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This story is a sequel to Living Nightmare

It would be highly advised to read Living Nightmare first, so as to avoid any spoilers.

The story of Stellar Nova was a huge one. first a human boy going into surgery for a brain operation, then becoming the living prison of Nightmare Moon. then Luna's daughter and all the other adventures she had along the way.

But there were questions we never got answered.

Why did The Doctor know Derpy?
Where and who is Dinky's birth father?
How did Blueblood's capture play out?
What were Pinkie's family's reaction to Pinkamena?
How did Blueblood and Trixie end up together?
Did ponies ever live on the moon?

All these questions and more will be answered in these side stories taking placing during, before and within the Living Nightmare universe.

Note: This is note a crossover with Doctor Who, even though The Doctor does have roles in some of the stories or the Crossover tag. I just wasn't allowed to upload this without said tag.

Cover art given to me by Tulip

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So... will one of these stories be 'Alchemist is freed from the horrifyingly slow hell, and given psychiatric and medical treatment for the toxic potion that twisted his mind, the horrors he did under its influence, and what the mare he thought was his aunt and trying to protect in a twisted fashion did to him afterwards?'

Or for that matter 'Luna actually showing a lick of regret for torturing an stallion for all eternity for crimes committed while insane?'

Crimes far lesser than when Luna tried to end the world twice in her own madness, I might add?

Because I'm going to be honest, if I get a 'No' on that I think I'm done with this verse

Don't get me wrong, even attempting to torturing a foal to death was a wretched act, but I'm honestly genuinely disgusted that Luna —of all possible ponies, knows Alchemist was twisted by dark magic and don't seem to give a damn as long as she's gotten her vengeance.

They crept through the yard to the front of the TARDIS and The Doctor knocked on its doors. A moment later he winced, reached back and pulled a golden glowing key from on his back.

:unsuresweetie:So he pulled a key that was on balancing on his back, that managed to stay there during the crash with Derpy, with hooves that he hasn't learned yet can work like hands. Unless he was keeping the key in pockets that he didn't know he had, in a universe that so far had no indication that ponies had built-in pockets in their flanks.

5732607 it was based on that the TARDIS sent him the key, like in Season 5 ep 1. He didn't have the key in his jacket pocket because he'd taken the jacket from the changing rooms in the hospital, so the TARDIS must have sent it to him, which was the premise i was going on

Will there be some sort of sweet revange on DT's grandparents for the way they treated her before Filthy Rich adopted her

5732607 think pinkie physics/subspace pockets rather than physical pockets

5731821 Dude not to criticize your opinion or anything but this is a Fimfiction and that's all it's ever going to be.:scootangel: I don't get why people can't accept when characters are OOC in fanfictions.:pinkiesad2: It's not like it's the actual show. So what's the problem?:applejackconfused: It's Autum Breezes writing and if you don't like it, then just don't read it.

For some strange reason I suspect that Muffin salespegasus is a descendant of hers...


But that's the thing, this is fan-fiction. The whole premise of that is that you're not reading or writing about your own characters, your writing somebody else's characters/world.

If you're writing another character entirely, why stuff her into an ill-fitting Luna suit? And if you're trying to write Luna, the alicorn of the moon and diarch of Equestria, then surely feedback on when you screw up is a good thing?

We are after all not talking about —I don't know, a sudden love for coffee, keeping a spider as a pet, or whatever, but cold-blooded torture that goes against anything the character has previously tried to stand for.

I was gracefully given a small spoiler by PM about this so I don't want to comment much more than this, but bit of a difference in scope in how much things diverted from cannon, is all I'm saying.

5731821 The problem with that is, even though he was warped by dark magic, he still was planning to do similar things beforehand. He willingly exposed himself to an outlawed, dark magic potion; he kidnapped 2 nobles(Blueblood and Stellar) both of which he tortured with the intent of killing one; and was planning to kill the Princesses. Alchemist, pre potion, was willing to kidnap Blueblood and torture the Princesses to death. Also, Nightmare was a possessive spirit, not an influence of channeling dark magic. It was not Luna's fault.


I'm not saying a word about Alchemist getting off with a slap on the fetlock; I argued that eternal slow torture is such an excessive punishment it becomes monstrous. A mundane court and punishment would have done the job, and with far less moral ambiguity.

That, and Luna might have been tricked into calling on the Nightmare, but she still did so of her own will. Again, rather nastily mirroring what Alchemist's crimes.

But again, I've gotten a spoiler about this, so I'm not comfortable continuing this discussion

I just wonted you to know that I am enjoying your story and hope to see a new chapter soon.


I'm sorry i just... *sigh*. I know a lot of people like Doctor Who but the original story was about a kid who gets reincarnated as Nightmare Moon. Why on earth would a story about various background characters in that original story involve a five part crossover with Doctor Who? I mean no disrespect but I don't think I can read this story. I'm not going to downvote or anything but I don't think this is a story for me.

5759089 it was only that part. The next will be about pinkie introducing Pinkamena to the rest of the family. This was just to explain how dinky was derpy's daughter, yet she was marrying rich, yet at hearth's warming she and dinky went into the tardis. it was to explain that.

Still, if that's how you feel, i won't hold it against you. just know the rest of the side stories won't be focused on the first side story, only themselves

5759126 I didn't feel that even needed exploring, that could have just been a one off reference.

5759128 yeah, but i had lots of people asking in both the comments and in PMs after the Hearth's Warming chapter as to why Dinky and Derpy went with The Doctor when Derpy was marrying rich. I kinda did it for them and anyone who was curious but remained silent

5759146 That's fine. I'm not going to insult you as an artist and tell you to change it or anything. Now I feel you could have turned it into a separate spin off? Yes, but its your story and I respect your right to write it how you please. For now, I'll just put this story on my read later list and await updates to your other stories.

