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When Twilight first formed the Land Heart group to explore the deepest reaches of the land beneath the surface, she only planned to make discoveries of archaeological and possibly historic interest. She certainly didn't expect to unleash an ancient evil older than pony kind.
...she probably should have, though.
Now, her friends and her exploration group are Equestria's first line of defense against these ancient evils that have crawled out of the depths to claim the surface.

Crossover with Inhumanoids

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HOLY SHIT! Someone remembers Inhumanoids!!!

...D'COMPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSE! ...Oh yes, this will be fascinating!

Immediate track, upvote, and favorite. Just because this is my childhood. And using Tempest in it.

I cannot wait until Metlar awakens. Though D'Compose is my favorite of the three giants. The interactions with all this, including Celestia and Luna's if they are somehow familiar with the three behemoths, will be fascinating.

I'm happy to see someone using such a forgotten and underappreciated series.
Looks like Chrysalis will be taking Blackthornes place this time around. I wonder if we might see the diamond dogs getting involved due to the subterranean locale. It would be nice to see some heroic diamond dogs for once.

Everything you write I always enjoy.
This shouldn't be any different

I can Taste the greatness here! This will surely set in motion the return of the Inhumanoids to the mind of the people!

Hidden in the trees nearby, a black hoof traced over writing in an ancient tome. "So..." a hissing voice observed softly. "The writings here are true..." A page was turned, revealing more writings and a picture of a mass of vines with eyes. "Then there is one other to release...to set in motion the destruction of Equestria...and the death of Twilight Sparkle!" The book closed, and the figure holding it snaked off into the shadows.

Hmm... my brain says "probably Chrysalis", but my red-herring/plot-twist detector is insistently pointing out both the lack of gender-specific pronouns and the similar lack of Starlight Glimmer obsession. And if I recall correctly, Sombra's voice could be interpreted as a little hissy...
...Eh, guess we'll find out who the villain of the day is for sure once the relevant chapter comes around.

Can't say I know thing one about Inhumanoids, not that that has stopped me from reading one of your stories before.


It's rib cage

Its (No apostrophe.)

(Skip to 25 seconds. Stupid time indexes not working.)

One of my favorites was the one where Magmar, faced his old master, and soundly trounced him so bad he crawled away barely alive.


I have absolutely no idea what this is but I like it already.

I've never actually seen inhumanoids, but I do remember Dan from game Grumps mentioning it on... Bloodborne, if I'm not mistaken.

♫Inhumanoids, Inhumanoids, ♪the evil that lies within, deep down in the depths of the Earth♫ where nightmares begin!♪

:pinkiegasp: ......................... (starts setting up a betting table with the %'s of everything in this) ok. I'm all set in case of a huge fight.:pinkiehappy::ajsmug:

Twilight Sparkle- Finds mysterious ancient thingamabob. *pokes with stick* DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!
Absolutely no one is surprised. Truly one of my favorite patterns.

Oh fuck yes! Tatsurou, please add to this- I'm hype as fuck right now!


You have finally stitched in the last thread in Buzz Dixon's dreams of Hasbroversing.


Is it wrong for me to want Netflix to bring inhumanoids back? I am glad to see it here. Not sure how these titans of old are going to fare against such potent surface powers. The deep powers have an advantage in being hundreds of millions of years old. Old and terrible. Maybe those who dwell on "the roof of the world" are not as mighty as they hope.

Another great Chapter. As you can see that Applejack and her family are wise in the head.

...Oh I am SO glad you returned to this! D'compose is... kinda boned though. Especially because of Celestia. D'compose is weak to sunlight. Its like his kryptonite and both painful and debilitating. In fact, when you compare him to the other four, he is perhaps the most boned of all the Inhumanoids.

Metlar though is going to fuck shit up. So is Tendrill.

Finally updated! i figured this story was abandoned.

Well that is a fun weakness. So what do we think the odds are that he will have a counter ready for Celestia, Luna, and Discord? Good chapter and let's see how Twilight takes the fact she may have screwed everything up.

Depends on how powerful the Inhumanoids are, actually... I mean, canonically, they all had their weaknesses. But they were kaiju levels of destructive in terms of raw power.

Also. They are on Equus now. A world saturated with magic. So much magic that it is in every living thing on the planet, and every sentient race has their own magic. These are ancient, primordial beings from billions of years ago. So... how could the magic field be affecting them? Has it changed them? Can they use it now? Are they resistant to it? Can D'compose do worse then infecting people with a zombie plague of undeath? Can Tendril do worse then being able to regenerate from any wound and have severed parts of him grow into smaller versions of himself all under his control? Can Metlar do more then control an entire planet's magnetic field and animate any metallic construct(statue, machine, whatever) as something under control?

Its going to be fascinating to find out!

"It was Twilight, wasn't it?" Applejack asked calmly.

Ah, yes, the part where no one is surprised, but they wish they were.

Huh, Celestia Vs. D'Compose? D'Compose is gonna have a real bad day.

9494142 Good points, far to good of points

Thanks for the update!

D'Compose. Now that is a cool name.

Thank you, so much for those spoilers.
Ya duck.

I fixed it a bit. But this is a cartoon show from the 80s. Kinda hard to spoil that kind of thing when so many people who browse this grew up watching it. Its like spoiling dune or tolkien or any older stories. Or knowing Grogar was a necromancer goat from the original series.

Fair enough, but then again there are going to be a few of us who grew up in the 2000s (and live under rocks) and are less familiar with the classics.

Besides, quite a few of the readers for this story are probably here because it's me rather than because they know Inhumanoids.

True true! Anyway, I look forward to more!

Honestly now I want to watch inhumanoids. It sounds interesting. But I'm here because stories I seem to find are always good stories

Should be "guard complement" not "guard compliment" unless the guards are powered by having nice things said about them (hey, it is Equestria...)

Great to see this story back! I think this speaks volumes about how the other societies treat the Diamond Dogs that this could happen.

From down of the fiery depths of Equestria WHERE NIGHTMARES! BEGIN!

'twas simplicity itself. All you need to do is find 9.99 of the stupidest canines in north Equestria, and everything just, falls into place.

There's only one mare who could stop this now...

...unfortunately she's on "Earth", so Twilight Sparkle will have to do it instead. :trollestia:



If you go to https://watchcartoonsonline.eu/inhumanoids/ they have all 13 episodes as well as other 80's cartoons.

I hate to bring this up, but shouldn't a group of ponies digging up fossils be working for a "paleontological" society instead of an "archaeological" one?

Down to the fiery depths of the Earth.

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