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Just a French guy who love technicolor ponies… Oh, and I’m dyslexic.


As Nightmare Moon came on stage, declaring her intention of bringing eternal night, a bat-pony filly ask her an important but unexpected question: "If there is no more day, when do I sleep?"

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Very interesting story plot you came up here, I really enjoyed your story a lot. :twilightsmile:


I know it’s cruel to end a story on a cliffhanger, but I don’t have the inspiration for what come next. If that change, then I will add more chapter(s). Otherwise, anyone with said inspiration can write a sequel.

Pretty curious plot idea, but the majority of the story is just a one creature exposition dump.

Yeah, I DO have progress to make in writing a story. I know. (Wouldn’t mind some help on that front, by the way.)

I went into this expecting some sort of short comedic piece, but instead got a massive loredump on an OC that I have no real reason to care about. If you wanted to write a story about your character, that's fine, but this was not at all the way to go about it if you wanted the audience to be engaged.

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