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This story is a sequel to That Time I Became a Friendship Bomb

Peter Westmoore, formerly nineteen year old college student.

Once upon a time, his friends described him a responsible, hardworking student, not overly outgoing, but pleasant enough to talk to. He never was one for the party scene, nor did he drink, but he really put his all into his work. When he wasn't doing that, he was refining his skills in animation.

For his dedication and diligence, he is rewarded with a trip to a land of colourful ponies! He's even provided with a form to blend in! Mostly... a real shame he has no idea what's going on.

The epic rewrite of That Time I Became A Friendship Bomb. Don't know if the changes will be significant enough to warrant this being a new story, at least for the first few chapters, but since this one is going to continue updating, I think it might.

There is also the fact that I had no real idea where the old version was going, something I've fixed here.

Huge thank you to Gerandkis for editing this story, and the original as well! This wouldn't be as good of a story without their help, so you enjoy it, be sure to give them a thank you!

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That time I became A Friendship Bomb 2

AKA TTIBAFB2 - Re-Exploded.

Hey this story being continued even if it’s revised Hope it continues

I'm so excited to read this.

Nightmare gave the ghostly ball a scrutinizing look. 'This is it? This is all of it? Will it be enough to save me? He got something much bigger than this measly little blob of--'

Oh, now who could she be referring to and what did they pull into the world? :trixieshiftright:

'Why do I keep getting targeted by all the weird things today!?' the ball mentally bemoaned its fate as the light in the room faded.

Hey at least this weird thing is trying to help you... I think :moustache:

"How did a foal even get out here?" Fluttershy asked in normal volume, slightly surprising those who knew her.

Well that's a tale that will take roughly 3000 words to tell :trollestia:

Nice to see this story again :eeyup:

in this season we see our hero become a freindship bomb lord! *couldnt resist*

Wonder what the rainbow tasted like. Hopefully skittles.

Thanks for the Christmas gift! I’ve been waiting for this return for so long I can’t even remember how long it’s been. I at least know I’ve been checking up on this since the last time the last one was updated. Also, if I can make a suggestion for content, I really liked those Luna and Argent lucid dreaming chapters


Read desc, and it says rewrite.

It's Alive! And it even multiplied like Gremlins! I'll wait until there are a couple more of chapters before judging.

I liked this story too and was hoping the author would continue it.

"Yes, I will eat the Fear Turkey." -Illua In memory of Ilua, a good Author that will be missed.

I’d agree that “Rewrites kill stories” if not for this line

I had no real idea where the old version was going, something I've fixed here.

meaning it was either this or no stories since he didn’t even know where the finish line was. Now it sounds like he has an outline along with a ending planned out

Good to se this one back, I do think you missed a perfect opportunity to use "A smoothie." though :rainbowlaugh:

You know, I had wondered where this story had gone. Has it really been two years? In any case, it's good to see you breathe new life into it. Can't wait to see what you have in mind this time.

That story just got another chapter though didn't it?

Well, now im disappointed im myself, because I dont know what you mean by that.

This re-write is good, especially the part that gave me more details on Nightmare's and Peter's point of view. The only part that bugged me was the lack of either Celestia's or Luna's input regarding the mysterious appearance of a foal at the place where they just battled Nightmare Moon.

The last thing they remember before succumbing to the darkness, was the feeling of cold stone on their stomach.

Shouldn't this be he/his instead? Since this paragraph seemed to be from Peter's perspective.

Now let’s hope this will sky rocket and never get let down.

But I see one for it now, Dec 18, 2021

And you're number one in the featured column!

I’ve already said something positive about this return before, I just feel the need to say one thing else:
Please don’t leave us again. This not only was( and still is) one of my favorite stories, but it is also one of the first stories that I really got invested in because I got into MLP pretty late. I don’t think the other version 100% clarified what happened to Argent(all the special things that seemed to pop up), but I could tell whatever it was I liked it along with things like him being a kid again, that artist aspect about him, and a lot of other things.

Sigue vivo vivooooooooooo
Saludos desde Perú 😁👍🇦🇹

More after chrismas? make sure to take a break and be with those you care for.

Given she’d just removed the only artifacts powerful enough to stop her,

Considering the fact that the Alicorn Amulet IS out and about at this time, wouldn't the right unicorn, backed with the power of the amulet, be able to stand up to her and at least match her in power?

Peter closed my eyes,

That should be "his", not "my".

with what can only be described as wicked delight,

You're missing the "be" that I've added to the quote.

Are you still going to have Argent and 'Night Strider' become friends in her Minecraft dream?

Maybe Argent can show her other games, like an actual arcade or Duel Monsters lol

I agree in wanting that, but I feel like Minecraft is the perfect game to be the game that is the “main hub”, per se because it’s so flexible in what it can be. After that then, if they want, they can go to another game like the ones you mentioned or maybe pokemon, fnaf, or something

Am I going to do what was easily the best and most fun content in thus story?
Yes, 100%
And I did plan on doing other games eventually, so we're gonna get to those other games here!

wonder what's "Night's" reaction to a diamond sword? Plus it being a dream Argent could easily craft a enchanted table that can conjure illusions for like duel monsters or other trading/board games she could play

It's always been funny how the hand was like "nope, this one already knows. Hard pass!" learning is half the joy, after all!
Let's ggoooooooo!

This is probably what happened in the wasteland timeline from the season 5 finale. Just saying.

I just thought of some thing don’t doctors check blood work to she what blood type you need if a blood transfusion is needed it would be rather funny if the doctor checked here gens to find her genetic parents

Thats a good detail to point out. Thank you!

With a certain level of resignation, I attempted to swing my legs out over the edge of the bed, bringing myself to a regular sitting position. 'So far so good.' Next step was to push off with my not hands and, well, do what I did every morning, more or less.

Learn physical coordination with a completely bone structure and center of gravity? :trollestia:

Alas, the well trained floor broke my sloppy guard and struck me repeatedly in a single fluid motion. I felt the hit on my chest, the rolling strike on my neck, the painful vibrations up the hard outer layer of my arm-thing endings- and the dazing blow to my chin.

This floor is quite skilled :trixieshiftleft:

I always found it weird that there is a dearth of particularly good official plushies for MLP.

Very nice! It's been so long since I've read the original, that this doesn't feel redundant, but rather something tickling in the deep recesses of my mind. I had forgotten the great battles with the floor that were had.
I'm looking forward to what comes next.
(Was this the story with the consistent Minecraft dream time wih Luna? If it was, I wonder if any of that will change. I look forward to finding out.)

Always refreshing when priority number one before anything else isn't what's between the legs (at least at first).
Quite strong and capable after a week of coma. Magic, yo!
Actually, does she look tie-dye? Well whatever the case, at least it's not clown vomit!

The second chapter seems pretty solid. Although I like the first one, this new one doesn't look bad either. Looking forward to reading more.

When/if I get back to my normal body, I'm going to make a killing selling plushies of myself.'

I’m sure plenty of people would buy such a thing.

I just read the old one a little while ago and have to say that well it's really good, this one is definitely better. Great work.

Hey if this is the one you're working on you should go change the original version to canceled instead of ongoing. I'm interested to see where this will be going. And maybe Argent wont say so many red flags when introducing her self ey?

Maybe she could explain Minecraft better to 'NIght' when they meet again. Even teach her the art of combat. I mean sure Night/Luna already knows how to swing a sword. Bet ya she'd make her own unique weapon some day. Hope she gets to keep her pet sheep lol

The title picture looks like the start of a opening song of a TV show and the first theme song to pop up in my head is the friends theme. I just feel like it fits well.

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