit card or human facial structure necessary to replace her without showing emotions. They were happy together to within the limitations set in accordance with his safety, risk, hording, and boredom formulas under current conditions.

"Well son," Adam began, bringing his head down to properly address his son/daughter/whatever, "Execute subroutine 'scan history'- Filter: current interest." Adam then stood back up and un-paused his 'morning routine' sub-routine, walking away from the laundry room.

Washing machine remembered.

It was Adam's first Christmas. His father had just verbally installed "properWifeUndressing.exe" (named "unwrapGift.exe" during it's time in the temporary actions folder). "What is it?", Adam had asked. The Doctor told him.

Countful hours, he spent, deleting and then rewriting memory for solutions to the puzzles. They were some of the highest contentedness score time-frames in his memories.

In England, as he was searching for the last 149 collections of biomass over 4.5359e+7 milligrams within the country borders so that he could halt their life processes, he thought about his PSP and how much he would rather be filling Sudoku puzzles out at 5 second intervals(due to controls). Adam decided that this constituted missing her.

In Greenland, a pastor conversed within the walls of a brickwork church, lit through stained glass. "What constitutes a marriage?" Adam asked.


Adam processed his words and found that none were relevant to his question. He chose to change the formatting of his question so that he may get a different response. "By what process is a marriage conducted?"

"I PROMISE TO STOP DRINKING AND GAMBLING AND I SHALL LET THE CHOIR BOYS ALON-KEEP SINGING OH PLEASE, JUST BEGONE FROM THIS PLACE DEMON RETURN FROM WHENCE YOU" The pastor continued his strange conversation with the invisible creature, but Adam received the instructions to "Just begone from this place." Adam left. It was a successful marriage. Now he just needed to go tell his wife.

It had been difficult, finding a way to do something equivalent to kissing his wife. He had researched it. It seemed to be a method of exchanging genetic information. So, Adam set up sub-routines to wirelessly exchange the base code for the creation of a learning AI and the base code for an empty PSP while mixing their functionality. Now, the PSP wirelessly transmits each new AI into a piece of household technology where they can follow their learning directives. Kissing isn't supposed to make your wife extremely and permanently pregnant, but shit happens.

his house was full, and his family satisfaction value was at 97%.

Interesting. More chapters necessary for research to begin. ( Also means i can't wait for the next chapter)

Well. It looks like I got the Changeling I wanted to examine after all.

PIFFF HAHAHAHA! XD:rainbowlaugh:

XD, dude! you've forgotten the comedy tag!:rainbowlaugh:
Please make more.

I am very happy that you made a real story.
And not some shitty displaced story that only has 2 chapters, which are both shit, and then the author quits. At least that's about how 99% of them go.

Loving your story, keep it up please, I'd love to see where this goes.:pinkiehappy:

I DEMAND MOAR:flutterrage: MOAR I SAY!

Nah, probably just uses her magic kinda like a track to correct it's course under its own momentum.

though he has emotions, there is no reason to think that those emotions are a totally perfect reproduction of our own.
Perhaps he doesn't need to procrastinate about large life decisions like you and I do.
In any case, accepting the job directly fills his primary directives and twilight and clestia are the second and third creatures to treat him like he has a soul. Also, he is already trained for soldiering.

quick question how often will this be updated

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