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Problem solved! Verdict: utilize excessive levels of boom. If problem persists, use more boom.

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They all say we have a destiny among the stars. Sometimes, some destinies are just more literal than others.

Chapters [6/16] posted.

Chapter 7: 24% complete.

What is the definition of equine? Where do we draw the line between pony and machine?

Chapters [15/??] posted.

Chapter set 3.X: 3/4 completed.

Chapter 3.3: 12% complete.

Celestia has fallen. She has won. Equus grows cold... may the night rule eternal.

Chapters [3/??] posted.

Chapter 4: 90% complete.

Story Ideas w/ Cover Art:

When we looked toward the future, when we were offered a chance to paradise, and took it, we expected a utopia. Cybernetics. Invasive flashing lights. Mega Corporations. We got something else entirely.

Brandt's done the deed and pulled the wool off of the Equestrian Diarchy's eyes, showing them how strangely inadequate their guard forces are. Now he just has to... fix everything.

“When all's said and done, their job is never finished. The wicked never rest, Team Rainbow.”

“This relationship is a two-way street. We are meant to benefit from each other. Is that not the meaning of symbiosis?”

"It's A-M-E-R-I-C-A! No, it doesn't have a silly horse pun in the middle! What!? I would know how to spell my own name!"
- President America, Princess of the USA Awesome

A-10C Thunderbolt II - "Secretary Greetings!"

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Status Update - Detroit: Become Equine · 12:50pm Jul 24th, 2019

Uh, hey, it’s been a while, hasn’t it? A long time of silence from me and... that was really rude of me.

I apologize.

It’s not like I wasn’t working on the chapters. In fact, they’re actually quite lengthy compared to their predecessors. It’s just... well, I release them in sets because I consider them as a single chapter, broken up into four pieces. So instead of regular updates every month or something, we get one super big one.

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Violence is always the worst way to solve a problem, but if you're good enough at it it's also a viable way to solve any given problem. (The problems you create in the process can also theoretically be solved by violence)

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You are a ghost composite of billions of memories, all interwoven and entangled, and driven by a barely controllable unconsciousness and primordial will, propelling a skeleton covered in flesh made from stardust as old as time itself, over and around a spinning ball of rock and iron that's racing through a vacuum, orbiting an unimaginably massive nuclear reactor—one of 100 billion stars in one galaxy of 100 billion other galaxies. What do you have to fear?

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