• Published 16th Oct 2014
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The Technological Technicolor Technomare - Tatsurou

The story of Rainbow Dash, as raised by Tony Stark.

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A Good Day to Quit Drinking

Tony Stark smiled as he took a long drink in front of his holo-screen, manipulating the schematics displayed there as he changed one specific, discarded another detail, doing his best to perfect his Iron Man powered armor. While it was rather easy to add the aspects that would render various technologies used against him in the past useless against him now, the power drain on the arclight embedded in his chest would be crippling if used for too long. The best way to make it work would be to have several suits, each designed to combat specific technologies and magics used against him. The problem there was figuring out which suit to take into each combat situation ahead of time, or finding some other method of re-equipping himself mid-battle.

His musings were interrupted as JARVIS, his AI computer, brought a rather important status update to his attention. "Sir, I am detecting a powerful but highly focused dimensional anomaly."

"Well that's not good," Tony said, collapsing his holo-screen. This was a serious understatement, given the last dimensional anomaly he'd dealt with. "Where is it?"

"Right behind you, sir."

Startled, Tony spun around to find himself face to face with a multi-colored flare of light that seemed to be coalescing into itself. He took a step back, only for the light to follow him.

"It appears to be locked onto your biological signature, sir," JARVIS pointed out.

"Any idea why?" Tony asked, trying to shield himself from whatever the anomaly was.

"There is not enough information available to speculate," JARVIS replied apologetically. "However, the anomaly seems to be focusing its effects and losing the trans-dimensional signature."

"So whatever it is, it's about to arrive," Tony concluded. Seeing the light collapse inward, he saw something beginning to fall to the ground. Without thinking about it, he caught it.

"All energy reactions have ceased, sir," JARVIS pointed out. "Whatever it is, it has arrived."

"Then let's find out what it is," Tony replied, carrying his burden over to a table to set it down. He then stepped back to look. "Take a recording of my first impressions, JARVIS."

"Recording," the computer replied.

"Subject arrived from an unknown dimensional anomaly. The energy reaction in question will be analyzed at a later date." He took a closer look. "The subject appears to be...biological in nature, and is showing no adverse reaction to the atmosphere and environment. The environment also shows no adverse reaction to the subject. The subject is...a very bright blue in color, possibly cyan, except for rainbow coloration on the back of the head and hindquarters. The subject also appears equine in nature." He blinked for a bit. "If I didn't know better, I'd swear it was a tiny pony. What do the scans show?"

"Scans indicate the bioform is carbon based, and showing vital signs," JARVIS listed off. "Heart beat and respiration in the range of a slumbering domestic house cat, the local life form closest in size to this subject. It is also drooling on the table."

"Collect the drool, and analyze the genetic code if you can," Tony ordered.

A mechanical arm reached over to collect the saliva, and the computer began a scan. "What appears to be genetic material in the form of Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Similar formations as those found in local animals including humans, although certain parts of the code defy analysis. However, the presence of two X chromosomes is plainly identifiable."

"So our subject is female," Tony interpreted. "The head and hooves seem somewhat large on the body."

"In local animals, this is a sign of an infant."

"So we've got a baby tiny pony," Tony concluded. He then took a closer look. "With tiny, feathered wings. JARVIS, how much did I have to drink last night?"

"Your BAC upon return to the tower was 0.210," JARVIS informed him. "According to protocol as instituted by Miss Potts, the answer to your question is 'too much'."

Tony nodded absently. "So...what shall we do with this little girl?"

"I would recommend deciding quickly, sir," JARVIS warned. "The subject is showing signs of wakefulness."

The tiny pony pushed herself to her hooves, arching her back and stretching like a cat as her wings fluttered.

"She seems to have a brand of some sort," Tony observed. "A white cloud with a rainbow colored lightning bolt."

"Searching for similar images for possible comparison," JARVIS intoned. "...no match in excess of 40% found."

