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Alien biology is a fickle thing. Humans, of course, fit under this category. Turns out some parts of them are cause for concern.

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This started off as a silly experiment with something.

Co-written with a friend who is most definitely not a robot.

It is a normal day in Ponyville, where normal ponies do things that are normal.

Reality is not collapsing in on itself.

I regret nothing

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Story version of the post of the same name! Credit for the concept goes entirely to Whiskeylullaby.

It's been a couple years or so ever since the Dimensional Tear Incident of 2018—something that no one would've ever thought of happening. On both worlds, everyone is still getting used to the fact that alien life does indeed exist, some coming to terms faster than others. Cultural exchange is slow but relations only continue to get stronger.

In a show of kindness, the U.S sends a volunteer over to the Equestrian side to help manage their security problems; something that's been plaguing them for quite some time now.

It is quite the shame that MA Brandt is in for quite the shock.

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Placed under hiatus as I re-plan... probably the entirety of the story.

Inspired by Glory of the Sun and A New Life.

A millennia ago, there were two sisters who ruled a peaceful kingdom, side-by-side; in all respects, they were equals. A sister of the sun, and a sister of the moon. Together, harmony thrived in their land. However, the subjects loved the sister of the sun more, for her celestial body brought happiness and warmth, while the sister of the moon brought nothing but the darkness and cold. Jealousy and anger festering in her heart, the sister of the moon struck her sibling down and claimed the throne for herself in a wake of bloodshed. Peace and harmony were gone.
It was time for the night to rule eternal.

A thousand years later, the third alicorn is born to the queen of Equestria. Things seem off about them, however. Hidden behind their young eyes holds wisdom and intelligence not befitting of a foal.

Armed with the knowledge long since gone, it's up to her and whomever she can ally herself with to set things right. To undo the damages the lunar tyrant has inflicted upon the land. To let the sun dawn once more upon the frigid wastes of her country. To do so, she must find a way to overpower her mother; a goddess of the night.

Vivat Regina.

Long live the queen.

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In the ever-advancing land of Equestria, equdroids were constructed to make the lives of its citizens easier. In recent years, however, they seem to be malfunctioning and causing havoc. Attributed to a strange machine bug known as "deviancy" running rampant across many platforms, it seems as if the city of Detrot is the primary target, with the impression of things spiraling out of control as the machines begin to act beyond their initial programming.

While in the fog of uncertainty, something monumental brews in the mist.

The equdroids... machines simply meant to look as pony as possible... begin acting as equine as possible. Are they really showing emotion... or are they simply emulating expressions?

Detroit: Become Human Crossover

Please expect an erratic update schedule, at least until I finish up my other story. Thank you.

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"When you were brought back, you signed an unspoken agreement, took an invisible oath; to protect not only the Traveler, humanity, and the last city, but to also purge the darkness with your light. No matter how far you must travel. No matter how many stars you must blur by, the darkness shall not escape the wrath of your light."

A phrase which a certain guardian holds very close to their heart. But is that even possible when their memories and humanity were taken away in an obscure accident? So now they must rediscover who they are with the scraps left behind, and rediscover why they arrived here, before it's too late for them, and the residents of Equestria.

Crossover with Destiny.

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