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Still a fan of most fics involving Twilight, but not as new. Still a little wet behind the ears as an author though.


If I had known that buying that mansion- and island -off the coast of Crete was going to come with portals to Equestria's past and present, I would have bought a cabin in Brazil.

Should have done my homework first.

This story was originally posted as an Idea by deeed22, so some of the ideas are his.

Others belong to my muse.

All characters other than OC's belong to Hasbro.

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I'n Not A God!

I think you spelled the title wrong. . .



I really hate typos; comes form doing all of my own editing work.

Thanks for pointing that out.

7943027 no problem, good story by the way.

I this could be interesting, but I hope that the Guy is not going to be a Garry Stew, in the sense that he was won't have to struggle to accomplish his objectives. I hope their will be more of this story so that I can better judge it. So far I feel that it is a little rushed and he seems to be a little too at ease with his situation at the moment.


Just a few points to make.

First of all, it is rushed; you're absolutely right. However, better rushed than slow, which is how first chapters usually are.

Now, the reason why he seems okay with being a pony is because he's one of those that has a well-adjusted personality. You'll see that in later chapters.

As far as him being a Gary Stu is concerned, he's not. His appearance as a pegacorn is as much satire as it is a plot point. He may seem overpowered, but if you read the original thread for this fic, you will know that the house has magic.

So it's not really his power; if he were to go to Equestria some other way, he'd be an earth pony the size of Big Macintosh.

With a Cutie Mark of a smartphone smashing a rock.

This should be fun.

More chapters!! And I like alicron OCs, and human that are turned into them. It makes it interesting for me. If you had a choice between the standard models and the deluxe whice would you take?


So do I, when they're written properly.

The thing is, this is a satirical piece as much as it is a slice of life piece.

In other words, I'm poking fun at all of the obvious self-insert OC's that appear so often in stories.

And having a blast while doing so :twilightsmile:

Great story, so following and placing it in the favs. May inspire me on some of my own, in progress, fics. Gods knows I need the inspiration. Keep up the good work.

Usually; I do have one pony son.

... if you turn Sombra into his long lost son I'm leaving... :eeyup:


No help for it on this one.

The bug spray was part of the original concept, and there really wasn't much there.

As for Sombra, the way I was going to originally go didn't fit with the theme; it would have made Jake out to be OP

He's just an ordinary closet brony; nothing special.

The house is a reverse Rose Red; a force of Chaotic Good and capricious humor.

Just don't piss her off; Sombra found that out the hard way.

I looked down; sure enough, I was now the proud owner of four pairs of hooves.

Wait a minute... 2+2+2+2=
and carry the nine



I'll keep the comment up to remind me of my stupidity.


Actually though, Slepinir might just show up.

I'm fundamentally Christian, but this particular human world is one where there's more than one Pantheon.

Besides, it's fiction.


Well nobody is perfect, and posting long chapters constantly is very taxing, let the writer write in his or her own pace. It's for the best.

Comment posted by lolitsjack deleted Feb 17th, 2017


Not quite in the same way.

There's a presence that lives within his house that links it to Equestria's past and present.

More I can't divulge, as that's a plot point I have yet to reach.

If George Washington became a king, he would've been assassinated by Connor Kenway.

I do see why you think having a monarchy would benefit the US, but there's always those monarchs that leads to their nation's downfall.

I think a constitutional monarchy would be better then just a plain Monarchy. Less chance of one going insane with power and leading to a downfall.

7970636 Maybe, but at that time, pretty sure any form of monarchy is out of the question in the minds of Americans.

True, though a senate can be even worse.

7970641 As evidence with what's going on right now.


That's what the UK has right now. The Queen might not be an elected official, but she's not the one making the laws.

Oh sure, she has more power than the prez; still, there's a lot to be said for the way the Brits are running their country.


Things aren't as bad as they seem. Sure, there's a lot of shit going down in the Senate right now, but that's why we have the House. Keeps things on an even keel.

If worse comes to worse, the States will do what's needed; fully a third refused to enforce Obamacare.

I find it a bit ironic that the queen also has a say on the Canadian government also.

Also it makes sense she has more power, Britain colonized almost most of the world in the past and she can't make the laws (in a sense) but she has the power to veto them I think within reason.

7971114 The queen has a ceremonial role only - http://royalcentral.co.uk/blogs/insight/what-are-the-queens-powers-22069
The last time a monarch meaningfully refused to approve a bill was in 1708.

(in the UK).
This was one of the primary causes of the unpleasantness in 1776, where the king continued to refuse legislation in the colonies.

This story seems to be rushing along at a-mile-minute. Am I to assume that this is a sum-up of events that are leading up to the 'here-and-now' at which point things will slow down to a regular pace, or are they always going to move like this?

Ponies can make- and do make -gold.

Except when they do the recipe right. Then they get Doritos.


It'll probably continue at this pace, as it's a reflection of the personality of the protagonist. He's super hyper like Pinkie most of the time.

we need more
thats all im going to say
there's just no way
you can end it today
is it a block
a bargained rock
TDT and ponies
but all i'm saying is
don't end it today

chrysalis and the swarm (me)

With a pop, both horns slid off, and the shoes dropped off the filly’s hooves. She sighed in relief, then glomped me.

It's supposed to be horn rings...


It's always nice to see this story update.

Someone who think Rarity is best pony and willing to admit she was also at fault for that Gala?


Luna better be careful not to slander Blue blood to much if she wants the Keepers advice and help.
Knowing that Blue is of his bloodline (100 generations or so, down the line).


Yep. Though she's not my all-time favorite, she is one of the ones I like the most.

Looks like somepony didn't like what I did with Blueblood in this chapter...

Oh well; you can't please everypony.


Nope; Jake's not that petty. You'd have to do something really bad to get on Jake's bad side. He's even helped ponies that were convicted of equicide in the past.

8046763 Naaa I don't got a problem with what you did to Blueblood. It is true he did act like a ass because Rarity did act like a gold digger.
My problem was with Luna. She knew that Blue used a mask and she even understands it. Yes her past makes her see things in a darker light but she also knows all of his past achievement's. Blue might have been rude but Luna is childish.
So nothing bad, only annoying char development that makes the story more alive.


Actually, Luna wasn't aware that Blueblood's actions were a mask until after Jake said anything.

Though her continued refusal was foalish; one that she later recognized.

You have to realize though, Luna has always had something of a problem with her temper. She's mercurial in her moods, as is her sister. Celestia has just had a thousand more years to learn to hide her anger.

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