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"The emptiness is heavier than you think!" - Bring Me The Horizon


Maud is the reigning champion of stand-up comedy in Equestria. But, with the discovery of the kirin village comes a new challenger to the forefront: Autumn Blaze.

How will things play out? Not well.

Collaboration with Alex_. Thanks bro!

Takes place after "Sounds of Silence" so, you know, there might be some spoilers.

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Not really related to the story, but I was listening to this when I got the idea, so... yeah.

I like how this story can double as a voice actress joke, since Rachel Bloom's done some stand-up. Spike and Starlight were hilarious.

I like how you write Autumn Blaze, and I'll probably take inspiration from this when I write her, but Maud seems out-of-character.

I had a lack of laughter in my life, but this was a Kirin for that.

Autumn Blaze is my favorite new character, and this made me laugh out loud. You've earned a spot in my Favorites box.

:rainbowderp: Yo we need a Maud vs Blaze episode!

Yes! A story with Autumn Blaze!

Great job on this one!

Normally, I'd say Pinkie was a bit OOC, but given the comedy tag, it serves the story well.

Oh yeah, A story with Autumn Blaze! And her character was used very well in this story, very fitting for it to take place in a comed club. It was a nice and funny story :)

“Of course, that’s not to be confused with the PreenHub knockoff, Peaks of Pleasure.”

Intentional reference to another also-funny story on this site, or just coincidence?

Intentional. CategoricalGrant is a great friend of mine.

Indeed, very nice. I'm so so glad to finally see some material in regards to Autumn

Autumn Blaze is my favourite character from Season 8.

If things don't work out with Rarity then Spike should set his sights on the hot tamale known as Autumn Blaze.

Only Maud Pie and Autumn Blaze were in character.

“There’s no time; they’re doomed,” Starlight yelled. “We’ll just have to look out for ourselves. Come on, we’ll use the back exit!”

Out of character...

Real Starlight would mass teleportation or just bubble or or or .. summon water and drown every one for a "at the time. I thought it was a idea"

Starlight rolled her eyes. “Fine. I was trying to build tension by opening it with my hooves the old fashioned way.” Her horn ignited and the envelope tore open, revealing a paltry scrap of notebook paper inside.

“Notebook paper? Really?” Spike sighed. “I thought we were going all out and getting an official-looking card or something for the announcement.”

Starlight glared at him. “You gave me one bit to get the supplies with! I had to bat my eyes just to get the pencil I wrote the name with!”

“Excuses, excuses…”

Wanna bet the rest of the bits were spend on nonsense?
~until he remembered and had to search the couch for a bit :p
VERY much in character this one ... >.< grrr Spike

The Autumn Blaze tag is out

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