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My advice when you see a guy dressed as The Merchant from Resident Evil 4? Run as fast as you can in any direction just get the buck away from him! Now because I didn't listen to the rumors and the stories on Fimfiction I am stuck as a mix of Dan Kuso and Basco from Gokaigers. The only difference between me and them? I'm not an insane power hungry backstabber, for Basco, I do have his true form though. For Dan, I have multiple partner Bakugan and can summon them with my Trumpet. The Equestria I'm in? It's omnivorous, anthro, and has places like Canterlot School for Higher Learning, Crystal Empire Preperational School, and Ponyville Academy, "Where anyone and everyone is welcome.".

Displaced fic. Hope you all enjoy!

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HAHAH a genie reference from the movie Aladdin!

7653366 But of course, it's one of my favorite lines. Genie and Aladdin are some of my favorite characters.

One of these days, I'll find it. The one without cliches that throws the formula out the window.
Sadly, it seems this wasn't it. I'll just leave my down-vote and leave.

7655229 If you want something original why not make it yourself?

7655378 The concept of this genre, quite frankly, repulses me. But statistically speaking, there HAS to be a displaced story that's actually entertaining in the way it was meant to be.
I also don't leave down-votes without leaving an explanation why.

7657146 He's one of my favorite villains, and it was either him or Warz Gillz. I flipped a coin and ended up with Basco. And why did you put a pause in your message?

7657181 Why the derp face? Speaking of Displaced stories you wouldn't be against a crossover would you?


I would suggest reading my fic first before jumping to hasty decisions.

But for now, I'll leave this here:

I wish this basco luck, seeing as there is currently another basco displaced running around committing crimes. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, it seems I've made a wise choice in my writing partner. I'll give this a fav and follow and see where it goes.

7657201 no I wouldn't mind at all I can't wait for the next upload for this story I'll be waiting my friend and keep me posted on the story thanks

You're doing fine, writers' block happens (trust me, I know). Best thing to do is to step away from the keyboard once in a while. (unless you're like me and have a computer science major...)

Finally this story has been updated please try not to take too long with the next chapter upload

Displaced, short for 'Dimensionally Misplaced?' Nice!! :)

Some people work better as reactional writers. it's no shame.

You got my attention at bakugan but this story is getting quite interesring. Please continue.

slams her head on the table I can't remember the name of the Bakugan.

8118928 It's Tricloid, the Subterra/Haos Hybrid Bakugan, younger sister to Rabeeder the Haos/Subterra Hybrid Bakugan.

True as far as we know the infamous pinkie pie could just break the fifth Wall and spoil us all on how your Story is gonna end

I have a collection of bakugaun that I'm gonna sell on eBay soon...

It's not on sale yet...
2 megas, thick stacks of trading, battle, and activation cards and 18 bakugaun with belt holsters

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Message me the adress when it does go on sale.

Will do... Gonna use my dad's account... I don't have one yet

Nope... By soon I mean possibly in the next month... Life is busy for me...

I like iit although I am curious about the bakugan and how they will come into play also who's your favorite? Personally I gotta go with omega leonidas for overall but I hold special fondness for darkus perival

There will be a Brawl in the next chapter, that's all I'll say for now. Make no mistake, I am trying my best to get it finished as soon as possible, and my personal favorite is 'I don't have a favorite', another name would be 'They all are my favorite'.

Fair enough and you don't need to rush after all good stories are made like coffee: the hastily brewed have no flavor nor depth and will give you nothing in the way of caffeine, but if you plan your ideas and let them brew you could get your fill of flavor and depth. It's the difference of strength.

Yeah everything is going fine but it turns out I'm not selling... Maybe in about a year... Gotta rebuild my classic 1970 Volkswagen beetle before 2019

I'm doing my best to get it done. Writers' Block, my sworn enemy, is unfortunately winning in our duel.

Well, I must say, I'm impressed with this so far! Tracking and faving now...

To anyone seeing this I recently made the First Bakugan Mlp Group if you love Bakugan then join now!

Here's the link: Bakugan Brawl

I hope that there is another chapter on the way soon. This is really good and can't wait for it.