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When Wreck-it-Ralph finds a villain character who seems to have gone Turbo, he finds more than a handful in the handful sized sprite.
For one thing, she has no idea what game she comes from.
For another, her code seems completely foreign to the Arcade.
For a third...she's absolutely adorable.
Having only just finished cleaning up after King Candy's mess, this little Nightmare could be a problem...or the greatest blessing Ralph has ever received.
And shadows from the past move behind the scenes...

Part of the PWNY-verse.

Edit: Now with cover art by KittyCoverArt.
Edit: Now with fan art at the end of the first chapter.

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Ooooh, I'm excited for this! Wreck-It Ralph is easily my second favorite Disney movie (Only behind Tarzan), so I'm incredibly hyped to see how this goes!

Well... This is going to be quite interesting

Do you have any plans for Discord?

At this point, no idea.

I do have a couple of major story elements I intend to cover, though. And those will take quite a while to get to.

I still need to see the movie.

Cool! After a year of talking about it, it's good to see you put it up here! :yay:

Wow. I really have been talking about this idea for a whole year? Wow...


Among other things. I may not be what I used to, but my memory is still sharp as ever :raritywink:

Hell, there are ideas I've been talking about doing for just as long and still haven't gotten around to doing :rainbowlaugh:

Well, when I run out of ideas...

...yeah, that's never going to happen, is it?:moustache:


Not if I can help it. Lol, between the two of us, ideas flow like the ancient rivers of Babylon.

...now I'm just talking shit :rainbowlaugh:

But seriously, we do come up with a lot of ideas together. :pinkiehappy:

I really hope you have an idea for Discord! I was thinking about Loki but thats way too obvious.

When Nightmare Moon first spoke why did she sound like Rita from Mighty Morphing Power Rangers to me? This just sounds like a fun story!

This. This must be featured.

Ralph glanced up at the moon once more. Apparently, his wish had been granted again, at least for a time. Idly, he wondered what would happen next, and how long this would last. He also wondered what sort of crazed, chaotic, wicked spirit would grant wishes like this.

Giving whatever spirit that was the finger, he curled up for sleep, one hand resting protectively over the tiny pony on his chest, covering her like a blanket as she snuggled in.

This is way funnier than it should be.

This is adorable. I need more! :yay:


Sunset Shimmer gets adopted by Qwen from the Ben Ten series, or maybe just the first show. (I might write this one if you don't)

Baby Discord gets stuck in videoland from Captain N: The Game Master. Yes I know you are doing something like this in this fic, but you already did two half demon ponies (Rarity and AJ), Two armor wearing heroes, Spike and Rainbow Dash. So why not two creatures that have videogame like abilities?

Babies Princess Luna and Princess Celestia get adopted by... Princess Peach from the Super Mario Bros games? That would be amusing. Possible crossover with Captain Chaos (Discord) from Videoland later.

Uh... maybe I would write the Babies Princess Luna and Princess Celestia in the Mario Bross series world, but I would have to watch the old Super Mario Bross show to refresh my memory. Captain N: The Game Master? Haven't seen that one is ages and has way too many hero characters...

5949921 Oooh, I'm liking the Ben 10 one. To be honest I wouldn't mind the story taking place during the first series, you know when Ben and Gwen were still kids and Ben first got the omnitrix.

Looks promising. Strange, but now I find myself wondering if anyone is doing this sort of thing, only twisted. For example, Cadence raised by the Jigsaw Killer from Saw or Luna raised by Scar from the Lion King. Just imagine the nightmares unleashed when they got home. In the case of the former, I'd almost feel sorry for King Sombra and Chrysalis... Almost.

Looks good but it's a little too fast.

How many of these are you able to produce? Do you have some kind of disease that forces you to writ this much? No offence but it feels like you have far to much free time... I wish I could do as much as you.

5949371 There must be!

Interesting. Not enough there for me to make a solid decision on the quality yet, but certainly interesting enough to wait and see what develops. This intro does seem a bit fast paced, but I would hope that is just you wanting to get into the meat of the story as soon as possible.

The idea piqued my interest and found the interactions here clever (Eternal night? It's always night here. :rainbowlaugh:)

I look forward to read more of this.

