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David Silver

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  • EToo Many Lunas
    This isn't how she planned it, but things have gone awry. Surely there is some solution to this flood of Lunas.
    David Silver · 5.8k words  ·  346  9 · 4k views
  • EGazing to the Ocean of the Sky
    She can swim far and wide across the waters of Equestria, but it's not enough. There are places above those waters, places she plans to reach. Where biology failed her, her mind would succeed. Equestria better be ready, because she plans to visit!
    David Silver · 99k words  ·  1,197  52 · 13k views
  • ESunlit Morning
    Celestia sits down for morning tea. That much is regular and calming and a good way to greet the day. She looks across at her darker self, Daybreaker. It would perhaps not be as calming as she had hoped.
    David Silver · 1.1k words  ·  157  2 · 4.2k views
  • ETwilight's First Day
    She did it! She's not only gotten into school, but Celestia has taken her under wing, quite literally at times. It's her first day of direct tutelage and Twilight is beside herself with anticipation.
    David Silver · 2.1k words  ·  195  4 · 2.8k views