The tiny pony opened up her magenta eyes and stared around at her surroundings. She suddenly squeed happily before zooming off to look at everything that shone brightly.

"She can fly, too?" Tony asked in shock.

"Her wingspan is too small to generate the lift needed to gain flight if that is the only source of propulsion," JARVIS informed him. "This would suggest some form of assisted flight."

Tony started to speak up, but then he heard a loud crash. Spinning around, he saw a great deal of rather delicate equipment falling over after the flying foal had barreled into it. "Hey!" he yelled at her. "Don't just go cavorting around like that! This stuff is expensive and dangerous!"

The tiny pony stopped in flight, hovering over to land on the table. She then looked up at Tony through her eyelashes, her ears folded against her head sadly. "Sowwy," she said.

Tony blinked. "JARVIS, did the pony just talk?"

"I can confirm that the subject vocalized the word 'sorry', although somewhat clumsily."

Tony shook his head in confusion, then noticed how sad the pony looked, and realized she was still upset about being yelled at. "It's...it's alright," Tony reassured her, awkwardly petting her mane. "Just be careful in the future, okay?"

The little pony smiled up at him. "Okay, Daddy!"

Tony stared at her for a time. "JARVIS?" he asked nervously.

"...many infant creatures often imprint on the first adult they see as their parent. This is most prevalent in winged creatures, although others exhibit this behavior as well."

Tony buried his face in his hands. "So now she thinks I'm her Dad...and I don't even know what she is. And what am I supposed to call her? I can't keep calling her 'pony' or 'subject'."

"Dash!" the pony interrupted. "Ey-bo Dash!"

Tony blinked at her. "Ey-bo?"

The filly batted at her rainbow colored mane.

"Your name is Rainbow Dash?" Tony interpreted.

Rainbow nodded vigorously. "Ey-bo Dash!" she said happily, buzzing her wings again as she floated up into the air.

"So she can talk, fly, knows her name, and thinks I'm her father," Tony mumbled under his breath, taking it all in. "...JARVIS, call Thor. I have a hunch he can help us with this."

"Connecting," JARVIS informed him.

A holo-screen lit up. "Friend Tony!" Thor proclaimed. "How is it you appear in this sorcerous device?"

"It's a cell phone, Thor," Tony began carefully.

"You are imprisoned within?" Thor asked, shocked. "Then I shall free you!" He pulled back Mjolnir.

"It's a communications device!" Tony shouted quickly.

Thor lowered his hammer. "Oh. ...I knew that."

Tony sighed, shaking his head. "Look, Thor, I called you because a strange creature appeared in my lab out of a dimensional anomaly, and I thought you might have some idea what she is." Reaching back, he caught hold of Rainbow Dash and held her up to the cameras so Thor could see her on his phone. "She said her name is Rainbow Dash."

Thor examined the tiny filly for a time. "A winged equine? ...ah, she must be a Pegasus! I have heard of such creatures, winged horses that soared majestically through the skies of Midgard in a bygone age. However, all tales of them told they were graceful and majestic. None had told that they had the power of speech." He looked closer at Rainbow. "Nor had any mentioned that they were so tiny...or colorful...or..." He seemed to struggle internally. "May Odin forgive my unmanliness, so adorable!"

Tony turned Rainbow around in his hands to look her in the eyes again. "Now that you mention it, she is pretty cute."

Rainbow smiled, and booped Tony's nose with her hoof. "Siwwy Daddy!"

"Friend Tony! You had not mentioned she was your child!" Thor proclaimed. "Congratulations!"

Tony couldn't help but return the smile Rainbow was giving him. "...I guess I could get use to this." Rainbow began to reach for him with her forelegs. "What's she doing?"

"I believe she desires your embrace!" Thor proclaimed.

Shrugging his shoulders, Tony pulled Rainbow Dash into a hug. As the pony nestled her face into his shoulder and neck, his smile widened. "Yeah...I could get used to this."