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This story is a sequel to That Time I Became a Friendship Bomb

Peter Westmoore, formerly nineteen year old college student.

Once upon a time, his friends described him a responsible, hardworking student, not overly outgoing, but pleasant enough to talk to. He never was one for the party scene, nor did he drink, but he really put his all into his work. When he wasn't doing that, he was refining his skills in animation.

For his dedication and diligence, he is rewarded with a trip to a land of colourful ponies! He's even provided with a form to blend in! Mostly... a real shame he has no idea what's going on.

The epic rewrite of That Time I Became A Friendship Bomb. Don't know if the changes will be significant enough to warrant this being a new story, at least for the first few chapters, but since this one is going to continue updating, I think it might.

There is also the fact that I had no real idea where the old version was going, something I've fixed here.

Huge thank you to Gerandkis for editing this story, and the original as well! This wouldn't be as good of a story without their help, so you enjoy it, be sure to give them a thank you!

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A man wakes up only to find that, rather than lazing on his couch, hes in an ancient castle in a fictional world. And top it all off, in the body of one of the world's biggest villains.

While he plans how to spend this oddly realistic dream, using what little he knows of the show to tip things in his favor, he will soon find that not everything follows the script he knows.

Will be adding tags if need br, I like the cover art I have at the moment, may change it later.

I do hope you enjoy this little brain worm of a story!

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So there I am, suddenly existing, not remembering a thing about who I was before. Fortunately I didn't loose all of my memories, just the ones that were personal. Context of my remaining memories suggests I was this thing called a human, but now I'm just an imperial pegasus in a world sorta similar to a TV show I have memories of. I wonder if these memories will actually be of any use.

Hey, I'll be updating this later, after we have reached the "well established" check point, and I know how to word it better. The tags will also change basses on them being needed in the story.

Cover art is on the way, but for now, just enjoy the writing, or don't, but i hope you do!

:on hiatus for world building, the co author is slow :derpytongue2:

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Peter Westmoore, 19 years old. Friends describe him as hard working, but a stick in the mud.
Peter never enjoyed the party scene, not when he could be honing his skills as an animator, nor did he have a taste for alcohol. And what does all that responsibility get him? A quick night terror and being dragged to Equestria. Now he, or rather "she" has to find a way back to his/her world. But the six colors adorning his new equine shape simply keep getting in the way. How will a now stressed college student adapt to the happy go lucky world of ponies, and as a filly no less?

Special thanks to my editors; gerandakis and Jasperr Hart. For going through these chapters and helping me clean them up.

Hi, no the story isn't dead, I'm just on the loosest schedule I can manage and still call it a schedule.

Like I've said in previous comments, this stories muse is out for a match of tennis, so it's grinding by very slowly.

On top of that, the most recent chapters don't flow very well with the rest of the story, so here's what I'm thinking;

I'm going to put 'er on hiatus, and go back, do a bit of touch up work on the chapters, bring the whole story in for an overhaul, then continue once it's all cleaned up.

If that doesn't work out, then I'll just have to buckle down and force out the next few chapters, but I think we all know how well that would turn out.


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