I've waited so long for a crossover like this... continue please!!!!

Crack the code above, if you crack it it, you win a cookie.






Sowwy, no cookie for you laddie!




I've waited so long for a crossover like this... continue please!!!!

thats wat is says

:pinkiehappy: Yay moar crossover <3
Keep it up teh gud work Tats :derpytongue2:

5950055 Same, I also prefer the first series than the others. While somewhat interesting it is not really that immersing. First is better at doing that.

You know... this story could explain where Gamer Luna comes from in you head canon. After making friends with so many game characters, she starts playing games to remind herself of those times back in the Arcade. Who knows... maybe if there aren't any video games in Equestria, she might decide to make some of her own. That certainly be an interesting ending.

Given the switch to MLD stories involving villains, what do you think of King Sombra in Final Fantasy 4? He could be raised by Cecil and Rosa while Cecil was a dark knight, then journey with him as he became a paladin, trying to save the crystals. You could probably have some fun with the idea of Kain, world's easiest hypnosis victim, becoming wrapped around Sombra's little hoof.

5949921 5950055 I'm liking the Ben 10 thing, too. So many things that could be done with that.

Although if Tatsurou wanted to do one starring Discord, I was thinking the Watchmen might be good for that. Dr. Manhattan might prove a good counterpoint to the spirit of Chaos.

Also wondering if Tatsurou might have any plans to stick Derpy with the actual, humanoid Gallifreyan Doctor, or if that might be to close to what others may have done?

"...oh," she said, sounding crestfallen. "But then...what am I supposed to do?"

D'aaaw! I's gonna hug her, and squeeze her and call her Loonie.

your stories are EPIC I look forward for more deadpool and The moth and more of this it be funny to see how this turns out

One of my favorite Disney movies and one of my favorite villains ending up in it with someone who will raise her right.... SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Standing in front of Ralph was a tiny horse that barely came up to his ankle. It had a pitch black coat, with wings and horn of the same shade. On each side of its butt was a purple splotch, with a pale blue crescent moon in the middle. Its mane and tail seemed to be made of energy, flowing in the absence of breeze. They were dark blue throughout, save the edges, which were pale lilac, and they were speckled with points of light, as though the tiny pony wore the night sky atop its head and off its butt. It wore pale blue armor in the form of a helmet, a curiously designed chest plate with the same moon symbol as on its butt, and shoes on all four hooves. Its eyes, when they opened, were bright green against pale green corneas, with slit pupils.

Even Calhoun will find it hard to resist this adorable little filly, and I bet the Villains Anonymous will all spoil her and become a big set of Aunties and Uncles. Though if Kano does the heart rip thing in front of her.... I hope Ralph punches him through every wall of the maze.

Nightmare Moon looked up at the orb. "...oh," she said, sounding crestfallen. "But then...what am I supposed to do?" she asked sadly.

Be cute and get lots of hugs. And kill the sun from Super Mario 3, it's EVIL!!!!

Awesome new story, I like this already. I do suggest Nightmare be able to keep up with the carts in Sugar Rush and have some races with Penelope, become adored by every female character in the arcade, and get a Final Fantasy style inventory space so she can carry a ton of power ups from different games with her.

5951241 Oh man, glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read that last line, I would have sprayed my computer from an epic spit take.
5951318 Yay, you've got another idea!

so much potential:pinkiesmile:, please continue :scootangel:

Yes! I freaking love Wreck it Ralph! It's got the perfect setting, a great message, a good story, tons of references, and Owl City (my favorite musician) wrote the main theme! Wreck it Ralph meets ponies is awesome!

That's a really nice touch with the eternal night gag. Loved it!

Nightmare Moon appears to be taking this well. I am intrigued as to where you will this. Do continue.

Also - somebody make a picture of that scene here Nightmare Moon is sleeping on Ralph's chest. PLEASE!:pinkiehappy:

If anyone makes a picture of that scene, I'll use it as cover art!

Speaking of suggestions:

1. There should be a blog for these instead of posting them on your stories. If there is, I'm sorry.

2. Derpy shall be found by the tenth Doctor.

Derpy's going to Dirty Pair Flash, to be raised by Kei and Yuri.

Just posted a thread on Art For Fanfiction requesting for that picture.

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