. . . . . . . .you watched the season 8 finale didn't you?

5739953 I'm sorry man but I just can't grasp what your saying.:ajsleepy: Yes your writing about someone else's character/world. But you're writing your own version of that character. I've always believed that a FanFiction and it's characters should be what ever the author wants it to be. Whether the characters are OOC or not. Constructive criticism should be trying to help the author improve their story. Not making them change things or characters drastically just because you think it needs to be more cannon with the show itself.

They’d been searching for Derpy for several months now. The Doctor had become more anxious with each day, as had the princess.

I think you mean hours.

:pinkiegasp: I just an idea for Dinky's family origin: due to her family being placed on the waiting list to the moon, and Dinky having been taken back in time a couple centuries, Dinky could be her own descendant.

Could have had more differences between your version and the original Doctor and Amy Pond meeting though, it felt way too similar to me; kind of disappointed you didn't add your own version of the fish sticks and custard thing.
One more thing glad we have an explanation to dinky, even if it isn't canon, I have see some explanation to dinky but they didn't have the backstory though; and in glad that you do.

I hope Twilight has a plan. Because just wailing on Sombra isn't a proper plan.

Call me crazy, but is it possible the Chalice family kind of has a point?

Look, I'm not saying what they do is right. It's horrible and wrong. But the original reason for their banishment appears to have been speaking out against Luna. Luna, who later turned into Nightmare Moon; at the very least invited the nightmare possession, and wished to overthrow Celestia to turn Equestria into Pony Mordor. That is, if her plan doesn't result in the death of everything. So, in the end, they were correct.

And, from what was presented, Luna did consign Alchemist to an eternity of torture. The princesses' track record doesn't seem to be that spotless either when it comes to dealing with them. Again, not saying it's deserved, but their grudge doesn't appear to have suddenly sprang into being out of thin air.

6734763 i'm pretty sure if you check again, they spoke against Luna AFTER she became Nightmare, And it was more that they then insisted they Luna was always Nightmare Moon, Celestia was an idiot for trusting her and several other things the stuck up nobles are known for saying because they see themselves better than others.

And, as far as their decendants see it, Alchemist was punished for saving Equestria by doing what he did to Stellar.

6744416 if you mean Celestia saw no other way but banishing them to make them understand the importance of other ponies and that they just see it as punishment for being in the right, then yes. As far as the Chalices were concerned, they're family was always in the right. Luna was always Nightmare Moon, Celestia was a fool for trusting her in the first place, despite bieng her sister, and Alchemist was a war hero for standing against the Nightmare but treated like a criminal.

That's how they see it, hence way they were perfectly happy with sacrificing other ponies to create their unicorn army for the betterment of pony kind.

First knocked her friend off the city in her rashness, then abandoned the race for said friend's honour because she saw something more awesome to pay attention to. Yeah, Rainbow wouldn't have had a fun time after that....

Considering they are spending so much time in the alternate universes, I'm surprised the idea of taking her (Starlight) with them hasn't occurred to them yet.

The moment with Rainbow and Twilight reminiscing was quite classic. Both time traveller and 'I am X you met long ago'. Twilight doesn't seem to be doing much in these though. Though her flying at near rainboom speeds was badass in it's own right.

Comment posted by joeyjumper94 deleted Dec 20th, 2015

When you do Discord's time line, Discord challenges them to figure out his original pony name

An idea for last chapter for this storie, or a living nightmare, is a aftermath of the storie. Like a time jump where stellar is 2 years older or as a fully grownmare.
Or you can have a story where stellar goes to canterlot high school
Or a story where stellar can enter his human patents dreams:rainbowderp::rainbowderp:

When Discord and Screwball see Twilight, he tells the sisters "take five, everyone" and come over to Twilight and co.
Twilight, Stellar, and Spike bet that if they beat Discord and Screwball at their mind games, they each will be granted one wish. but they will become Screwball's personal toys if they fail.

So are they gonna split again? Cause this Stellar is well, a little op.

6762406 I will say this, remember, this is a stellar from after the main story.

But, something seems amiss. Who were those two ponies?

Fookin' Chalice. Told you we should have killed them all.


Luna turned to the Nightmare because ponies hated her.

Ponies hated Luna because Chalice spread malicious rumors.

So it's a self fulfilling prophesy started by Chalice, thus making the entire event their faults.

Okay, 6743804 indicates this is incorrect.

Then they kidnap, torture and terrorize an unlucky but innocent filly.

Then they kidnap and drain ponies of magic and life that they deem beneath them, in a misguided attempt to overthrow a ruler who has made their country grow and remain peaceful for over two thousand years.

Given what they're willing to do to ponies who are 'beneath' them, these chucklefucks shouldn't even be in charge of their own bathroom schedule. Them taking over the country would be sign number one of the a-pon-alypse.

Comment posted by Kage no Brony deleted Apr 25th, 2016

In your author's note here you've got:

The tittle?

There's an extra 't'.

Ah, the old "I'm literally a time traveler" card.

Poor Dissy had no idea what was coming at him like a dark horse.

Get it? Dark horse, nightmare moon, that one song by Katy Perry?

I'll go sit down, now.

Anyone who harms innocent third parties, or threatens to, are scum.

Targets locked.

Safeties off.

Light 'em up.

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