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Tirek has gained the power to absorb the powers of Earth Ponies and Pegasi, allowing him to become the most powerful villain Twilight has faced. But when he confronts Scootaloo, something odd happens. Why can't Tirek steal the powers of flight from Scootaloo?

This story is one hundred percent pirate approved

Come and read the only story on fimfic starring Scootaloo and Tirek. Seriously how did nobody else think of this?

Chapters (2)
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I found this amusing. Good job!

I didn't think there could be a better punchline until the author's note.

The story status says incomplete. Out of curiosity is that intentional, is there gonna be more or not? Also, I liked the story and the aspect of it. It definitely got a few chuckles out of me!

this might make for a decent title pic. You might want to add a comedy tag, btw.

I have no intention of doing more just yet, but if it gains in popularity and I think of a good idea I will write a sequel or more chapters

Okay, cool! Thanks for the quick reply.

"I think I'll go back to Tartarus now." he said, mentally defeated by a clearly smarter foe.

Faved. Jus- FAVED. Nuff said.

4373925 I think I should go alert the sponge of this.

Was I able to do this before Rainbow Bob thought of this? Huh...


So if Twilight hadn't found her key... everypony would have to turn to Scootaloo to defeat Tirek?


I know, that would have been a nightmare.

4379622 you should write something like that :pinkiehappy: it could be fun :scootangel:

Pretty sure there's no I in Draconequus. There is one in Discord however.

Most humorous. Would love to see a spin-off episode where exactly this happened. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

Just so you know, embedded images are not allowed within the story description. You can have them in the main body of the story, or in the A/N, or the link to the image, but not the image itself.


Thanks for bringing that to my attention rather than reporting the story.

I have fixed the incriminating evidence

4665501 I firmly believe in giving someone who makes a mistake with no ill intent the opportunity to fix where he or she is in err.


Congrats! Your story has been reviewed by the PCaRG!

Your review can be found in this thread here!

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