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I type stories with my hooves (when I don't have hands)! Now, if you don't excuse me: I have to travel through time and dimensions and right it all down and pass it off as fake. Like all writers do.


This story is a sequel to Forced Adoption

Twilight is making a trip to Canterlot, to cheer up the royal sisters in their gloomiest time of year. While Twilight is there, she wants to know what makes the princesses so sad. Nopony knows, but what they do know is that "the dreadful months" have been happening for over 2 thousand years. With Twilight, you know what that long periods of time ago means: HISTORY REASERCH! During the night when the princesses were sleeping, Twilight finds the reason, to be more accurate: the reason finds her.

Will (possibly) come back. I'm not done with this story yet. It just needs an overhaul.

Chapters (8)
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Comments ( 38 )

Messing with life never works out well...

We did see Luna affecting the weather casually when she was upset. Both Princesses down? Yeah, I can see the sky agreeing with them

Well... considering it pulled the magic from an alicorn, I'm expecting some impressive results.

*Comments on Forced Adoption*

Where is the sequel?

*Sees release date for this story*


Why must your chapters be so short?

... heh heh heh... *scared laughter*

Bring harmony back??
But you can't becouse of the law of equivalent exchange.:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

... I don't believe there was any human-transmutation-circle involved.
Also, lost in time. Not dead. HUGE difference.

Prof. Nique: Well, it seems that we have another anomaly on our hands....err, hooves. I suppose we should get it cleared up...

Dr. Tex: NO! We should wait it out and see what happens.

Great story, by the way. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS!

oh god this is odd, good but odd

Great, Celestia and Wuna are fan girling

Wow luna and celestia can so scream I can't wait to see what celestia will do to her big brother keep up a good work update more soon. :twilightsmile:

Role play a bit, your sibling (whome you love compelatly) has died. One day, they come back! You'd be happy right?
Celestia will (of course) be questioning at first, but she's stil happy

The story has promise, however, I have some issues with it, including some grammar errors. PM me if you wnat them.
You got me hooked tho

I'll take em! I need all the help I can get

Well, Harmony's back. But he has lost Golden Pond to the ages. How sad.

OK this is a very interesting story so far I hope you write more of this story please keep up the good work update more soon. :twilightsmile:

i like this story and where its going :D keep it up :D

When's the new chapter coming out?

I've had a lot of stuff going on, a lot pf projects in the works... (that's not an excuse! Think of a way out, think of a way out!) Uuuh... NONSPECIFIC EXCUSE! *Flips table and jumps out window, then runs of

I honestly forgot about this

don't blame you, so did I... multiple times...

Yes. Him being the little brother is the important issue here. Priorities.

Wow I'm in shock I thought he was the older brother of luna and celestia I was wrong I wounder what will happen next please update your story soon I'm very interested in the story. :twilightsmile:

7549141 When can we hope for a new chapter?

I have a short, AKA a mini skip-able chapter almost done, but to be honest, I haven't been working on any writing for a while. I'll probably start up again in a few weeks, when summer comes around. But I'll keep writing every now and again until then.
Also, wow. I can't believe anyone still remembers this! Thanks for the motivation. :heart:

Hey, it turns out it was almost finished. Happy belated birthday.

The previous story was good, but it ended abrubtly leaving 1-2 plot threads unresolved. This one however is just... lacking. I mean, he lost his best friend and sister because of his "mother" kidnapping him, and his entire life is left wirh no real goal. Plus he hates the parent C&L adore, thats stuff you could build a plot from, but so far its mostly juat been bland filler it feels like. I hope you continue this tale eventually.

I'm meaning to give all my lackluster stories a rework. I'm in the process of that right now, actually.

So... when will this be rewriten?

(See:: the YouTube video on my page where amithyst says: “welcome to shrug city”)

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