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David Silver

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A new jumpgate is discovered, or rather a very old and decayed one that had been brought back online. House Hawkwood sends a bold explorer through to discover what riches await on the other end. He did not expect equines to be the result.

This is a Fading Suns/MLP crossover. Did you need to know Fading Suns? Nah, learn along with our pony friends.

Done as a patreon reward!

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I declare mine to be the first comment!
Cool story so far

To quote everyone's favorite Vulcan, "Fascinating". Tracking frequencies are now engaged.

I'll come along for the ride.

But I don't do windows.

Good opening :)

And I like the 2 moons, one is on fire thing. I don't think I've read that before.

Do we have a Roctor in the house this rock is very ill

Hmm. I'm going into this crossover half-blind, but it promises to be a fascinating journey. I look forward to more.

Aren't a high proportion of meteorites metal, though?

8135947 For sure, but there's a lot of strange metals in that ship. Maud knows the difference.

I think I found a Typo!

He did the best he can as the world span by beneath him.

"He did the best he could as the world spun by beneath him."

8136115 Good catch. Hawkwood would be proud of your valiant defeat of these criminals.

Not yet enough to judge...
Write faster that I may judge you!

I've actually played the RPG. Never thought I'd see a crossover.

David (If I may call you that), I will never tire of your writing (And once I have the money will happily support you). While this may not be a Ponyfinder fic, I am still looking forward to more chapters. Also, if you would be willing to say, about how long do you expect this story to be? short, medium, long, or epic length?

8136470 That is more up to the patron of this art. If he keeps paying, it will keep rolling until I hit what feels like 'The End'. Mind, I've pushed on 'The Ends' before, so even that might not be the final end, depending on how he and I like the story and where it's going.

but face with the reality - but faced with the reality

Most worlds don't - Most worlds didn't

trying to break the ship - trying to brake the ship (After all, the ship doesn't need any help breaking, at this point.) :derpytongue2:

the way he'd like - the way he'd have liked

moldering electronics - smoldering electronics

mountain side - mountainside

that it smashed - that it had smashed

Pinkie and Starlight remained - Pinkie and Applejack remained

The story is already off to a solid beginning, the story elements are being blended together quickly and thoroughly and I'm eager to see where you're going to take us this time.

If the sun is also a large moon in orbit around Equestria, I have to wonder how it would affect the tides. With two moons being moved by the Princesses, the tides have to be nearly completely unpredictable. I will now repeat to myself that it's just pony words about a pony world and just relax. :twilightsmile:

The gate flickered into life, a deep thrumming felt all through the ship as tremendous energy swirled in it,

Given that there is nothing to transmit sound in the vacuum of space, the gates must generate waves in spacetime from the tremendous amounts of energy they focus.

It streaked past, leaving a brilliant trail of smoke behind.

As well as a VERY LOUD sonic boom. Not a rainboom, though, and likely nopony will get their cutie mark because of his ballistic re-entry. Although, that does raise an interesting question. Is it technically a re-entry if he never exited this particular atmosphere in the first place?

And as they approach Equestria, they will have to roll increasingly difficult piloting checks?

Reminds me of something else, but I can't put my finger on it... :rainbowwild:

Interested in where this is going, so far.

8137122 Typos fixed, except that last one. Are you hoping for Applejack?


No more than anyone else, but-

Pinkie and Starlight remained, ready to help Twilight and Starlight.

Starlight is mentioned twice so I figured one was a typo, and the most logical spot was the first one since AJ didn't abanndon the party?

Well that went well. I think that once proper communication can be established Laud is going to have an interesting experience.

This is a very good first contact scene

Dont give her ideas. shes worse than the GM. :twilightoops:

Maud being able to pull the ship apart and do a quick material analysis by sight, sound, smell, and touch is one thing. Wonder what Spike thinks of the taste. Hope the ultra refined and blended materials, ceramics etc doesnt end up tasting like Frosties to him, or those multicoloured hoop things.

Pinkie should try singing Opera. that way he can be sure to enjoy the tune without even having to bother to try and work out what language its in. :raritydespair:

What a strange mix. It reminds me of Reinhardt. A man in a technologically advanced world that holds onto the ideals, morals and honour codes of medieval Knights.

8148682 You have hit the nail on the head there.

I admit, I looked up the setting's TV Tropes page after the first chapter. Sorry, but I was too curious to wait. :twilightsheepish:

In any case, a relatively peaceful first contact has been made. Now comes the tricky part; how well can the two sides communicate when they aren't even using the same basic sounds? Hopefully that translator's a quick learner.

Boy is Twilight going to feel silly when she finds out Laud is male. I hope she starts trying to communicate in the written word. That would prove to be a fast way to communicate.

