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Private's birthday party quickly turns into a investigation as Pinkie wakes up with a dead body next to her. Who is this pony? Did Pinkie kill her? Who is this mysterious Time Turner? Who's the strange unicorn that's following Pinkie Pie around? Private is going to need all the help he can get to solve this case. Even outside help...very outside help.

Dedicated to GamermanZendrelix for helping me with this fic. Also dedicated to all the fans who've helped me reach this point. I hope you all will continue to enjoy this series I've grown to love to write. Celebrate Private's birthday with me and how far we've come together. It's thanks to all of you that I've reached this point.

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I used to be happy too, but then I took an arrow t-



Ow okay, put the chair away. Anyway, let me start by saying Dr Whooves description of the sonic screwdriver sounded suspiciously like a vibrator, which made me laugh. Also good to see some Fluttermac hopefully about to happen, one of my fav shipping pairs. Oh and today I learned punch is an alcoholic drink. I always thought it was something they served at proms and what not, to kids.

1338457There's always that one guy who spikes the punch though.

he was probably high on some drug and is seeing me as a pink elephant.

what'll i do what'll i do what an unusual view

Maybe by a certain purple dragon...

I've never had anything dedicated to me before. Thank you.

Now then: The Doctor, or should I say "Time Turner?" Honestly, I think I spent half my time on this page laughing. People have made it hard for him to hold the Sonic Screwdriver, but having him lose it? That was absolutely genius. Then the way he left, priceless. I'm liking how your version of the Doctor is shaping up.

Now, about that red-maned pony. Hidden Cutie Mark? For some reason I can't stop thinking that he's the Master, but he's nervous. The Master is never nervous, at least, not that I know. If it is the Master, I'm very interested to see his current situation (who knows, he might have regenerated and be acting differently now). If he isn't, then that works out fine. No matter what you have something up your sleeve, and that isn't bad at all. In fact, I'd say that its the opposite.

1338640Pink Elephants on parade! :pinkiehappy:
I said Pink Elephants not Pinkie Pies!

1340087That I did my good man...craziest scene in all of Disney

and the fact that it was a alcohol induced delusion makes it stranger

Epic Wub Time AND Doctor Whooves and the Assistant refferences?! I have a knew favorite fic.

Doctor Who!? :D gotta love it. And yay new story!:pinkiehappy:

Don't worry Pinkie! Private is on the case!

Well, allthose things are very much things the Doctor would do. I applaud you.

So I just want you to answer three questions: Who are you? What are you? And what are your intentions?
His answers came out slowly “The Doctor…The Doctor…Fun!

so when he said the Doctor the Doctor fun
i'm guessing he was answering Privates questions but wouldn't one of those answers be Time Lord
Because isn't that what the Doctor is a Time Lord


So I just want you to answer three questions: Who are you? What are you? And what are your intentions?"
His answers came out slowly “The Doctor…The Doctor…Fun!"

everything in RED is what you are missing

1342254It's based on an actual quote from the show. I wanted to keep that quote and I felt that if I had him say Time Lord it might break up the siliness of the quote

tardis woosh to before the murder

No, Private would try to stop the murder before it happened, and if that happened it would cause a paradox, and if there was a paradox the reapers would show up and devour the "infection" that was the paradox.

1343661 unless you subscribe to the infinite timelines theory where the consciences of all the ponies are just transported to a universe where the changes already happened but if that happened unless the tardis allows private to remember broken timelines which it does, then he would find himself in the past for no good reason, or through the premonition paradox inadvertently caused what he tried to stop. either way:facehoof:

That was completely unnecessary for me to say. I apologize.

and that's how equestria was made, also that's how i saved hearths warming:rainbowdetermined2:

ooo....kay.... I figured on there being a changeling involved somehow, it's just too good of a thing to pass up when there's somepony that saw Pinkie Pie in a place she wasn't... but I did NOT see that curve ball coming. Well played:pinkiehappy:

Stetsons are indeed cool.

A minor error, TARDIS stands for "Time and Relative Dimension in Space," not "Time and Dimension in Space." Like I said, its minor, but you may want to edit it.

The Doctor, time travel, Changlings...:facehoof:...It's just too much! :flutterrage: Cerebral meltdown imminent. :derpyderp1:

1347192Done, can't believe I messed up the R

When the doctor said bow ties are cool in his intro episode, bow tie sales in great Britain tripled

My favourite Bon Bon voice has to be "I didn't put those in my baaags!" one.

I haven't watched much Doctor Who, but he seems pretty close to the Dr Whooves and his Assistant series which is good. Sorry for the late reply, read this on my laptop yesterday, wasn't signed in.

Dun dun- I really saw the ending coming.
For the first time in this series probably.

WHAT IS GOING ON?!?!?!:pinkiegasp:

1349426Now Stetson and Fedora sales in America will double...

Ugh, so much shit going on inside my head now. I should have a conspiracy notice board on my wall, linking pictures together so I can figure this case o-aaand plot twist throws my idea off balance.

One grammar mistake as far as I can see, ' "Something is defiantly up" said Forceps' should be definitely.

1354828This chapter was a bit rushed, I tried to get it out in time to send it to you guys, I'm going to edit it tonight, if college let's me that is :ajsleepy:

1355124 I hope you're not feeling obliged to write these for us, write whenever you feel like it!

if all else fails turn you notice board upside down

Damn, I really have to start watching Dr Who. The season finale is tonight isn't it? Or Amy Pond is going out of it or something, don't know, it was in the paper.

I hope Time Turner makes more appearances, but I have a feeling this is probably his only case. Ah well.


1359214No I do have one more case in mind for the doctor. I plan on making a Back to the Future parody for a later case

I only JUST started reading the first sentence and had to comment. You sir are a born genius! I don't usually crack up on the very first line of a story (the exception being the twilight saga).:rainbowlaugh:

1360565The Epic Wub Time Reference? I knew I had to put that in the moment I saw the animation. I'm glad I could make you laugh

why is sexy arguing with her thief again like she is his mother

1361037Well she's just concerned about his welfare...he is on his last legs after alll

Ah, I love a happy ending!:twilightsmile:

I'm noticing a trend here. I'm guessing in the next case Rarity will show the Element of Generosity. Somehow I think Private will get his own special element.


I'm not sure which is funnier, the song or the conversation between Doc, the TARDIS and Private. Either way, this was a great chapter :D

1361146That board is going to be cluttered by the time this series is done...

That is just way too rich. I love it and that last line, an absolute classic! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, first off, thanks for the mention, glad I was with you the entire time! and secondly off, or whatever, great story, can't wait for more! BTW''s, I'm a Whovian as well, and you incorporated the Doctor very well into this story. (sorry for this.)

A madpony in a box traveling around trying to make ponies lives better...I wonder if that would ever catch on as a TV show?
Nah. :rainbowwild: It'll never happen.

and I've enjoyed those conversations to, also thanks for the mention:eeyup:
and thanks for helping me find pony creator

and thanks for this amazing series

I love you too, just not in a sexual way.

Anyway, another case closed! Can't wait to see more of Pinkie and Swarm, Fluttermac and Luca!
Man, I love Luca for some reason.

1363514I plan to someday include a side story from Luca's perspective but that might not be for a long time

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