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Formerly 7 Elements, I've been on this website for about 4 years. I don't find Code Red to have been in good taste anymore, but I'm leaving it up here for now.

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Thanks for the follow! I'm honored to be your first. :twilightsmile:

P.S: Read my story ‘backstabber’, and follback, please?

I hear you. In fact, the only reason i sign up to be in fimfiction was so that i can publish my story idea of mine. You see, after i began to play GTA V again and watched Forgotten Friendship (some of the clips), i began to had this idea of Wallflower being taken in by Sunset Shimmer, only to get killed by Wallflower later due to mental issues and external pressures. So IMO, you don’t really have to count the like dislike ratio. What matters is that you can finally unleash your creativity and idea to the public to see, even though it’s not really good to the others. And just like you, this is my first story and hopefully, not the last one. I hope the same thing happens to you

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