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"When you were brought back, you signed an unspoken agreement, took an invisible oath; to protect not only the Traveler, humanity, and the last city, but to also purge the darkness with your light. No matter how far you must travel. No matter how many stars you must blur by, the darkness shall not escape the wrath of your light."

A phrase which a certain guardian holds very close to their heart. But is that even possible when their memories and humanity were taken away in an obscure accident? So now they must rediscover who they are with the scraps left behind, and rediscover why they arrived here, before it's too late for them, and the residents of Equestria.

Crossover with Destiny.

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If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

I suppose Valia and Sol Dilemma would sound like Christine Lakin (R6S - Valkyrie). Data sounds like Brandon Keener (The Division - ISAC). Maverick probably would sound like Lindsay Lohan (The Parent Trap - Hallie Parker). Dapper, I think Macaulay Culkin (Home Alone - Kevin McCallister) would fit, although I'm not too sure.

Well correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems Sol Dilemma is actually Valia, sunsinger Warlock, turned into a pony.
Her Ghost is dreaming somewhere in hibernation, and how the datapad from her ship is activated?

Well if nothing else, you've got a story in progress, and that's way better than the other Destiny/MLP crossovers that have died out before this one.

No, you're fairly spot on. Though the dream sequences happen to be Dilemma's and not her ghost.

Ah, reincarnation fugue. That would explain so much.

definitely one of the best destiny fics that i have read keep up the good work :D

Love the last line

Eh, I have to say that it's been a while since I read this, and the beginning seems rather out of character. What's more important is that your characters are consistent within the story, I know, but having the princesses interrogate and hit a foal would be considered abusive and traumatic on any other normal pony. Plus, they'd said earlier that dream evidence is unreliable and hardly inconclusive, didn't they? So why does it seem like they're taking the dreams as cold hard fact? If memories can be manipulated by magic they can be artifically implanted too, no?

Honestly, in my opinion the beatings didn't really serve a purpose to assuage the alicorn's fears that the lie detector scene couldn't do either. Part of it is because of how they are in the show, such direct and aggressive action just isn't how Celestia and Luna are. Suspicion, sure, but just because it's a foal that means they feel free to treat her like Cozy Glow? Over a hunch? I'd think the rulers of Equestria to be more experienced and shrewd than that. Sol Dilemma is Celestia's student. If there's anything she wouldn't do to Twilight or any other past protegee she wouldn't do it to her either. Going by how earlier chapters presented her, she'd ask first, and Dilemma would lie, but she'd move towards some magical lie detection or other passive method instead of aggression of a direct confrontation. At least certainly not yelling "WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS" and only backing down once the tears flow.

True, Luna was the one that went overboard, and good that you're acknowledging it, but so far...well it's like everyone's glossing over it. Like literally

Sunset raised her hoof in the air. “Are we just going to ignore that she mentioned that Princess Luna assaulted a foal?” Starlight shrugged and looked to the offender. Princess Luna visibly wilted as she fell under both of the mare’s gazes.

Twilight frowned. “I suppose I can’t stop you.

Point is, you've done a big thing here, a defining moment in the character's lives. Especially the filly who's seemingly had nothing worse happen to her before. I hope you'll keep in mind that the experience will shape them for better or worse.

Yeah, it is fairly OOC of Celestia and Luna to have done such things, that, I can agree with. Thank you for pointing that out, as I nearly overlooked that initially. I guess I've just been reading too many wicked/cruel princess FFs I sort of slipped into a certain mindset when I wrote this.


But, the princesses aren't doing this nonsensically or for the hell of it. I plan on elaborating on their actions in the following chapter.

Oh, I'm sure they have their reasons. It's just jarring because you nailed the regular princesses' characterisation quite well in earlier chapters. More in line with the show.

Good that you're going to elaborate more though, I'm just concerned with how Sol will internalize this. She was given her apprenticeship under Celestia as that one golden chance of a sense of belonging and true value and identity. She put a lot of faith and trust in her, and now it's broken by being complicit in her interrogation. Unless she's already developed some very quick onset Stockholm syndrome, Sol Dilemma shouldn't be still so trusting after such a personal attack on her character. (doubt Valia would go along with it either) Least to me.

What happened to this brilliant story?

Apologies for the late response. As for what happened? A mix of a couple of things. A majority of which is made up of life. Specifically, school.

When do you think you will continue?

Interesting story, hope to see it continue.

I will say though, I really hope there’s a lot more fallout for Luna torturing a five year old who has been suffering from nightmares and massive headaches while said foal crying and Celestia did nothing but watch until Luna was about to kill her after accusing her of lying, then dragging her to be interrogated by her mom. At the very least, I hope there’s a large enough Fallout between Sol and Celestia that she can’t trust Celestia enough, hopefully to the point where she stops being her student (we do have three ultra talented ponies available to teach her, ones who don’t trick ponies into multi week torture camps in retaliation for a prank). It’s surprisingly in character for Twilight to brush off anything Celestia does, but getting only a gag from Sunset and basically nothing from Starlight was weird as well.

Also, would be nice to see the Valia part of Sol return the favor to Luna if she ever awakens. Either beat the shit out of her or leave her to think she’s about to die before saving her at the last possible second. Or maybe go for a more psychological attack.

Just hopping into reading this story and I'm happy there's some Destiny fics on Fimfiction! So far I like the story and I'm a little inspired to make my own if I ever find the time to do so.

Looking forward to reading the rest! ^^

Full build idea for an unkillable Warlock.

Nezarec's Sin helmet
Claws of Ahamkara gloves
Sanguine Alchemy robes
Promethium Spur boots
Memory of Cayde class item

Cryosthesia 77K kinetic, for the aoe stasis burst
Graviton Lance energy, for more boom and void
The Colony power, because "I don't care about your cover, I said die!"

Well this will be an amusing misunderstanding.

Well that was much less amusing than expected. I hope this someday continues.

Banger of a story if only wonky plot progression with the dreams and also it being slightly confusing on who talking/perspective it is.

Sad to see this dead, interesting as hell I wish the author would continue but it seems like nobody was reading this so maybe they lost interest?

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