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It's a few weeks until Twilight Sparkle assumes the throne of Equestria, and Ponyville's come out in style to celebrate their homegrown Princess!

And after a whole day of songs, food, dancing, and entertainment, Trixie's on-hoof for the final act of the night. One last, blowout performance to win the hearts and minds of the ponies who once mocked her. It will be great. It will be powerful.

Let's just hope everypony survives.

Featured: 3/13/20!

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“For, tonight!” She lifted herself onto her hind legs and pointed another hoof directly at the sky, “Trixie shall ascend to… Alicornhood!”

Ponyville's not going to survive Alicorn Trixie, is it?

This story was hilarious! I read it and I'm still laughing! Gonna be laughing for a while :rainbowlaugh:

Oh I can see this happening. The shenanigans shall last FOREVER!! :pinkiecrazy:

And the Red Giant will kill everycreature.

The End.

“I can hear my sister sharpening her hooves!!!”

Pure Trixie. I knew she could do it. Great reaction from Twilight by the way.

Luna had almost reached the border when the laughter started, and "Trixie" turned back into Celestia.

Me reading this entire story:


Alicorn Trixie :derpyderp1:

Greatest trick, eh? Has she tried spinning? That's a good trick.

I think Luna’s been watching some Stargate SG1.

I mean, I’m not sure if Trixie would survive Alicorn Trixie.

I’d be tempted to write a serious Alicorn Trixie story, but someone already did, and it was amazing. Sadly, abandoned sequel. :raritydespair:


Actually, just until 10129493 happens.

That’s... disturbing. :applejackconfused:


I meant it to mean I was laughing while reading the entire story. It’s REALLY funny.

Twilight and Celestia were laughing their asses off. "And now -hee hee- I'll raise the sun and color it red! If that doesn't freak Luna out, nothing will!"

Don't tell me she wouldn't do it!

And thus Daybreaker was born.

Why did you have to remind me of Hopes and Follies :( , I love Twixie ships and i so absolutely miss some old stories

Well, that was quite the series of amusing events.
Indeed. More popcorn?
Only if it doesn’t sing.

I'm all for the Luna and Trixie Great and Powerful Sequel Show now, just so you know.

Play silly games with Destiny, and she'll respond in kind.

God, I can't tell you how much I loved this! These stories about Trixie getting the drop on Twilight and everyone else should be a genre unto themself! :rainbowlaugh:

I’d be tempted to write a serious Alicorn Trixie story, but someone already did, and it was amazing. Sadly, abandoned sequel. :raritydespair:

Ask the author's permission to carry on the sequel, then. :twilightsmile:

All I can hear is Warren Zevon:

♪ Well I can saw a woman in two
But you won't want to look in the box when I'm through
I can make love disappear
For my next trick I'll need a volunteer ♫

“Fine!” Twilight smiled in such a way that her teeth ground against each other for a moment, “Why wouldn’t I be fine? It’s just that, of all the ponies who could have become immortal Alicorns, for some inexplicable reason, it was… Trixie. So, I’m going to be stuck with her forever…”

-I’m going to be stuck with her forever…”

Sorry, but shippers tried and succeeded where the author stands.

I was hoping we get to see twilight get sawed in half because of the picture.

*looks at author avatar*
*looks at preview*
... yep, this is going to end just fineeeee

"Hey, you didn't see the Guard out there, did ya?" asked Trixie.
"Nay, We did not," Luna hefted her revolvers.
"Oh good," Trixie sighed, "For a minute, I thought we were in trouble..."
The two Alicorns drew their pistols and charged out of the saloon doors... under the guns of the entire Equestrian army.


Well, if the Alicorn Trick bombed, she would have needed a fun follow-up...

I'll have you know, I resemble that remark!

Awww... chapter 2 should be a Luna-Trixie ship-fic. :pinkiehappy:

Please make this a series. It’s a really great start.

:trollestia: “You can run, Sister. You can hide. You can fly, and you can fight. But you cannot escape...”

As I said earlier, it'd just be a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid parody. :rainbowlaugh:

Hah! Good stuff!

This was awesome!

Trixie comedy stories are always the best!

Good use of fake fakeouts.

:trixieshiftleft: And for the next trick, The great and powerful Trixie with her lovely assistant Lulu will disappear, as she is pursued by two very angry alicorns

:twilightangry2::trollestia: TRIXIE!!!!

Oh they totally would. Or at least Celestia would. Not sure about Twilight.
And who could blame her?

The description of the facial expressions... the pauses in speech... the body language...

...you can just FEEL IT how these ponies have Lost It! :rainbowlaugh:

Their panic... their incredulity...

The part that got me? It seems Twilight was looking into Alicornhood for her friends going by the one comment.

Oh, and Luna goofed. She is off to the races!

“I can hear my sister sharpening her hooves!!!”

Omg this was great! I love how the citizens of ponyville are in an eternal state of preparedness to book it! Also, the derpiness of Trixie accidentally ascending was just perfect. :trollestia:

We need a Luna and Trixie alicorn partners in crime story. This was great.

Show me what you've got...

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Oh come on Ponyville, Trixie as an Alicorn wouldn't be THAT bad.

Probably destroy less than Twilight and Flurry Heart.

This has a good set up for a funny adventure of two alicorns trying to run away from a Sun Goddess and her student.

It took me far too long to read this. Absolutely delightful. :rainbowlaugh: And really, if they can replicate the process, this could lead to a world of good.

Even if it’s already lead to a world of Trixie.

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