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We walk down our long roads of life, but what of the roads not taken? Twilight and Applejack are carried along a different path, where their fates were bound in new ways. Fresh sorrows and avoided crisis gives friendship's flower a new shape.

This story will make an alternative universe, but will start grounded in the world we know. Have you read my other works? I love canon. I will respect canon, but we are also changing a core fact, and its effects will ripple outward. Our beloved ponies will be changed, as they must. The stream of fate carries them on tides we never witnessed before.

Twilight, Applejack, I hope you're both ready. Come, the water's fine, and I invite you to swim with me. Let us see what would happen if Applejack's mother survived where fate had once demanded her end.

Done for a patron, will update 1/month with 4k chapters.

Cover art by Jowybean!

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Well I wonder if this will effect their cutie marks in some way.

Oh now this is an interesting concept, looking forward to more.

The intro captured my interest, Mr. Silver.
The rest of the chapter earned my attention.

I will see you, in chapter 2

And off we go on the road of history. I'm excited to see where this leads.

Twilight leaned out from behind Velvet's neck. "Where'd her horn go?"

I love this trope. It is absolutely something a foal from a tribally homogeneous area would say, especially one with such minimal innate social skills as Twilight.

Fun with the butterfly effect lies ahead. Though this seems more of an Atlas moth in terms of initial impact. Definitely looking forward to seeing where it goes from here. And given how you made no guarantees about Bright Mac's survival, the possibilities are many indeed. :twilightoops:

Just one little ripple from that fromless entity toying with causality:

Because your father and him went off on an adventure too.

He. I wouldn't normally criticize grammar in dialogue, but this is Twilight's family we're talking about.

I blame it on the excitement of ADVENTURE!

Velvets going to be in a certain location at certain time?

I always thought Spike was a far more flexible and capable pivot point myself, given, if anything, he is even more unique than Discord?

Not bad, got my attention

What was that saying? "Divergent Paths make for interesting stories"? Yeah I can't wait for more of this, I don't see many people play with Bright Mac and Pear Butters Path much. I attribute this mostly due to how little we see of them and due to their Deaths well before the show.

I think the Above fits with this story (and the only one annoyingly enough that even eludes to the Pair)

Done for a patron, will update 1/month with 4k chapters.

Should probably say "4k-word chapters". Because if this is going to have 4,000 chapters, updating once a month will have this story finally be complete around...

October 5th, 2353

Hope that mind uploading thing happens soon!

This story look interesting!

The Tides of destiny continues flowing . It changes direction, but it still flows

I am not willing to stay it is entirely impossible.

We refused to set the book down and forget it.

I earnestly believe that; All stories do not have endings; just new beginnings.

This looks interesting. I'm curious for more.

This is a really unique concept for a story, really curious to see how it continues. The interactions between Velvet and Buttercup, and little Twilight and AJ are so adorable, I was squeeing the whole way through! :yay:
I'm definitely faving and tracking this!

Imagine Twilight as an apple farmer.

She'd be a more ethical version of the Flim-Flam brothers.

Hm, interesting concept you've got here. :)

I like "For Want of a Nail" stories, they let us explore what might have been. They also test an author's ability to keep characters canon. Let us see if thou, like Twilight Sparkle, hast what it takes to pass this test...
I'd reverse the word order, myself, "he and your father". Sounds better, in mine opinion.

Oh. My word. I love it.

There are few winners in this game. But you managed it.

Thanks from one king to another.

Will Shiney and Mac bond over O&O?

It would be early. Shining hasn't picked it up yet, nor has Big Mac.


Your choice of cover artist was spectacular, the story description was intriguing, and the first chapter was heartwarming. I only wish the was more. Until next month!

adorable thus far, can't wait to see what happens next

This is adorable and kicks ya in the shins.

Hmm, that’s a lot of fluff.

Intriguing. Let's see where this trip would lead us to.

Are there a specific number of chapters planned, or is that up in the air?

Hahaha, core. And it's an Applejack featured story Lol

That is very up in the air. We have plenty of fertile ground to plant these trees. Applejack would get sore if I hedged them in too tight.

Eeyup, needs room and time to grow. Ya can't rush art.

Or trees...

This is an interesting au. Looking forward to seeing where this goes in the friendship of Aj and Twilight; also any developement between Velvet and Pear Butter.

And it'swide open for AJ to still get her cutie mark going home. :ajsmug:

Well the upcoming test will be quite the show. I wonder how having Applejack as a friend this early will change things? It will be interesting in the next few years as Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie all move to town. It makes me wonder how long it will take for Twilight to meet Rarity.

"I'm sorry ma'am," reported a pony, their hand held against their breast, their eyes down turned.


But wouldn`t Applejack already know Pinky? Unless if I`m mistaken, aren`t they cousins? Or is that Octavia that is cousins with Pinky?

Oh. Oh dear. Diverting Twilight from her studies might leave Spike in the egg. Let's see just how intense the ripples are at this point.

Yer the stallion of the house while ah'm gone.

Welp, Bright's doomed.

Ah'll be there when ya do yer test. Ah'll root for ya so hard they'll just have to accept ya!

Oh! Well, that could shake things up.

He did not join them, but he did not try to convince them either, accepting that he had a weird family. And he loved them.

You knew what you were getting into when you married the adrenaline junkie, Night.

Spike's fate still hangs in the balance. Let's see how this goes.

Pinkie and Applejack's relation was revealed inside the show. Neither knew of the fact until many seasons in.

Not necessarily, after all, it was Rainbow Dash s "Sonic Rainboom" that overloaded Twilight s mana flow.

This is a pretty nice story so far between Applejack and twilight

Both stared at her. Bright mac broke the silence first, "What happened?"

Ya got amnesia silly!

I dun think he's supposed to be here...

Applejack didn't respond, but didn't shove Twilight away again, walking along with her draped over her.

Maybe now she doesn't get quite so wrapped up in the idea that she has to do everything in life 100% solo.

He forgot to capitalize his name!

This is nice.

I'm quite enjoying this story.

I am gladdened to hear that. Please, read on and walk this divergent path with us.

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