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Sometimes, we hit those rough spots real hard. They might hurt a little, enough to make you wince. They'll scab over or you bandage them, and given enough time, it fixes up and you're doing good again. But those spots sometimes leave a mark. And when you look at them, you can still feel that phantom lingering in the back of your mind. You know the one; the kind that never really goes away.

But sometimes there's somepony there to make them hurt less. They might be a big, handsome husband, or your firstborn quiet and strong son. Or maybe just the cutest little filly who loves apples more than anything. Well, almost more than anything.

Artwork by TJPones! Pre-read by Raleigh!

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That was a cute little story. Kudos!

Thank you! I wanted to write something for this picture ever since I first saw it ages ago. I hope I did it a little justice!

Simple yet wholesome and cute. Well done.

Thank you for reading! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Delightful! A nice look at the before times.

Thank you for reading! And yes, that was the aim. A peek into the window of time before destiny came calling for Applejack and the family was together and whole. I have one other story idea in mind in this time setting, but we'll see how things go.

Art by TJPones.

Yes, that's correct. I linked the art to the source on derpibooru where's he credited. But I should add a line mentioning it as well, I suppose.

Aww that was quite a heart warming story.

sjkahsjhdajdajhh dead. too cute. I have died from over exposure to the cuteness.
Brilliant work my dude, while cute as heck you also managed to capture the heartache that would come from a decision like the one pear butter needed to make. Great job

Thank you very much! :twilightsmile: I'm grateful you took the time to read it!

it's sweet little story, though the having to pay for the schooling doesn't feel right

This was really cute! It's nice to see this time period from Pear's point of view.

That was a sweet story. Well done.

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