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Tony Stark had everything he wanted in his life. He had his company. He had a carefree life where he could simply enjoy himself and tinker with whatever came to mind...and he was a super hero to boot! He couldn't imagine ever being happier.

And then a rainbow-maned Pegasus foal dropped into his life, and turned it upside down.

Lucky for Tony Stark that the multiverse is much more imaginative than he is.

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Will freely mix several different Iron Man continuities based on what makes the story work best.

Chapters (24)
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So... Is this a mix between Iron Man and My Little Dashie?

A holo-screen lit up. "Friend Tony!" Thor proclaimed. "How is it you appear in this sorcerous device?"

"It's a cell phone, Thor," Tony began carefully.

"You are imprisoned within?" Thor asked, shocked. "Then I shall free you!" He pulled back Mjolnir.

Gotta love Thor.

lol Thor there is nothing unmanly by liking cute adorable ponies infact it shows how manly you are.

cant wait to read more and i wonder what the Hulk will react to a filly Rainbow Dash hmmm

he probably dont go 'Hulk Smash Little Pony' but maybe 'Hulk Hug Little Pony'

Natasha and Fluttershy next please.

So basically My Little Iron Mare. Genius.

Although. ..Thor seems a little too "dumb fish out of water" with Earth technology to me. Just didn't seem that funny, but that's probably just my preference to not have Thor be THAT awkward. XP

If that was Thor's reaction, imagine what Pepper's is gonna be.

Hmm... I sense many great things... I would like to discuss a few things with you in a P.M. If you would?

ok, i'm going to follow this. hope you update soon

...And it's now here! Now the wait for epic cuteness shall begin...

hmm, well i did feel that the way tony talked was a a little OOC, but i can get over it. also, i feel that Thor would have known what a cellphone was, since he has had previous experience with such things in the past. but i'm still interested in how this goes.

Thor Is a Brony. It's been Confirmed.

Another chapter. Another I say!
The Termite King demands it!

I CAN BARELY KEEP UP :fluttershbad:

Still though, awsome job!! :pinkiehappy:

I'm guessing that gods don't pay attention to mortal affairs, but then again, this is a great start.

The best way to make it wrk
Sir, I am detected a powerful but highly focused dimensional anomaly

1. Work.
2. I am detecting/I have detected.

Yep, fics of gold are pouring outta sky. Fics of gold man, fics of gold. Let's just hope no tragedy befalls Dashie like Tony has.

5148751 What he said! I can barely handle the myriad updates, let alone all the cuteness! :raritydespair:

The exchange with Thor was funny.

I'll hand it to you:
While Fluttershy's debut was undoubtedly the strongest, this one was pretty good, too.
Since all of the ponies have now made their introductions, here's my impressions on how strong they were introduced.
1/7 is Fluttershy, and not just because her introduction took three chapters to introduce her to everyone in the fort... Or... maybe that IS the reason her's is the strongest? I dunno.
2/7 is Twilight. Even if I think her growing up THAT smart was a little rushed, it was technically still a ten year transition, so that made it acceptable. But what set this one apart was that there was a little niche for Twilight when she arrived (Even if it IS the niche for 'I have no idea what this is'... Actually, that just makes it funnier), and it played off the lore EXTREMELY well.
3/7, after much debate, goes to Pinkie. She may not have arrived at her destination as young as the others, but she went to someone who genuinely NEEDED her as much as she clearly needed him. You started off by immediately playing the heartstrings, and it was a good show.
4/7 goes to Rainbow. Reasons include the genius millionaire playboy philanthropist, JARVIS, and Thor. There is no shame in moments of unmanliness for you, Thor; you more than make up for it on the battlefield. And in cafes. *holds up camera* Smile! :pinkiehappy:
5/7... Rarity, I guess. Don't get me wrong, I really love Batman, but the beginning wasn't nearly as strong as it could've been. Sure, magical explosion right after Bruce vows 'Never again' to change his life around... but that wasn't much in the way of pizzazz that they're both known for.
6/7, I'm almost ashamed to admit, goes to Trixie because of Sam's reaction to a rabbit pulling a magician out of a hat... Daddy thing aside.
7/7 is why there's shame, because this is Applejack's spot. She's been my favorite mane 6 character since I started watching the show, because she's the one I most identified with... which might be why I graded this one the harshest. There was hardly any bonding involved, save for the biting (that part was my favorite), and then right after that, suddenly, he's her new daddy... I'm sorry, it just doesn't mesh well, I think.
I've got all of them on "tracking" (Save for Fluttershy's, because that's complete), and I look forward to how the girls move up in their worlds from where they began.
(P.S. Does this mean you're not touching your Titans story? That's disappointing, but I'll live. I guess.)

