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After Equestria Girls, Twilight has a much better sense of how to use computers and other technology. When finding a spell to summon a human computer into Equestria, Twilight invites her friends over to teach them about technology. Pinkie jokingly runs a search for her own name, not even expecting to see anything.

What they find may just scar them for life.

Rated T just in case for slight hints at sex. No actual sex is described.

This story is mainly just supposed to be cute and funny, and is not meant to be taken seriously.

EDIT: Thank you to PonyThunder for the background music idea!

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Well... I hate to be Twilight right about now :rainbowlaugh::facehoof:

*Edit- Just be glad they didn't go on that side of the internet. God knows what lays there...:fluttershyouch:

Obviously, Celestia sent the computer back to her own office. :moustache: I'm a little sad Starlight didn't get a turn, though.

Short, amusing and without a host of grammatical errors. Have a like!

Disclaimer: I do not own Google

Just once I want to read a my little pony fan fiction written by the owner of google.

Was really hoping to see how angry Rainbow would get for people writing about her hurting Scootaloo. (Rainbow Factory)

Oh boy, I think Pinkie and Rainbow end up on the infamous Cupcake story.

If you have cute, little, innocent ponies in your house, always use the strictest filter-rules possible.

1000 years later the computer will come back and seek revenge, right?

wait didn't she teleport that computer from the E.Q. library? god principle Celestia going to have a headache explaining that one to the budget comittee. even if it wasn't someones gonna have to replace that computer.

7740022 Twilight + Trollestia = confused. :trollestia:
I am definitely glad! I didn't really want to watch all those poor, innocent minds burn!
Just kidding. Yes I did. I lived through that.

7740573 You must be some kind of mind reader, because that's what happened.
Probably. I don't know.
Thank you! I'm glad you liked the story!

7741756 That sounds... literally amazing. You need to share that with the world.

7741860 Oh don't worry. Someday the mane six will find that computer and Rainbow will learn all about it. :rainbowlaugh:
Hmmm, was that a sequel spoiler?


(no it wasn't - there's no sequel)

7741941 And it has scarred them for life :rainbowlaugh:
I'm just wondering what's going to happen the next time they see each other.

7743950 Will the computer come back to haunt them?
Yes - in their nightmares, dreams, and imaginations. :twilightsheepish:

7744493 She did.
Now I'm wondering what will happen when a magical alicorn calls and offers to pay for the damages.

What clopfic did Twilight read...?

Please tell me Pinkie pie read the story Cupcakes!:pinkiehappy:

Where did she send the computer? Lunas room.

7744870 LOL do it! Princess Celestia calls Principal Celestia :rainbowlaugh:

7744959 I'm not sure anyone wants to know... maybe?

8107878 Suffice to say, we all lost...

At least Starlight was spared from the mental torture. After all, given the amount of stories that show her having some sort of hypno-fetish, I think it’s best that Celestia showed up when she did.

Feel bad for the Mane 6 though.

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