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Severus Snape was known as many things. But right now, he was just confused.

"And just...what are you all supposed to be?"

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This seems interesting, I'll keep reading, but u better keep updating.

Also applejack seemed too quick to peg him as a thief and was much not very understanding.

PS, first comment bichiz!

This made me cum

4984281 A big bald monkey any ten-year-old would call a stereotypical villain waltzed into her orchard and tried to steal her hat. He didn't make the best impression.

4984285 Don't they have a pill for that kind of problem?

4984308 My but when I stuck it down my dick it hurt to much.

4984310 IF IT DOESN'T FIT, NEVER QUIT!!! :flutterrage:

Dear Vald.

I don't usually even bother with stories on the "New" side, but I gave yours a shot. And by gum am I glad I did! Keep up the good work my friend, your Snape rendition feels spot on.

Sincerely Yours, The Cake Devil.

4984320 Just for that, one more chapter tonight. Thanks for the encouragement!

4984317 Medic! It hurts!:fluttercry:

4984331 Pain is weakness leaving the body, mein freund. :coolphoto:

Dear Vlad.

My following feelings shall be represented by the great Bruce Cambell.

Sincerely Yours Truly, The Cake Devil:pinkiehappy:

4984382 And now...we feast. :pinkiecrazy:

Omfg, I love this. My top two favorite fandoms. Harry Potter and MLP. //sCrEaMs WiTh ApPrOvAl// you have been approved by yours truly, Majestical Space Tiger.

This looks interesting. I like it XD I await with (im)patience the next chapter. =P

Pretty good!

Oh god... Alan Rickman in Poneland...

You need to work on channeling your inner Alan Rickman.

4984636 Working on it. I'm already an irredeemable sarcastic, arrogant, snide asshole. I just need to learn how to do it with class.

This fits, Snape so perfectly. :rainbowderp:

4984704 Snape and RD are going to play off eachother fantastically. :rainbowwild:

You can't get a better straight man/funny man routine. Except maybe for Pinkie. But she'll have her time to shine.

I wonder what happen when Snape meet Pinkie? :moustache:
SUCH ANTICIPATION!!!!! :pinkiecrazy: (because Snape is sarcastic, arrogant, snide asshole with a bit of touch of kindness (maybe not) while Pinkie is go lucky little kid mentality)

I bet snape msy get along with a certain zebra

4984769 Concentrated Slytherin + Essence of Hufflepuff. WARNING: CHEMICALS MAY EXPLODE WHEN MIXED


4984908 The world needs more Alan Rickman in Equestria.

4984320 Do you just read featured stories then? :rainbowhuh:

Hmm, not bad at all. Though honestly, if a talking, bipedal... thing, showed up out of nowhere, you think pones, especially Dash, would use more caution. She's brash, but she's not stupid.
She's not that stupid.

Also, you can do perfectly fine without the Lavender Unicorn Syndrome. It's easier just to call him Snape.

Dear Lord, Snape in Equestria...

Dear Vald.

And now, a rendition of myself moments before discovering this.
Written by and staring , The Cake Devil.
Me: La la la la la, watching Evil Dead on Youtube la la la la.(Pauses for dramatic effect) Hm I wonder if that Vlad gentleman/women/dolphin was true to his word. Wouldn't hurt to ch-oh my gosh there it is!

The End.

Anywhozer, by Celestias third tit. Snape dahling...you don't deserve this...noone deserves this. But on another note I do like how you took this, kind of an alternate beginning to the series. Alright, I'm game for it, I'm up for your little shim sham, your whim wam, come on man bring it on BRING. IT. ON!....If you don't mind that is.

Sincerely Yours, The Cake Devil.

Wow, this exists.
Why hasn't this existed before?
Keeping an eye on this.
Ohai, AJ :pinkiesmile:

Good... heavens...
My brain. Ow. But interested ow, the 'oh dear I can see bad things happening but it's going to be fun' way.

Also my brain can apparently do Snape's voice quite well.

I request more.

A) How long will it be before Snape decides that he is, in fact, in Hell?
B) I look forward to the raw levels of snark Black Snooty is going to get.

Snapes magic should be op compared to Equestrias magic
he's also good at dueling so he knows how to fight
only problem that i see is he needs his wand to do magic lose the wand he will be just a normal powerless human
unless nightmare moon can get his wand he will win :pinkiehappy:
p.s. pinkies goal should be trying to make him smile

Eh, not necessarily. This is a world with ponies, griffins, dragons, minotaurs, diamond dogs, and who knows how many other sapient creatures. And Ponyville is a small town. Most of its residents have probably never seen most of those creatures. SO I don't think it would be too big of a stretch for them to assume that Snape is just a creature from a far-off country they haven't heard of before. Or they could assume he's a minotaur if they've never seen one and only know the basic description.
Of course, that doesn't really explain their treatment of Zecora...

Still I think it's better than the 90% of HiE stories where the first thing Rainbow does is attack the human in question.

Ehhh....Snape is good, and definitely more skilled than the average pony, but he's not gonna be taking down what basically amounts to a demigod in a one on one fight. There's a reason the only thing that was able to stop Nightmare Moon in the first place was a set of legendary magical artifacts.

i am sticking with my choice that nightmare does not have what it takes to take on a high class wizard such as Snape he is one of the strongest wizards in Hogwarts and wizards are stronger at magic than unicorns are :pinkiehappy:

I am honestly not a big fan of Harry Potter, but Snape was the ultimate badass that you don't know about until after his death. I'm gonna give this a shot.



I almost never see a good Harry Potter crossover, and when they are good, they tend to never update!


So far so good, I love cynical characters so this just was begging for my attention... also promise of hilarity.
The fact of the time period where this is set will make it even more fun :rainbowlaugh:
Great stuff, please don't keep us waiting too long for more :twilightsmile:

I've always enjoyed a good Snape story. Despite the many plot holes that the Harry Potter series may have, Snape wasn't one of them. You basically have a character whose dislike of Gryffindor is justified(Bullying at a young age), a personality that would make anyone think he's a bad guy but with a well written background on why he's like that and a heart that is willing to bare the burden of doing evil actions in order to achieved good results.

Although I didn't like how he tend to pick on Gryffindors.

This story has promise and I hope to see it go from beginning to the end.

Wizards, in a general sense, are shown to be more versatile than the average unicorn, but we don't really have a lot of comparison to say that they're universally more powerful. That said, Snape is undoubtedly skilled, and wouldn't have any trouble beating any canon unicorn we've seen in the show, with the possible exception of Shining Armor.

But Nightmare Moon isn't a unicorn. :trollestia:

she really has not proven to be in anyway better than a unicorn i'm pretty sure she was beaten by sombra who is a unicorn :rainbowhuh:

wait never mind i just got that luna was beaten by sombra then she turn into nightmare moon my bad :facehoof:

4985440 Roughly three seconds after meeting Pinkie.

The title reminds me of The Fault in Our Stars...

4985549 He may be more skilled and more versatile, but NMM has no wand to disarm, she can avoid and evade by turning into smoke, and she's an immortal(ish?) alicorn with unimaginable power to throw around.

That's my point. Snape is good, but Nightmare Moon is better. Even in headcanons where alicorns don't have diety-level power, she's still at least on par with someone of Voldemort or Dumbledore, and with thousands of years of experience to back it.

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