THIS WAS SO ADORABLE!!!!!! :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

As far as your issue with AJ, the entirety of DMC3 is technically AJ's intro, so there's still plenty of time.

And I'll get back to "My Little Titan"...eventually...

Loved it! I'm looking forward to the first time Tony gets called in by the Avengers after Dash gets her own suit. You just know he'd make a crack about calling in the cavalry.

I sense a MlD coming, just more badass.
And Thor, oh man, Thor XD
Loki: I have an ARMY!
Tony: We have a PONY!
Loki: Hah! A PONY? How are you... what in all Asgard is that rainbow thing coming at *Insert sonic rainboom sounds*
*Roll Avengers 3 movie credits*

Yes. These are all My Little Dashie stories. Just like Fortresshy was.

First chapter and I already love it! I hope there's more to come! :pinkiehappy:


Are you going to do another Flutter and Twilight one, given that the new four are designed for cross over compatibility iirc?

This is glorious and completely in character. A like and a fave from a Marvel Whovian Brony. Love how you did Thor though. I lost it when he called Rainbow adorable.


Okay, here is my review of this story, enjoy!

"Sir, I am detecting a powerful but highly focused dimensional anomaly."
"Well that's not good," Tony said, collapsing his holo-screen. This was a serious understatement, given the last dimensional anomaly he'd dealt with. "Where is it?"
"Right behind you, sir."

myfacewhen.net/uploads/4359-well-that-escalated-quickly.jpg :unsuresweetie:

"So whatever it is, it's about to arrive," Tony concluded. Seeing the light collapse inward, he saw something beginning to fall to the ground. Without thinking about it, he caught it.
"All energy reactions have ceased, sir," JARVIS pointed out. "Whatever it is, it has arrived."

You were very close to recycling words there.

"She can fly, too?" Tony asked in shock.



Okay, Im'a jus' stop right here. Not saying it's a bad story, but... the beginning was a TAD bit rushed. Not tooo much, just a tad. :twilightblush:

Either way, still like this story. It's an extremely eye-catching story with a wonderful plot. If this were a horrible one, this comment would take up the whole comment section. :twilightsmile:


(Just copy and paste that picture above, I edited this). :rainbowlaugh:



I smell a hardcore Thor fan.

Not really, I think I'm just tired of that trope. Don't ask me to name any Thor character outside of himself, Loki and Odin, it ain't happening. XD

I didn't know it was a trope.

As I said, I'm using a mix of continuities for what I feel makes a good story, and the Thor I'm most comfortable with writing is how he appeared in the original Avengers cartoon, where he didn't fully understand Earth technology.

Thor is acting a bit like Aquaman from Batman: the Brave and the Bold. Was that part of his character in the Avengers cartoon? Also, will it ever be explained how Rainbow Dash got there? I'm guessing that it has something to do with her first sonic rainboom since she's young enough to not speak properly, yet she has her cutie mark and she arrived in a ball of rainbow energy.

Am I right in my guess? I don't think it would be a spoiler if you told me since just because it might have to do with her first sonic rainboom, exactly how it got her there could be explained later.

You are wrong with your guess.

Also, in the original Avengers cartoon, Thor didn't really understand technology. He referred to JARVIS as "Magic Talking House".

Well, I really hope it's explained later.

Also, I didn't mean his whole not knowing much about technology, I meant his slightly dramatic way of speaking if the exclamation points are anything to go by. The way he spoke, I imagined him with a very larger than life sort of tone like Auaman from the Brave and the Bold cartoon. You know, the one who sometimes shouts "OUTRAGEOUS!"

...You mean Thor doesn't talk overenthusiastically in other mediums?

you have earned a like, follow and FAVORITe my good sir :twilightsmile:

I don't actually know if it is, it feels somewhat common enough for me to think it is.

Like I said, it's not a big deal and it does make sense for him anyway. Sometimes I nitpick the dumbest stuff, so don't worry about it.

This might get me in the mood to watch Armored Adventures again. Did that actually get an ending or was it cancelled? I haven't seen it on recently.

I was seriously considering having Dashie be adopted by "Armored Adventures" Tony...until I remembered the alien invasion that made no sense.

Well...not as much as Brave and Bold Aquaman. In the first live action movie, he was more cocky than dramatic in his normal speech.

Good story keep it up. You should also do one with applejack and captain America.

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