Spike should have said "and you have to clean them like I do" which means being hoisted up to reach them and certainly no spells.

Elsewise it might be that she's like "aww, I have to clean the windows..." *does magical stuff for 30 seconds* " okay, done."

Anyway, overtrust definitely would be an issue with ponies, if only everything wasn't so darn nice to them when they met them.

I'm sure that this fic receives a big share of thumb downs. Lots of peoples here dislike when ponies portray as stronger that humans.

8160460 well, she does like to sweep :twilightsheepish:

Ponies man, ponies. Don't worry Laud, try have enough‚Äč magic to protect themselves from the universe. And a Discord. It's like a hulk, but with less green and more chocolate.

Twilight returned the expression, tongue poking free lightly. "Its an explorer, like Daring Do. It's probably a mare. Just be ready to do those windows."

That's sexist, Twilight.:twistnerd:

What Laud is forgetting, is Black Knight races.

Call that a cut?
Youve lost your arm.
No I havent. :pinkiecrazy:

It also helped that iy had expressed the least amount of psionic power, so far.


What it was none of the creatures with him, but instead something else that resided within?

if it

He discovered what he was being led too quickly, a bathing room.


8161457 Fix'd! Convention typos, so social.

I like to think that ponies can dish out hatred just as much as they can kindness. And that's scary, because that's a lot.

Like, human kindness is 1. Human hatred is 1.15.
Pony kindness is 100. Pony hatred us 100.

Mind you, getting them to hate is hard. You'd have to break them. But when they do. You're already dead.

I like to think that ponies can dish out hatred just as much as they can kindness. And that's scary, because that's a lot.

Well, they almost wiped out themselves by their own hatred and mistrust for each other back in Pre-Equestria days.
My own headcanon that ponies back then been nowhear as good and friendly as they are now and only after Princess Celestia extensive social engineering they becoming as nice as they are now.

rider was left - rider were left

Twilight looked considering - Twilight considered it -or- Twilight looked to be considering

Still enjoying this unique visit to the ponyverse. How will their visitor repay the kindness and friendship that has been so freely given? :twilightsmile:

8164883 Typos demoted for insubordination!

Twilight lifted a hoof to her chin. "Thinking about it, it may be best if we avoid overwhelming our guest."

Pinkie's involved, Twilight. Overwhelming the man is all but guaranteed.

Also, I have to find Twilight's argument about Oaud's gender more than a lottle suspect. Aside from assuming identical gender roles, most of the characters other than Daring Do in her novels are male.

With any luck, that one-way translation will go into effect soon. Then we can move on to a whole new field of potential misunderstandings!

One question. But more about "Fading Suns". I do some reading about the verse and found that human don't know that Shantor are sapient for about a century. How is that possible? Either Shantor have from little to none technology or humans in Fading Suns are incredibly narrow-minded?

I forgot to mention before - If Laud is familiar with chocolate and if it's the same as what Pinkie is about to bake for his party, what will he think about that? Chocolate is such a unique product that finding it on an alien world is a practical impossibility. Of course the same could be said for all the other similarities in design such as beds, bathrooms, etc.

I know, I'm overthinking it again... :derpytongue2:

I mean, it's not like the mirror worlds. They basically are our world, just a little different.

I'm going to assume that doesn't include the human world in this particular Equestria. Otherwise, Twilight has little excuse when it comes to getting Laud's gender wrong.

In any case, this is definitely a step in the right direction. It's just that said right direction has a lot of steps to it. (Also, Lyra got her mandated appearance in an HiE story, so she's happy. :derpytongue2:)

Usually, the great thing about starting with childrens books, is that the induvidual letters are formed in such a way that young bodies with little hand eye coordination or dexterity can carve them onto the slate or paper with chalk or pencil. After that I cant say much because I still cant write clean block letters after more than four decades. My handwriting could possibly be used for cryptography. In plain text. :twilightoops:

Im thinking this guy could be in for some very unpleasant times when he realises whats occuring. And then he will try and think what Pinkie is doing. :pinkiecrazy:

He stepped forward to see what she had. It was an apply, big and red and perfect. It had a word under it. That word was almost certainly apple.


You missed one.

I think som simple writing would be easy. Yes teaching is easier when both speak the same language but I bet Laud will be a fast learner.

8173359 Twilight could have gotten through the movies pretty well just assuming everypony was as their pony selves, no?

Better to learn the writing instead since our vocal chords are different from Pony

But there is apparent sexual dimorphism between males and females. And based on knowledge of everyone genders back home Twilight could understand how to tell human female apart from male very fast.

8174638 Birds have very obvious dimorphism, and yet most people don't get it right, despite living among birds most of their lives.

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